• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Caroline Dewar Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Richmond Championship Show 2019       Staffordshire Bull Terrier             Judge Caroline Dewar

BEST OF BREED : JOHNSON Mr & Mrs M & K Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW 

Dog CC : JOHNSON Mr & Mrs M & K Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW

Res Dog CC : JORDAN Mrs R S J Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW Sh.CM

Bitch CC : JOHNSON Mr & Mrs M & K Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire JW

Res Bitch CC : JOHANSSON Mr J Te Ora Magic Eclipse

Best Puppy : FUNNELL Ms P Powerpack Tam O'Shanter

Best Veteran : THOMAS Mrs G Sunnystone Olympic Dream

Best Special Beginner : TEMPLETON Mr T A M & Mrs S G Janastaff Freya At Marudi

My thanks to the Society & stewards for organising a very enjoyable day, and to all exhibitors for supporting the show. I had some super exhibits to go over and was very pleased with my final line-ups for both sexes and my principle winners, particularly for their breed type, agility & movement. As happens there were some tight decisions and a few exhibits going without a card although they were perfectly deserving. In the majority, exhibits were shown fit and in good condition. General quality I felt was good and there were plenty of exhibits with good bone & substance. Parallel movement was seen but not in every exhibit. Mouths were on the whole correct although the usual dentition issues such as converging canines were unfortunately seen in a few exhibits and positioned accordingly and a number of exhibits had a build up of plaque on both their front & rear teeth.

Class 840 Special Beginners Dog

1st: MITCHELL & ASHTON’s Chedanstaff Devil Star. Black brindle. Top sized yearling. Pleasing overall outline. Good head shape of width and depth, well placed dark eye, neat ears, correct bite, strong neck, well angled shoulder, up on pastern, enough front development at this stage, level top line, well angulated on rear. Good bone. Athletic. Should improve as he matures on.

Class 841 Minor Puppy Dog

1st: FUNNELL’s Powerpack Tam O'Shanter. Eye catching 7 months old, black brindle/white puppy. Lovely neat head with very tidy ears giving a good expression. Correct bite. Nice and square with good front, well angulated shoulder, up on pasterns, level topline, short coupled with good bend of stifle, correct tail carriage. Moved out confidently. Everything in the right place to grow on. Promising pup. BPIB

Class 842 Puppy Dog

1st: FRADGLEY’s Kyraloebis Shadow Master. Balanced 10 month old black brindle. Nice head shape & expression, defined cheek bumps, neat ears, good eye placement with dark eye, correct bite. Straight front with well angulated shoulder, good topline, short coupled, rear end and tail carriage fine. Moved with speed and agility. Nice bone for a youngster. Just needs time to mature on.

Class 843 Junior Dog

1st: MAKIN & PORTER’s Waystaff Moon Shine. Standard red/white pied. 14 mths. Well boned skull giving a clean head shape with good depth of stop. Clean lipped with good underjaw. Mouth correct. Nice pigment. Clean straight front. Good rib. Well angulated rear, with good bend of stifle and muscle tone. Tail set good. A little tense to start but once he was on the move he relaxed up moving parallel and with drive. Good outline & general body shape. Sound youngster.

2nd: MITCHELL & ASHTON’s Chedanstaff Devil Star

Class 844 Yearling Dog

1st: FUNNELL & WIGGINS’ Powerpack Kilgobnet JW. Quality black brindle. 22 mths. Good head shape, clean lipped, good eye placement with dark eye. Correct mouth. Clean well boned front with good angulation on the shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good bend of stifle. Tail correct. Where he excelled and why he won this class was his movement. He moved very true and parallel. He's very agile and very fit in lovely coat condition.

2nd: JOHNSON’s Ellchansha Hotshot. Another typical black brindle. 18 mths. Similar to 1 with many of the same virtues although not as mature as 1 at this stage. Attractive head shape, yet to come, with good expression and general body outline. Nice dark eye with good placement. Good mouth. Straight front, level topline, short coupled with good bend of stifle. Moved soundly. This is a clean tidy dog and with some maturity could have a promising future. One to watch.

3rd: THOMAS’ Sunnystone Limited Edition

Class 845 Post Graduate Dog

1st: DEVLIN’s Tightlines Dusty's Trail. Red/white dog. Clean, square and solid as a rock! Strong well defined head, deep and with width giving a very typy expression. Well placed eye, strong square muzzle, clean lipped. Lovely straight clean front, up on pasterns. Good round rib, plenty of depth of brisket, short coupled with level topline and good rear anglation. Nice bone. Correct tail carriage. Moved out soundly. Coat immaculate. Showed himself off very well.

2nd: DAWE’s Mrs A & Mr A S Marstaff Sundance Kid. Really typy standard fawn. Super head and expression, good eye set and depth of stop. Lovely clean front, well laid shoulder, plenty of rib, level top line, short coupled, good bend of stifle, well developed hams, good tail set, moved well with plenty of drive. In lovely condition. Tight decision with 1 but preferred a couple of virtues of 1 on this occasion.

3rd: 2113 THOMAS Mrs G Sunnystone Limited Edition

Class 846 Limit Dog

1st: LEE’s Molru Throwing Shapes. Very typy, clean black brindle. Nice outline. Super head and expression. Dark well placed eye. Strong muzzle and underjaw. Neat ears. Mouth ok. Straight front, good depth of brisket, well ribbed, level topline, short coupled, strong on the rear with well bent stifle. Good dark pigment. Moved out with plenty of drive. Tail carried a little high on the move but forgave him that for his other virtues.

2nd: HOPKINS Trufflestaff Papinashuash JW. Well balanced standard black brindle, with clean headshape, neat ears, correct mouth, good general body shape, straight front with a good rib, level topline and rearend. Good balance of bone. Moved out soundly.

3rd: REES’ Edgeworth Arturo

Class 847 Open Dog

1st: JOHNSON’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW. Very tidy black brindle/white. Lovely head, deep through with width, distinct stop, well placed dark eye, thin tidy ears, mouth clean & correct, square muzzle and good underjaw all giving a super expression. Bodywise very well put together, strong neck, straight clean front, well angulated shoulder and rear. Nice depth of brisket and spring of rib, level topline, good bend of stifle, tail & tail set. Lovely pigment. I liked the balance of bone and the stage of maturity he is at. He moved out parallel with plenty of drive. When it came to the final decision his movement won him BOB on the day. A really nice dog with many very pleasing virtues, typical of the breed, he was presented in lovely fit condition and handled very well. A pleasure to go over. CC & BOB.

2nd: JORDAN’s Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW Sh.CM. Another quality dog with good expression. Really nice neat & tidy red/white who also caught my eye in this class. Very good head shape, round with depth, good stop, wide eye placement with good pigment and dark eye. Neat well set ears. Short muzzle, distinct underjaw, clean lipped, correct bite. Short strong neck, well laid shoulder, clean straight front, good brisket, rib and tuck up of the loin, short coupled, well muscled on the rear. Correct tail and tail set. Good moving. Well presented, in super fit condition and coat. A sound, compact dog and I had no hesitation in awarding him RCC.

3rd: FAIRHURST’s Fairlenium's Iron Man

Class 848 Veteran Bitch

1st: THOMAS Sunnystone Olympic Dream. Well balanced and standard black brindle with excellent bone. Good headshape and eye set, dark eye, correct bite, clean lipped. Good general body shape with clean front, good rib and depth of brisket, short coupled, well angulated bend of stifle with plenty of muscle definition, correct tail set. Lovely dark pigment throughout. In good coat. Fit and extremely agile for age. BV.

Class 849 Special Beginners Bitch

1st: TEMPLETON’s Janastaff Freya At Marudi. 22 mth black brindle/white. Top sized with some nice qualities. Good head and expression, nice eye placement, neat ears, correct bite. Forequarters okay with good topline & bend of stifle, moved freely. She has as some maturing and filling out yet to do particularly on her forequarters. Coat in great condition. BSB.

2nd: TURNER’s On The Hill Two At Tidestaff. 16 mth brindle & white. Good headshape with pleasing expression, neat ears, correct bite. Straight front, good depth of brisket, decent rib with level topline, good tuck up and rear angulation. Sound moving. Nice type, in good condition.

3rd: MITCHELL & ASHTON’s Blooming Lovely

Class 850 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: THOMAS & COLEMAN’s Biggleswick Ta Dah 6mth red/white pied. Good general shape. Decent size. Head yet to develop, nice dark eye, square on the front, level topline, good bend of stifle, enough bone, moved parallel. Showed herself off well.

2nd: DALY & LEES Boscador Flaming Warrior. First outing for this baby, 6 mth the previous day. Brindle/white. Nice general outline. Skull shape good with nice width & depth, good stop, nice wide eye placement, square muzzle, good underjaw, correct bite. Body shape fine. Nice balance of bone for this age. A little difficult to assess on the move but moved ok. Just needs to grow on.

Class 851 Puppy Bitch

1st: HANDS & FREEMAN’s Gazstaff's Black Velvet At Skyestaff. Nicely balanced 10mth black brindle/white youngster. Intelligent and keen looking. Lovely headpiece. Good skull shape with depth & width, distinct stop, neat ears, well positioned dark eye, muzzle & underjaw clean and strong, correct bite. Strong short neck, well laid shoulder, clean front, nicely ribbed, short coupled, level topline, good rearend with good tail and tail set. Moved really well. Promising, with some quality about her. Just needs to develop on.

2nd: LEE’s Leebee's Bubbalicious. Red/white. Another promising bitch of the same age. Neat head with nice expression. Everything where it should be. Tidy ears, correct bite, clean lipped. Good front with correct shoulder angulation decent enough brisket at this stage, topline level, good bend of stifle. Moved fine. More mature than 1 at this stage. Nice type.

3rd: BRECKELL’s Chiswelstaff Penny Black

Class 852 Junior Bitch

1st: THOMAS Biggleswick She Devil. Attractive red/white standard bitch. 16mths. Nicely constructed youngster. Clean and tidy. Neat headpiece, correct bite, neat ears, clean lipped. Clean straight front with correct shoulder angulation, top line good that she held on the move, good bend of stifle. Neat front feet. Shown fit and in excellent coat. She’s a neat sound package who just needs to develop on.

2nd: JACKSON’s Jackabyte Bocouture. Another tidy youngster. 13 mth black brindle/white. Nice head and general outline. Typy. blocky head with good depth, nice eye placement, neat ears, clean square muzzle, correct bite. Good width on her front, level topline, short coupled with a good rearend. She is compact. She moved ok and with a little more practise will settle in the ring and show herself off to her best advantage.

3rd: TURNER’s On The Hill Two At Tidestaff

Class 853 Yearling Bitch

1st: JOHANSSON’s Te Ora Magic Eclipse. Lovely quality 18 mth black brindle. Standard, really well put together. Lovely head with super keen expression, dark eye, tidy ears, clean lipped, good underjaw, correct scissor bite, nice clean front, plenty of brisket, well ribbed, short coupled, well let down hock, moved parallel with plenty of power & drive looking like she meant business. Well presented and in super fit condition. Caught my eye from the beginning. A worthy RCC winner.

2nd: JOHNSON’s Ellchansha Once Upon A Time JW. Another tidy black brindle/white similar to 1. Good head with nice dark eye, correct bite, distinct stop, good underjaw. Pleasing body outline with good fore and aft angulation, good brisket & rib, level topline. She is slightly taller and longer than 1 but still balanced. Plenty of substance. Moved well. Nice type.

3rd: RAYNSFORD & STEVENS Raynstaff Dark And Stormy

Class 854 Post Graduate Bitch

1st: THURSTON’s Happystaff Dancing Queen. Well balanced black brindle. Tidy overall package. Lovely head with good expression, lovely dark well placed eye, good mouth, good underjaw. Compact in body with a flowing line from front to back, level topline and well let down at the hock. Moved parallel. Nice type.

2nd: ARNALL’s Allmark Ice Ice Baby. Well constructed red/white. Nice rounded head shape, with well placed round eye, tidy ears, clean muzzle, correct bite. Good general body construction throughout with a clean front, good brisket, rib, level topline and well angulated & muscled rearend. Nice substance and in good fit condition. Moved correct & parallel. A sound bitch.

3rd: FUNNELL’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra JW

Class 855 Limit Bitch

1st: MCDERMOTT & BERNHARDSSON’s Kings & Queens Over The Moon. Sound standard black brindle. Well balanced. Nice type. Good head and expression, dark eye, tidy ears, good mouth, Clean front, good shoulder lay, depth of brisket and rib, short coupled, level top line, nicely angulated on the rear with good bend of stifle, good pigment. Nice substance. Moved soundly.

2nd: ROWE & SOUTH’s Illori Bootie Luv. Brindle/white. Different in type to 1. Very nice overall shape with strong head, good expression, neat ears, square foreface, correct bite. Well put together bodywise with good angulation and width on the front & a well let down hock on the rear, enough rib, level topline. Good bone. Moved out ok. A tidy, balanced and fit bitch.

3rd: FUNNELL’s Cherokee JW

Class 856 Open Bitch

1st: JOHNSON’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire JW. Super classy standard black brindle/white full of virtues. Beautifully balanced and feminine. Very neat headpiece with everything in the right place giving a gorgeous expression. Excellent skull shape with wide eye placement, distinct stop, square clean muzzle with strong underjaw, very well positioned neat ears, correct scissor bite. Dark pigment throughout. Bodywise, she stood four square and didn’t take her eyes off me. Loved the attitude. She demanded my attention. Moved with plenty of drive. Super fit condition. With everything in the right place and as a package her standard size belies her significant power that epitomises the Stafford. Huge pleasure to go over her and award her the CC.

2nd: JACKSON’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny JW. Another quality black brindle. Good headshape with width & depth. Her eye was not quite as round as 1 giving a different expression, clean muzzle, correct bite. I was struck by her very good overall construction. Straight with width on front, good shoulder angulation & placement, good brisket & rib, level topline, short coupled, good backend and bend of stifle. Dark pigment. Moved parallel covering the ground well. Sound, typy and fit. Well presented.

3rd: ROWE’s Illori Bootie Luv