• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Collie (Rough)


To receive another invitation to judge one’s breed at Crufts was a special honour which was rewarded by the most wonderful entry of bitches and the two most helpful stewards of Brian Attwood and Paul Hayes who kept everything running smoothly.

I do have concerns for our breed, which is a slow maturing breed, as far too many appear to be “Finished” at an early age. The intermediate classes, which could be the names for the future, were under sadly lacking in the quality found in both the Veteran and Open class.

Many collies lack the elegant outline and length of back, clean, balanced heads and correct ear settings as required by our blue print for the breed, the standard. Poor shoulder angulations, deep through skulls and deep stops where penalized accordingly along with poor movement, especially in the front. I do not need to see a “showing fool” although correct expression, coming from good eye placing and ear carriage is paramount

My co-judge and I eventually agreed on BOB, to the bitch. BPIB also went to the bitch but we begged to differ on BVIB. On the decision of the Group Judge, Mr Rod Oldham, the sable dog, Ch/Int Ch Caronlea Lord of the Dance, was given the award and at 11 years was retired on the day.

Our breed was allocated a lovely big ring to move in and I asked every exhibit to move in the same manner.

VETERAN (24/6)

Despite the early start of 8.30am, these ladies filled the ring and too many excellent bitches left without a card but I was looking for those closest to the standard and I was sorry that some well deserving ladies left card-less, as I was limited to just 5 places. I was impressed with the care owners have taken of their charges and many belied their ages on the move

1. McNally’s IR CH COPAMAGE LILY LANGTREE JUN Ch, elegant sable who appealed for her outline, balance and such true movement both coming and going. Her head is balanced with the slight perceptible stop, flat skull and neat ears which she used well. Good foreface and nice eye placement. Ample neck leading into well placed shoulders with a good depth of chest. Adequate rib cage and solid top line. Neat feat and ample bone, showed on a loose lead completed the p[picture and well deserved to win this class and even at the end of a long day, showed many how to move and took back home a very well deserved RBCC & BVB

2. Klok: DKCH/NORCH/INT CH KLOCK COLLIES CALANAR GIRL. Lovely shaded sable bitch to whom I awarded BIS to some years back. Just showing her maturity in head but it is well balanced with a lovely expression coming from well placed eye and correct ear carriage. Good bone legs and feet. Ample chest and body. Good top line and tail set. I would prefer slightly more length of back compared to winner another good moving collie.

3. Hawkins CH BRILYN PLATINUM LUSTRE, well known blue merle in good coat and condition. I thought she could be my winner but she was not as positive on the move today. Well made with good bone. Pleasing head but I would prefer slightly tighter ear carriage but at 10 years young is a credit to her owner/breeder



 In my opinion a MP class at this most prestigious show is not the place for babies as the hustle and bustle can take their toll and pups at this stage in their show careers can be detrimental


1. Jones & Blackburn’s ERJON EVOLVING STAR, an aptly named sable who is not an eye-catcher but on handling one can appreciate her virtues. Very pleasing balanced head, good profile, well placed stop, lovely dark eye and at one with her handler and just showed off her virtues. Moved easily and with drive, was so pleased to find her and award her BPB and in the challenge, with my co-judge we made her BPIB.

2. Iley: ARKLETHILL DELILAH AT ILEYDA, slightly more mature lady and in full coat but does not need to carry any more weight over her shoulders. Well filled foreface, good eye set and ear carriage. I would prefer slightly more neck to complete the outline but with time she could mature well. Another with good movement

3. Baker, TIGANLEA LET THERE BE LOVE, glamorous lady who appealed for her size and shape but just needs a little more ring training as she can stand with her hind legs tucked beneath her. Lovely expression and ear set, just needs to settle on the move but beat her sister for this place.

JUNIOR (19/2)

1. Cronk’s CHELBORN WISH LIST, I first saw this sable at her first show and was impressed with her conformation, make and shape. Pleasing head with a well placed stop, good eye placing, well filled foreface and expression. In good coat and condition, she has a pleasing outline and body good tail set and carriage.

2. Walker & Ritchie: NELINKA DE REMEMBER OUR LOVE FOR STARLENGA, what a surprise this tricolour is! I would prefer a slightly flatter skull and better ear placing but she needs to be handled to be fully appreciated. Moves easily and was in good coat of the correct colour with no grey strands.

3. Margetts COLLINGVALE CAVA, sable, who for me just needs to lengthen in back as she can appear square in outline and needs a tad more reach of neck. Pleasing head and nice expression. Trained to perfection and showed very well but I would like to see more animation

YEARLING: (19/1)

1 Bardos: TIGANLEA MAKE GOOD TIME, JUN CH. Lovely sable who really took my eye in this class. She has a well filled foreface, good eye set, well placed ears and a flat skull. Good reach of neck leading into well placed and angulated shoulders. Good ample chest, adequate bone, neat feet and in outline very impressive. Never put a paw wrong when moving and one I seriously considered for top honours

2 Beadon & Arrowsmith: SAGANAN BLUE DIAMOND, lovely coloured blue bitch of correct size and shape. Pleasing clean head, good eye set, neat ears used well. Lovely reach of neck. Level top line, one I would love to see with a new outfit as what she had was leaving home quickly!

3 Di Costanzo: ROBA INCREDIBLE DI CAMBIANO, Int Jun Ch. Blue merle of excellent colour. Her blue is blue and her colouring enhances her outline. Clean muzzle and foreface, good stop, lovely flat skull and well placed and used ears. Very good reach of neck, good level top line and moved easily. To be critical, I felt she was a tad too mature at this stage in her life.


1 Cuccu: GUILY’S DREAMS MADE IN ITALY Jun Ch. Lovely tricolour who instantly appealed, once handled, for her construction and movement. Very pleasing head and expression but she does need to remember how to hold her ears. Good neck and shoulders, ample chest and good top-line. Neat feet and took this class with ease.

2 Murray & Bellamy: BELOREEN STARLIGHT, blue bitch who has a good clean head, although I would prefer a less pronounced stop and a little more reach of neck to complete the picture. She moved quite well

3 Beadon: MYRIEHEWE PROMISES, nicely shaped tri bitch who just needs a bit more time to learn to relax and enjoy her day out. It is difficult to obtain a good expression on a tri but this little lady has a lovely foreface, good eye placing and well used ears. Good reach of neck, level back and good hind quarters. Her day will come

MID LIMIT (13/4)

1. Humphreys SHASAM SHADES OF GUILT, there is little to be guilty of in this bitch as I have watched her progress from a baby until now. Lovely flat skull, good dark eye correctly placed. Neat well used ears. If I have to be critical, if handled on a loose lead would appear less square in outline. Moved well going away but I have seen her more positive in front movement.

2. Jackson – SASSARI SEA SHIMMER, blue merle of good size and better in outline than winner but not as fluent in rear movement as I would like. Pleasing head which is well balanced, good stop, I would like tighter ear carriage but she did enough today for this place

3. Flower, SERENLAS KEEPING FAITH, different type to those above her but she won this place on her positive movement. Longer, clean head than I prefer but it is well balanced with a good foreface and I would like slightly more definition in stop. Good ear set. Nice reach of neck and good length of back. Moved well.

LIMIT (14/4)

1 Boyle: ARKLETHILL HELENA, where has this little lady been? I found her very attractive and in new fresh coat which was well fitted and clean. Lovely foreface, good chin, well set dark eye giving a kind expression. Neat well placed ears. Good neck and shoulders. Level top-line and good length of back with nice strong hind quarters which enabled her to drive from behind easily. I see she has passed these qualities on to her daughter who was 2nd in Puppy.

2 Fox: ALANITA WINTER JAZZMINE, not the most glamorous girl but she is an honest collie with a lovely head and expression. She has a mind of her own but once settled and showed off well deserved her place today. Good eye and ear set. Ample reach of neck and good top line. Neat feet and presented well, just lost out to winner on freedom of movement

3 Randall; FATA TURCHINA LADNAR DI CAMBIANO, blue merle of nice colour. Pleasing outline, nice head and eye with well placed ears. Ample neck and good top line, she took an instant dislike to the carpet but recovered sufficiently to gain this place in a very strong class.

OPEN (23/4)

1 Burrows, CH TIGANLEA TINKERBELLE AT REVDVICKI, I first judged this little lady back in her youth and have watched her progress with pleasure as she won classes, CC’s and her title. She is so well deserving of every CC she has and it was my pleasure to award her not only this class, but her 8th CC today. If anyone needs a lesson in presentation, go and ask her breeders how it is done! Not a hair out of place and each one sparkled. This bitch has what I was looking for, charisma, which can only be found in the complete combination of quality and showmanship. Nothing appeared to faze her and on handling, now she has reached maturity everything is there. Her head is balanced from back of skull to tip of nose, Good open expression, quizzical at times, as if to say why. Good ear placing and set well and she uses them easily. Ample length of neck. Well set shoulders and a correct length of back. Good front with sufficient depth of chest. Well sprung ribs, lovely strong hind quarters enabling her to move with ease and her profile movement is a joy to watch with well held tail carriage. She stood and asked for this class and it was my greatest pleasure to award her the class, CC and with the agreement of my co-judge BOB where she gave her all and did our breed proud in the big ring

2 Balazsovits INT CH CASTLE QUEEN COCO CHANEL, a new lady to me who really pushed the winner hard. In excellent coat which fitted her well. Pleasing head with good stop and eye and well placed ears. Not quite the length of neck I was looking for and carrying a tad too much weight over her shoulders which stifled her front movement. Lovely outline and length of back. Good hind quarters and moved easily with drive from behind. Well deserved her place today.

3 Richter: INT CH SCOTTLYME MAGICAL KISS, another new lady who appealed for her head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. Nice length of back, good firm hind quarters and she moved easily but did appear a little tired after her long journey


1 Arrowsmith’s SAGANAN TRUE BLUE LADY, lovely coloured blue who is just losing her outfit and was unlucky to be in the wonderful Veteran class but well deserved her place here. Lovely clean head, nice foreface, good eye set but if only she would remember how to use her ears correctly. Good outline and moved well

2 Newton FIORCARA SWEET RHAPSODY, sable who moved very well. Not quite the expression I was looking for but she has a pleasing head and eye. In good coat which fitted well.

3 MacDonald: BROOKLYNSON HEPBURN AT ROSSAVON, dark shaded sable lady who was 4th in Limit. Very clean balanced head, good neck and top line, in excellent coat and moved well but is a tad too long in back which spoilt her outline for me

Carole A Smedley