• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Australian Shepherd

PD 1(0)

1. Allan’s Allmark Ebony. 10 month black tri of good type and substance. Masculine, well balanced head with keen, enquiring expression. Straight front and well angulated all through, correct body proportions and good depth of chest. Moved soundly with good extension and drive, shown in excellent quality coat, BP/PG4.

JD 1(0)

1. Gall’s Benreeda Dingo Dollar. Nicely presented b/m of 15 months who I felt was carrying just a little too much weight which affected his performance today. Masculine head with kind, alert expression. Good depth of chest and sound front assembly. At times, he tended to pace, but when settled into his stride he showed some effortless movement. Presented in excellent coat.

GD 1(0)

1. Hawkins’ Glamour Aussies Addicted to You (imp HUN). Nicely presented male of 19 months with good ear-set and kind expression. Straight front but would like a better lay of shoulder. Stood well in profile, would just like a little more extension and drive on the move with an improved tail-set. Made his handler work hard.

LD 4(1)

1. Ambler’s – Ewbell First Addition. 2 year old producing an appealing outline standing and moving, nicely angulated front and rear with good neck and sound front assembly. Masculine head with kind, enquiring expression. Showed some good extension and drive and was presented in quality coat.

2. Bothwell’s Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCM. Another nicely presented male of 2 years, although preferred head plains of class winner. Good neck and pleasing angulation front and rear with correct proportions. Another in well presented coat who moved out well in all directions.

3. Bell/Newlands’ Triforce Black Diamond.

OD 3(0)

1. Allan/Winfrow’s Ch Allmark The Sequel JW ShCM Benelux Winner 18. Immaculately presented b/m of 2½ years who has matured well and commands attention. Appealing, balanced head with kind expression. Good reach of neck with well angulated front, correct body proportions and good depth in chest. Sound, strong top-line which he held well standing and moving. Gaited with precision showing some effortless reach and drive, handled and turned out to perfection, pleased to award him DCC and ultimately BOB.

2. Kirtley/Erdesz AKC/ASCA Ch Wyndstar Magic Marker. Lovely red male of good type who moved out with ease showing sound reach and drive. Kind head and expression with good neck and sound front assembly. Soundly constructed rear with good muscle tone. Couldn’t fault his immaculate presentation, totally at one with his handler, RDCC.

3. McTaggart’s Jack To A King Des Terre’s De Khairyaca.

JB 2(1)

1. Davis’ Thornshavn Maid of Blue for Rosschell (imp POL). Nicely presented and handled b/m bitch just out of puppy, of good quality and size, although at this stage slightly out of coat. Very feminine in head with appealing, keen expression. Soundly angulated all through with pleasing muscle tone and correct body proportions.

PGB 2(0)

1. Bothwell’s Dialynne Sophia Loren of Norcis. Liked this red bitch of 18 months for her outline and particularly, her profile movement. Kind, feminine head with enquiring expression. Nicely angulated all through with sound body proportions. Moved freely in all directions and held a strong, sound top-line standing and moving. Handled well to bring out her best and presented in excellent coat.

2. Haddock’s Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (imp POL). Tri bitch of 3 years currently carrying a little too much weight which affected her overall movement. Appealing feminine head with alert expression. Good depth of chest although would like a tighter elbow and a little more leg length. Another presented in tip-top condition.

LB 3(1)

1. Wilson/Cudworth’s Wilduc Syndicate. Beautifully presented black tri bitch of 3 years. Kind head and expression. Good reach of neck with pleasing shoulder placement. Liked her body proportions and substance, whilst still retaining her femininity. Well-muscled all through and presented in fit condition, coat of excellent quality. Moved with lovely extension and drive covering the ground with ease.

2. MacFarlane’s The Prophet. Nicely presented b/m bitch of 2½ years, just not as mature as class winner, would prefer a little more substance overall. Very feminine and kind head with enquiring expression. Good shoulder, well angulated front and rear. Showed some free, sound movement and was presented in outstanding condition.

OB 3(0)

1. Crawford/McDonald’s Ch Mistyholly More Magic for Louiston. Beautifully presented b/m bitch of 2½ years. Feminine head with appealing expression. Good reach of neck leading into a sound shoulder placement, good depth and shape to ribcage. Moved very well coming and going as she did in profile. Covered the ground well and commanded the ring. Presented and handled to bring out her best qualities, immaculate coat of good quality and was pleased to award her the BCC today.

2. Miller/Haslam’s Ch Allmark Glamour n’Glitz at Meitza JW ShCM. Another lovely bitch, just short of 4 years, lovely quality but just felt she wasn’t moving as freely today, lacking animation. Appealing, feminine head with good neck and shoulder assembly. Good depth of chest with correct body proportions, well-muscled strong rear. Immaculately presented in quality coat and well handled.

VB 1(0)

1. McTaggart’s Ir Ch Sangosands Seashell ShCM CW13. Loved this veteran bitch of 9½ years who was showing no signs of her age being shown today, always a pleasure to see. Very feminine head and lovely expressive head. Good neck and shoulder with correct body proportions. Beautifully angulated, she showed excellent reach and drive on the move and although stood alone, commanded presence. On her toes and loving every minute, pleased to award her the RCC on her free, effortless movement.