• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)


I first awarded CC’s to Cardigans at SWKA back in 2002 and to be invited again was an appointment I was looking forward to as I last judged this breed at Crufts in 2016.

However, in the 3 years since last judging them, breed type is sadly lacking in many exhibits. Where are the foxy heads with lovely large rounded ears, ample bone, depth of chest, sturdy in body and well padded feet that our breed standard calls for?

To say that I was, in some classes, more than disappointed would be an understatement, as in my opinion the breed is in recession and without very careful use of bloodlines, this breed is losing its specific breed type which means breeders must be more careful in the choice of parents for their future litters.

However, my main winners pleased me and I did feel that the quality of the bitches was far stronger than that of the males.

PUPPY D (1/0)

1. Hatchman & Swift – KINGROCK QUINCE, this boy stood alone but had enough quality at this stage in his career to take this class. However, although unsettled to begin with, he moved and showed quite well. I would like much more bone and body on him relative to his age. He just needs time to fill out. Pleasing head which could fill in with maturity

JUNIOR (2/0)

1. Evans – KILVROCH CARADOG OF LIDOFFAD, mature brindle who was not at all happy being handled on the table as he protested with a low grumble. He is of good size and body. Pleasing head with well set ears. Good shoulders and top-line but would insist of carrying his tail far too high for me.

2. Davies – CERANDA GREATEST SHOWMAN – another who was not happy in the surroundings but once settled he did show off his virtues.

Good balanced head, nice neck and moved out well. Just needs more time to settle.


This was a difficult class as both exhibits, brothers, have similar issues.

1. Langford CAPRIAN CHALLENGER JW. Nice boy who needs a little more time to mature. Pleasing head, good ears and of a good size with enough bone and held top line well on the move.

2. James – CAPRIAN DEXTER AT BWTHYN, very similar to winner but lacking quality in head. Not as positive moving as he is a more than a little wide in front and carries more weight over his shoulders.

LIMIT (4/0)

1. Apperley – WILDCARD ACE AT NANAIMO, blue of good colour, well made and has a pleasing head and eye. Good bone for his age and moved with drive with good tail set and carriage. Well muscled in hindquarters and in good hard condition.

2. Essenhigh & Bishop HUNDAHILL BULLEYANA FOR BRYNLLUAN. Well made youngster who was a little out of his depth in this class of mature boys. Nice head and expression, good shoulders, kept a level top line whilst moving but another not so happy in the hall today

3. Lovell – LIEBEHUND FOREST MOON, very promising youngster of good size, very nice head. Well placed eye and good ears. Moved well in all directions, his time will come

OPEN (5/0)

1. Thomas - GOWERSTON GWYDION, expertly handled blue merle, who is a good colour although I would prefer him to carry less black on his body. Excellent head, well balanced, good eye. Lovely ear set and good neck. Very well boned legs with a good front and fore-chest. Strong firm hind quarters with good tail set. Moved easily in all directions, took this class and the CC with ease.

2. Caul - IR CH RHIWELLI OUT OF THE BLUE, another blue, not as clear in colour as winner but correct size and body. Pleasing head well placed eye. Lovely ear shape and set. Good shoulders, moved well and took a very well deserved RCC

3. Hunt – TWINAN DAREDEVIL RIDER TO HUNTSVILLE ShCm, lovely brindle boy who appealed for his outline. Just not putting any effort into the day, I am sure outside he is a different corgi


1. Froggatt – GEREFA GHOST RIDER came through from the Open class to take Veteran. Not as refined in head as I would prefer. His front is not his fortune but he moved well enough to take this class





1. Hewitt – CARDHEW LA SALLE, young lady of good size for her age. Liked her length of back and body proportions, She just needs to learn how to settle to the job in hand but it is early days in her show career. Good bone and feet moved quite well.

JUNIOR (3/0)

1. Davies – CERANDA EBONY ROSE, litter sister to 3rd in junior dog and has much more potential and is much more settled. She has a good outline and holds her top-line. I would prefer more bone and substance but time is very much on her side

2. Eby & Taylor – KILVROCH CARIAD, another young lady who enjoyed her day out. Nice head and eye, good ear set but not as positive as winner when moving.

3. James – BETHWYN HOPES AND DREAMS, nice sized bitch, quite a pleasing head but let down by a poor front movement today


1. Froggatt – WILDCARD QUEEN 0F CLUBS FOR GEREFA, dark brindle bitch who I first came across at Euro Corgi last year where I made her BPIS over a lovely Pembroke. She has certainly fulfilled her early promise and is maturing well. Very pleasing balanced head, good eye and ear set. Nice shoulders and front assembly. Good top line and very well handled to take this class and the RBCC.

2. Morris – KILVROCH CELIDORA AT CWNMEURIG, not quite the quality of the winner as she is quite wide in front movement and has yet to drop in body and currently appears far too leggy.

LIMIT (5/0)

1. Taylor – BYMIL PICTURE PERFECT, lovely bitch in superb condition, every hair gleamed. Lovely to handle as her head is correct with good balance; a kind eye set and well placed ears. Good neck and shoulders. Moved so easily to take this class, one I considered for top honours and her day will come.

2. Belcher – EFFYBID RUBIE, a more mature bitch of correct size and good construction. Well balanced head, good bone and feet but not as positive moving as winner

3. Saunders – WILDCARD MEGAN

OPEN (5/1)

1. Lovell – CH LIEBEHUND JAKKU JW. Lovely brindle bitch whose head properties were exactly what I was looking for. Well moulded foreface, good eye set, well placed and well set ears of good size and shape. Lovely neck, leading into well placed shoulders. Good top-line, firm hind quarters resulting in correct driving movement. Just had that “look at me” attitude, I did and she won not only this class, but BOB and to crown her day an excellent G4.

2. May – SANJA GLENOFISLA BY BRYNULLAN JW, I last judged this little lady in puppy at Crufts and am pleased to see she has matured well. Lovely colour and markings, good head and body. Nice top-line and moved well, just needs to tighten up on her feet.



 A lovely class of ladies, headed by a very smart looking blue merle in:

1. Piers – TYCI BRENHINES BRIALLEN ShCm, blue of good colour with a pleasing head, good eye and ear carriage. She has matured well since I last judged her. Ample bone and good feet. Excellent mover, had there been an award for Best Veteran, then this lady would have taken it home!

2. Eby & Taylor – CH KILVROCH ENCHANTRESS, lovely brindle girl who enjoyed her outing today. Slighter heavy than winner but the quality is still present, maybe carrying a shade too much weight which detracted from movement




Judge: Carole A Smedley