• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Siberian Husky


03 JULY 2019


Many thanks for such a lovely entry of Sibes. So disappointed that there was such a high absentee rate although I believe there were a few dogs that made it to the showground after judging due to being delayed in heavy traffic, a real shame but thank you for the support.

Junior 4(3)

1. Smith’s Snoqualmie Captain Morgan at Arcticswirl. Nicely put together male with keen head and expression. Well arched neck, good front with balanced angulation front and rear. Moved well when settled into his stride, nicely presented, BOB.

Post Graduate 6(3)

1. Johns’ Azgard Kapma for Alepenkye JW. Lovely feminine bitch of good type, super head with alert expression. Nicely arched neck and pleasing front assembly, good proportions and presented in fit, well-muscled condition, moved well when settled.

2. Smith’s Willowbreeze Belle at Arcticswirl. Another nicely presented bitch with feminine head and keen expression, good eye. Nicely angulated all through with sound top-line, moved effortlessly and was well presented.

3. Webb’s Rock Me Amadeus.

Open 3(1)

1. Smith’s Snoqualmie Taliska Skye at Arcticswirl. Promising young bitch of 16 months. Very excitable which made her a little difficult to assess. Lovely feminine head with good angulation, strong top-line which she held well standing and moving. Some firmer handling would prove a different picture overall.

2. Webb’s Rock Me Amadeus. Male just shy of 2 years. Masculine head but a little overdone all through for me. Nicely angulated front and rear although I would like a better length in leg, strong top-line and good muscle. Showed some steady movement in profile.


Puppy 7(3)

1. Bratchie/Baillie’s Essenceera Turn The Magic On. Promising Bullmastiff puppy of 9 months, beautifully presented and handled. Lovely square head, good balance in skull, lovely eye with kind expression. Good neck and quarters, strong, sound top-line, well muscled throughout with good rear assembly. Liked his shape and profile, he moved well with accuracy.

2. Bodle’s Debbollinby Kandyman. Handsome Leonberger youngster of 9 months with masculine head and kind expression, good eye. Straight front with pleasing angulation front and rear, well laid back shoulder, good bone and feet. Correct proportions and sound top-line he moved, when settled, accurately with good reach and drive.

3. Evans’ Makaevo Olaf.

Junior 6(3)

1. Johns’ Aquafortis Serendipity at Gemson (imp NOR). Beautifully presented young male PWD of 13 months presented in profuse, quality coat. Masculine head with good definition, strong muzzle and lovely expression. Well angulated all through with correct body proportions, moved with confidence and accuracy.

2. Bodle’s Debbollinby Kandyman.

3. Bailey’s Skjaergaadens Ridding the Cribbar (imp NOR).

Open 9(4)

1. Mercer’s King of Helluland Keep Distance at Larkharbour. Feminine Newfoundland bitch of nearly 3 years, beautifully presented in well muscled condition. Good front and rear angulation with well laid back shoulder. Correct body proportions and good depth of chest. Moved out with positive, ground covering gait.

2. Johns’ Gemson Paloma. Black PWD bitch of 2 years. Most feminine head and gorgeous expression. Nicely angulated all through with good, sound top-line, a little spooked by her surroundings today but she composed herself and moved well with accuracy when settled. Presented in first class condition with quality coat.

3. Bailey’s Skjaergaadens Ridding the Cribbar (imp NOR).

Cath Moffat