• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Caroline Hipkiss Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Thank you to Bournemouth CA for my invitation to judge Tollers at their show; my first championship show appointment. I was most grateful for a lovely entry in what I know was a busy month for shows. Overall quality was very good with super temperaments. One area I think needs to improve is movement. The standard states on the move the Toller should drop its head almost level with its back. There are not many that actually do this and the increasing trend of stringing dogs up on the move will certainly not help this. There were also some lacking in muscle tone especially in the rear.  

PD No entries

JD (6, 1abs)

1st Ward’s Melanitta Palmata, well balanced d maturing well with classic head proportions with muzzle tapering to skull, correct almond shaped eyes and well placed ears of triangular shape. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front but tendency to overreach when stacked. Good top line and super rear angulation. Tidy on the move from all angles.

2nd Roger’s Eusanit Peaky Blinder, less mature d being just out of puppy but certainly fits the brief of a medium compact dog well. Masculine head with darker pigment and lovely soft expression, good through the front and well off for bone throughout. Would like a little more angulation to rear. Moved out well for his young age.

3rd Westwood’s Eusanit Proper Job

PGD (6, 1abs)

Difficult class with a variety of ages and types.

1st Roger’s E.Peaky Blinder

2nd Westwood’s E.Proper Job, very eye-catching young d in deep red jacket with flashy white markings, really appealing for type in profile but a little narrow through the front at present and preferred the head proportions of his brother on the day. Good rear angulation and moved out well.

3rd Wilson’s Stacearella Nimbus Over Glentilt.

LD (3,1 abs)

1st Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts ShCM, larger dog but presents a well balanced picture. Shade longer in muzzle, friendly expression with darker pigment to nose and eyes. Correct in front with super depth to brisket and tidy feet with well arched toes. Good across the top line and super rear angulation. Moved out well.

2nd Wilson’s S.Nimbus Over G, a more compact dog with good muscle tone, deep red coat with darker pigment to nose and eyes, broader through the head than 1 with smaller ears, needs to tighten in topline and rear movement.

OD (4)

Good class.

1st Wakely’s Riverwatcher Nukilik, this quality, well boned dog has such a calm, collected manner it would be easy to overlook him in favour of the more ‘showy’ exhibits. Loved his masculine head with correct wedge shape, almond eyes with kindly expression and well set ears. Medium length of neck into well laid shoulders. Forelegs straight and strong with nice round feet. Strong over the loin and well muscled and angulated hindquarters. One of few to drop his head almost level with his back on the move, as the standard calls for. Moved out effortlessly with good reach and drive. Really stood out here today. Well deserved Best Dog and Best of Breed.

2nd Streven’s Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx, this dog really stands out with his deep red coat, happy disposition and ever wagging tail. Good head proportions with large well set ears; though would prefer a softer expression. Shorter in neck, good over the shoulders and well sprung ribs. Short in back and pleasing rear angles. Looks good in profile on the move but preferred the head carriage and front movement of 1. Reserve Best Dog.

3rd Titovet’s Int Swiss Croat Slo Ch Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale (Imp NLD) JW RL3

SB D/B (3)

1st Roger’s E. Peaky Blinder

2nd Wilson’s S.Nimbus over G.

3rd Bassil’s Tivalake My Lucky Star

PB No entries

JB (1)

1st Westwood’s Eusanit Hot Totty, just 12 months and maturing nicely with good bone throughout. Paler orange colour to coat with a little more white than standard. Sweetest of heads of good wedge shape. Good length to neck into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs for age. Really pleasing rear angles with well set on tail. Strode out well with good drive and much confidence for her tender age.

PGB (5,1 abs)

1st Robinson’s Weyfrome Walnut Whip, really lovely quality bitch with super bone throughout and coat in good bloom. Very pretty wedge shaped head with classic almond eye shape. Good proportions through the front and well sprung ribs. Good rear angles, though would prefer a slightly better turn of stifle. Moved effortlessly with good reach and drive. Pushed really hard in bitch challenge. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Westwood’s E. Hotty Totty

3rd Watton’s Tasarla Moon River

LB (5, 1 abs)

1st W. Walnut Whip

2nd T. Moon River, really liked this bitch for type but she was just a bit finer all though than the previous class winners. Most attractive head with lovely almond eye of good colour and well set on ears. Good proportions to front and neatest of feet. Nice turn of stifles and well let down hocks. Moved out well.

3rd Yate’s Melanitta Milk and Honey Avec Tollerology RL2

OB (3)

1st Westwood’s Multi Ch Eusanit Apple of One’s Eye JW CW17, super quality bitch, out of coat today but still presented a balanced picture. Really liked her head shape with softest of expression, elegant neck leading to a good front with neatest of feet, strong through the loin with well held topline and super rear angles. Really excelled on the move carrying her head almost level with back and driving around the ring. Best Bitch.

2nd W. Walnut Whip

3rd Streven’s Decoymans Piper Cinder at Tollistry Him St Ex RL2

VD/B (4)

1st Palfrey’s Flushpoint What Accident for Melanitta (Imp) ShCM, really well balanced bitch of 9 years in deep red coat. Sweetest of heads with correct eye and neat well set ears. Good through the front with well sprung ribs, strong loin and medium tuck up. Slight slope in topline to set on of tail. Moved out well to win this class but just lost enthusiasm in bitch challenge. Best Veteran.

2nd Titovet’s Multi CH Delongstar Diamond Dream RL6ex, eye-catching dog with his deep red coat and purposeful movement. Smaller in build overall. Good head proportions with larger well set ears. Good through the front, a shade long over the loin with good proportions to hindquarters. Strides out well on the move but a shade wide behind.  

3rd Watton’s Tasarla Red Maple.

Judge: Caroline Hipkiss