• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Estrela Mountain Dog

Southern Counties Canine Association

Championship Show

1st June 2019


Judge: Mrs CT Lambert (STURTMOOR)

Thank you to Southern Counties Canine Association for inviting me to judge at their show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the stewards were a pleasure to work with and were very efficient. I was very pleased to see such a big improvement in breed type from when I last judged, movement continues to be an issue but has also improved greatly over the last few years. Thank you to all the exhibitors for entering, it was a pleasure to judge your dogs.

Puppy Dog (4 Ent 1 Abs):

1st Dean’s ASTEREL YVES SAINT LAURENT, 10 mth dark brindle of good size, substance and correct proportions. Loved the type on this boy. Long powerful head, moderate stop with correctly set and carried ears, dark oval eye with true and kind expression. Short, strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Almost level topline, slightly sloping croup and well-set tail with desired hook. Good quality jacket of correct texture. Moderately angulated forequarters with front set well under. Deep chest with good spring of rib, gentle rise to underline. Nicely angulated rear with parallel hocks when viewed from behind. Nice mover, with good reach and Drive, and straight coming and going. Please to award him BD & BP.

2nd Ogborn & Titman’s ASTEREL CHRISTIAN DIOR, 10 mth fawn, litter brother to my winner. Another good dog and many of the same comments apply. Not quite as good in breed type as my winner, but many points to like. Heavier in head and ears a little larger and not carried so well. Correct amber eye, oval in shape. Short, muscular neck, good layback and forechest moderately angulated with front set well underneath. Body proportions were good, and nice substance throughout. Correct tail with hook, not as strong in rear as his brother. Performed very well for his first ever show.


Junior Dog (2 Ent 0 Abs):


2nd Godderidge’s ESSANELLE DARTAGNAN, 17 mth fawn. Nice head with good eye colour blending with the coat. Nice body proportions but a little lacking in substance throughout and would like a little taller. Short neck, moderate angulation on front. Well sprung ribs, short in loin and almost level topline and slightly sloping croup. Hook not as evident as in my winner. Rear was rather weak and movement somewhat erratic. Preferred the breed type on my winner.

Post Graduate Dog (1 Ent 0 Abs):

1st Godderidge’s ESSANELLE THE RED MUSKETEER, 17 mth fawn, litter brother to 2nd in Junior and very similar in type, size and substance. Nice body shape, and good length to head, ears quite heavy, not carried correctly. Short neck, decent angulation on straight front. A little broad in chest but well sprung rib. Gentle rise to underline and short in loin. Tail set good and hook was apparent. Moderately angulated rear but was rather weak which showed in the movement. Out of coat but has good texture to what was present.

Limit Dog (2 Ent 1 Abs):

1st Dean’s ASTERL BALOO, 3 yr old dark brindle. Lovely, strong, masculine lad with excellent substance and good breed type. Nice long, strong head of good proportions, short neck, well laid-back shoulders and moderately angulated forequarters with legs placed well under. A little weak in topline, slight slope to croup and well-set tail with good hook. Deep chest, well sprung rib a little longer in loin. Nicely angulated rear and stacked well. Moved well, with good reach but rear was not quite as true as the puppy. RBD.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Ent 0 Abs):

1st Dean’s ASTEREL DEEAGO, 7.5 yr old fawn. Good overall shape but would prefer a little taller. Nice length to head, but a little deeper than I would like. Good ears, small and carried correctly. Good length of neck and correctly angulated forequarters. Deep chest, good rib and short loin. Level topline and slightly sloping croup with good tail set which had nice hook. Straight front with good bone, slight rise to underline and well angulated rear. Moved ok, not as well off for reach and drive being a little weak in rear. Looks good for his age. BV.

Puppy Bitch (2 Ent 0 Abs):

1st Dean’s ASTEREL COCO CHANEL, 10 mth fawn. Lovely head with super small, triangular ears beautifully carried against her head. Dark eyes giving good expression set in head of correct proportions. Well off for bone. Good neck length, well laid shoulders, almost level topline. Good croup and well-set tail with lovely hook. Lovely proportions to body with deep chest and short loin. Moderately angulated front and rear. Super coat of correct texture. Moved well with good reach and drive, enjoying her day out. Close decision for BP, but just lost out to her brother on overall type, could change places any time.

2nd Ogborn & Titman’s ASTEREL MIUCHIA PRADA, 10 mth fawn. Litter sister to winner. Another nice bitch with good proportions. Not as strong in head or substance as her sister, but good ears carried well. Short neck, decent topline, good angulation front and rear. Deep chest, correct underline, good length to loin. Good tail, carried well, and apparent hook. Moved well. Lovely bitch just preferred the overall substance of winner.

Junior Bitch (1 Ent 0 Abs):

1st Dean’s ASTEREL A BIT OF MAGIC, 14 mth dark brindle. Despite being out of coat, this bitch took my eye when she walked in the ring. Excellent head of good length with enough width and slightly rounded. Dark eye of good shape giving beautiful expression and very feminine. Super body proportions with good spring of rib which was moderately deep and of good width. Nice topline, slightly sloping croup and well-set tail with super hook. Moderate angulation front and rear, true coming and going. Wonderfully balanced movement, which was free and easy, and looked like she could keep it up all day. It was my pleasure to award her BB & BOB.

Post Graduate Bitch (2 Ent 1 Abs):

1st Chisholm’s BELLALUA NUSHABA AT BELEZAOCAO, 2 yr old brindle. Smaller bitch with finer bone. Nice head of good proportions, good eye colour and set. Short neck leading to level topline and good length of back. Tail set a little high with tail carried over her back, nice hook to tail. Moved ok but carrying a little too much weight.

1st McWade’s BRUNILDE DA QUINTA MOINHOS DAS ALMAS AT BELLALUA (IMP), 5 yr old fawn. Lovely breed type on this bitch. Correct head of good length, good eye shape but a shade lighter than I would like. Nice short neck, good layback of shoulder, correctly angulated front assembly with good width. Nice rib and short loin, good topline. Slight slope to croup, correct tail set carried with and good hook. Moved soundly with good side gait. Would just like a little more of her throughout. RBB.

2nd Dean’s ASTEREL XIQUITA, Almost 6 yr old brindle. Another with good breed type, very close decision between 1st & 2nd places. Lots to like on this bitch, with good head, eye and expression. Strong neck, good forequarters not quite so strong in topline as my winner. Nice rib, well sprung, short enough loin. Good croup with well-set tail and desired hook. Good substance throughout, moved well.