• Show Date: 07/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Ash Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

British Utility Breeds Association Championship Show 2019


German Spitz (Mittel)


My thanks to the officers and committee for my first appointment with CCs for German Spitz (Mittel). My first Championship show, exhibiting a German Spitz, was BUBA 1991 when my 6-month-old puppy won Puppy Dog under esteemed Breed Specialist Moira Smart & my first CC appointment for French Bulldogs was BUBA so this has always been a special show for me.

I’d like to thank the exhibitors for the fantastic entry of 43 Dogs making 56 entries. I found the quality of the bitches a lot higher than the males. Temperaments were generally good but there were a few that were miserable and certainly not enjoying their day. The breed standard specifically mentions ‘happy, equable disposition, showing confidence…’ I withheld an award because one dog would not stand on the table to be assessed. Movement was sometimes difficult to assess, and some may move better in a larger ring.  


Puppy Dog: (4,0)

1. Pearce Francis & Roberts: Longsdales Rebel Rouser At Cwrtafon. Stunning top size black puppy of 11 months. Profuse harsh coat, presented immaculately. Good wedge shaped head with correct stop and well placed dark eyes. Neat ears which he used well. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front with good bone into well rounded feet. Well ribbed back with strong loin. High set tail carried well over the back. Good rear angulation. Best mover in this class but I think he could move even better in a bigger ring. Considered him for a top award but preferred the brisk action of my eventual winners. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy.

2. Barnes & King: Izlou Shiver Me Timbers. Another Black with well-presented profuse coat. Lovely neat ears and beautiful eye shape. Correct dentition. Good bone and neat feet. Good rear angulation. Appears a little longer in body than 1 and not moving quite as well in front.

3. Birtle: Kelham I Dreamed A Dream To Rokeland


Junior Dog: (2,0)

1. Blight’s Izlou Float My Boat. Reserve in previous class. Beautiful head and expression with neat triangular ears which were well set. Correct eye shape. Good harsh coat. Unfortunately his handler moves him too slowly so not possible to see if he has the correct brisk action.

2. Withheld.


PG Dog: (3,1)

​Disappointing class as both dogs present appeared unhappy to be there and both had a tendency to drop their tails.


1. Bridle’s Sirchray Ample Time. Neat Square dog, correct length of neck into well placed shoulders, well ribbed, sound mover.

2. Durham’s Spellcast Hear You Talk (AI). Thought this would be my winner on first go around but he was not happy on the table. Good head proportions with well placed dark eyes. Neat feet.


Limit Dog: (3,0)

1. Brock & Peterson’s Jansanleis Polar Express To Pomkins. Cream with good head proprtions but eye shape could be better. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Good rib, strong loin, well muscled throughout. Neat feet. Best mover in this class but he has a tendency to set off wide in the rear but this improves as he settles into his stride.

2. Mountain’s Hocombewood Jailhouse Roc. Brown. Preferred his head proprtions and ear set and he is a bit deeper in muzzle. Good eye shape. Not as good in rib as my winner. Good bone. Correct tail set. Would prefer more rear angulation.

3. Bridle’s Sirchray Ampel Time.


Open Dog: (4,0)

1. Rogerson, Rogerson & Mulholland’s Ch Fisherbloom Black Sharman. Dark Sable with coat of correct texture. One I judged as a puppy and again as an adult at an Open Show. His front movement has improved since I last judged him. He has the most handsome head and expression with correct head proportions, beautiful dark, well set eyes and neat well set ears. Straight front with sufficient bone for size and small feet. Excellent topline and tail set and stands four square at all times. Well-schooled and never stopped showing. CC.

2. Saich’s Ir Ch Lindcoly Mischief Maker. Black. One I have judged before as a puppy and he has matured into a well-balanced dog. Excellent head proportions. Good eye shape but lighter in colour than I prefer. Well set neat ears. Short neck into well placed shoulders. In good coat. Moved well. As with all dogs presented today from this kennel his temperament was superb and a credit to his owner/breeder.

3. O’Leary’s IR/UK/Int Ch Amoyalois Rufus For Cadasaro


Veteran Dog: (2,0)

1. Smith’s Ch Spellcast Jivetalking: Black. Another I have had the privilege of judging previously. He was not in full coat today but what he had was of the correct harsh texture. He is so well balanced with a correct outline. Handsome wedge shaped head with dark eyes and neat ears. He is so well constructed and in good hard condition. Moved effortlessly around the ring at a correct brisk pace. He lost out on the CC today through nit picking! I preferred the eye shape and overall expression of the Open Dog. A worthy Champion. RCC.

2. Saich’s Hocombewood Hot Toddy For Lindcoly. Brown Sable. Another excellent mover. Handsome, masculine head. Well-proportioned body with strong rear. Good tailset. Just showing his age now with his mouth.


Spec Beg Bitch: (1,0)

1. Martin’s Bulabs Shooting Scarlet. Cream puppy of 8 months at the first ever show for both dog and handler. This little lady was completely overwhelmed and refused to move around the ring initially. She eventually allowed me to assess her on the table. She has a pretty head with dark eye and correct ears. Good neck into good shoulder placement. Neat feet. Good rib and correct length of loin. Coat still needs to come through. She was very reluctant to move but the few steps I saw showed she had sound movement. I hope someone helps this novice exhibitor to get the best out of her puppy.


Puppy Bitch: (5,1)

1. Rolleston’s Kelham One Love. Medium sized black bitch. Very feminine head well set dark eyes and correct well placed ears. In good coat. Slightly longer in body than ideal but moved well when settled. Well handled.

2. Purves’ Bulabs QE Beauty. Cream with the darkest of pigment. Dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Good bone and sufficient rib. Well angulated rear. Not as strong in movement as 1st place.

3. Saich’s Lindcoly Hope An Glory


Junior Bitch: (5,1)

1. Rolleston’s Kelham one Love. (Rpt PB)

2. Saich’s Lindcoly Crazy Little Thing. Cream. Pretty feminine head with mischievous expression. Good ear set. Good outline, well ribbed with strong loin. Correct tail set. Not in full coat but what she had was of good texture. This little lady really typifies the correct Spitz temperament, so happy and confident!

3. Gardner’s Daraydala Black Pearl


PG Bitch: (3,0)

1.Drew’s Izlou Peanut Passion. Black. Loved her head and expression. Correct wedge shape with good width to skull. Well set ears. Good rib, well placed shoulders, strong pasterns and neat feet.

2. Rogerson’s Nosregor Unforgettable. Cream. Very feminine head with dark eyes and well set ears. Would prefer more fill under eyes to enhance expression. Not in full coat but the texture is correct. Strong pasterns and neat feet. Level topline and well-set tail. Moved well and showed her socks off at all times.

​3. Saich’s Lindcoly Love Affair


Limit bitch: (5,1)

1. Chapman’s Clarmer’s Little Banshee At Kitsune. Black. Lovely almost square outline, she is so balanced in profile. Feminine head with pleasing expression. Well placed ears and dark well-placed eyes. Good rib and strong loin. Well angled fore and aft. Good bone and neat feet. Good quality harsh coat. Moved briskly and efficiently. Exceptionally well handled by her young handler.

2. Barnes & King’s Izlou Walnut Forget Me JW. Black. Slightly longer than 1st and not as steady on the move. Feminine head with dark eye and correct ear placement. Harsh coat of good quality. Good shoulder placement. High set tail, carried well over back.

3. Saich’s Lindcoly Wishing On A Dream


Open Bitch: (7,0) Best Class of the day!

1. Pearce & Francis’ Kelham Love And Romance With Longsdale. Cream with correct harsh coat presented in immaculate condition. I loved her head and expression. Lovely well set eyes that were attentive to her handler at all times. She has an excellent temperament and an attitude that demands attention. Short neck leading into well placed shoulders, straight front with good bone. Neat feet. Well sprung ribs and strong loin giving her a fabulous outline. Well set tail. Good front and rear angulation enabled her to move around the ring with ease. No hesitation in awarding her the CC and BOB. I believe this is her third and crowning CC. Congratulations.

2. Moir’s Ch Jansaleis Envy JW. Cream. So ultra feminine. Very pretty wedge shaped head with dark, well set eyes and well placed ears. Good neck into well placed shoulders, good rib and strong loin. Strong pasterns and neat feet. Good rear angulation. Well set tail. So sound on the move. Just preferred the substance and attitude of 1st. RCC.

3. Taylor’s Ch Clarmers Mischief Managed Under Tispitza JW


Veteran Bitch: (3,1)

1. Moir’s Ch Jansanleis Mayhem JW. Cream. Very feminine head, would prefer a more moderate stop. Lighter in bone than I prefer but she is so ultra feminine. In good hard condition. Constantly attentive to her handler she never stopped showing. Excellent movement.

2. Andrew’s Dagsljus Against All Odds At Claran (Imp Swe) Smaller size shaded sable. Beautiful head and expression. Well up on pasterns, small neat feet. Very well balanced young lady. Level topline and well placed tail. Sound movement.


Carole Ash (Judge)