• Date: 09/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Brenda fleetwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Of England Pomeranian Club

Breed: Pomeranian


Four years in the waiting since this appointment was first offered to me and the day finally arrived and what an interesting experience it was. The welcome, the venue and the efforts of this well run committee were second to none. My overall impression was how much the breed was changing and not always for the better. Movement was a problem in some classes particularly rear movement, which needs some special attention, as I found many clicking patella’s and straight stifles. The British breed standard calls for a balanced and square frame which is the template to start with. I found myself having to compromise in some of the classes in what looked glamorous and what was correct. A really short back with a good round barrel and flat high set tail is the next to be considered and I found I had to judge for this rather than a pretty face in some instances. However I do believe a pom should have a sweet head and expression. Mouths were very good and mostly clean. Trimming only a few were over trimmed and sculptured, some had gone to the other extreme so it was difficult to see the shape of the dog. The trend seems to have gone from over trimmed and sculptured, probably because of wrong coat texture, to under trimmed and shapeless. There were quite a few soft coats usually the result of over bathing which makes it soft and silky. A pom head broadens as it matures and it should be wedge shaped with a definite stop. It’s the balance of the head that’s important. Judging dogs is akin to the artist’s eye. Every artist paints a different picture of the same subject that is why judging is so subjective and that is why the results can be so different given a different judge, dog and show. If we all saw the same picture with the same eye then there would be no dog shows. I thought the males were much stronger than the bitches in type size and movement. There were so many tiny shelly bitches hiding behind a huge coat with short legs. I was looking ultimately for the show bitch of around 5 ½ lb. the glamour aspect I felt wasn’t as important as the size of the bitch. Remember the bitch must always be larger than the dog for the health and future of the breed. I had the pleasure of judging some top class Pomeranian males and in some classes I was splitting hairs. When you have just 3 mins to assess each dog you sometimes need to take another closer look hence I asked some exhibitors to put their dogs back on the table for further assessment. I don’t want to criticize any individual dogs unless I think it’s helpful to offer constructive criticism i.e. the things that can be improved on so in this introduction I have tried to highlight specific things that I found lacking in some cases. BEST IN SHOW Kristofferson’s TINY FELLOWS U GOT THE LOOK RES BEST IN SHOW Knott’s SNOWVILLA MOONLIGHT MAGIC BEST PUPPY IN SHOW D’Arcy & Duffield’s TA BOZI’S RAGNAR (Imp) RES BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Holman (Miss A) ALTINAS TUDOR ROSE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Wheeler’s DARANASH RED HOT CADILLAC AT GALCHRIS BEST SP BEG IN SHOW ALTINAS TUDOR ROSE DOG CC. Kristofferson’s TINY FELLOWS U GOT THE LOOK. RES DOG CC Stone’s BILIJEES HIDDEN TREASURE. BITCH CC Knott’s SNOWVILLA MOONLIGHT MAGIC. RES BITCH CC Green’s PONDELYS LEGALLY BLONDE WITH KLASSNA. Class 1. VETERAN DOG 2,1 1st Wheelers : DARANASH RED HOT CADILLAC AT GALCHRIS.Dark orange sable, in good coat, moved soundly, stood four square, creating a nice compact shape, good head proportions, small ears, 10 years old, one ‘I’ve liked for many years. Class 2. MINOR PUPPY DOG 8,4 1st Davey : KLASSNA TIME TO SHINE Orange baby at just six months old. Stood four square with short back, and good round barrel. He was well up on his toes with tight cat feet. He had a very sweet head with excellent pigment on nose eye rims and pads and correct scissor bite. He was just a baby so a little more practice on the move will see him settle to be spot on. 2nd Leighfield : KAMIS SHOW MUST GO ON (Imp) When this little dog has had more table training, which will help the judge to assess him better, he will do well. However his head was in my opinion a little strong but will change as he develops, he had good pigment and a vice firm square body. 3rd Soulsby : TRENARWYN BOSTON AFFAIR. Res Gooch : PAAVALI’S NIGHT KING. Class 3. PUPPY DOG 7,2 1st D’arcy & Duffield : TA BOZI’S RAGNAR (Imp) this puppy had a beautiful head and expression, excellent teeth and bite, nice almond eye all head features were lovely. Short neck sitting nicely into shoulders and shoulder placement 90 which produces correct pom movement. He made a beautiful shape on the table, his coat was a harsh in texture, dark cream sable and very w4ll presented. Lovely tail plume and tail set on high. Stood a little outstretched at times. However he certainly deserved BPIS. Today 2nd Brown : ALTINA’S TOM THUMB. A Small, compact orange dog with an abundant coat of good texture. Sweet expression with good depth of stop. Well placed ears and lovely almond eyes and correct scissor bite. I liked him very much but I feel would benefit from a better presentation 3rd Van De Burgt : NORVANIK CHATTI MAN. Res Leighfield : BAROMAR NAT KING COLE. V.H.C. Reid : DIAMOND WHITE BRILLIANT AT POMIROSA (NAF). Class 4. JUNIOR DOG 8,2 1st Nolan : VILLENELLES LOVIN THE SUN. 16mths old very compact orange who I have admired from the ringside. Lovely pom head and expression and his ears were placed well high on his head. He moved and showed well. However I was aware that he has not got the best jacket today but forgave him that as he is a junior dog and has shed heavily around his rear. He is a very good specimen and a quality pom. 2nd Johnson : AMARDICA LEGEND OF MAGIC AT STARTOR. Dark orange sable with a good coat of correct texture. He needs to settle on the move. His stance hocks and pigment were very good. A larger dog than 1st but a nice pom 3rd James : SIMVOL GODA PRECIOUS GLANCE AT ANGELROCK (Imp) TAF. Res Stone : KLASSNA MOVE LIKE JAGGER AT BILIJEES. V.H.C. Pike : BREEZELYN LATIN GIGOLO. Class 5. YEARLING DOG 5,0 1st Soulsby : AIZENS DREAM OF BEING A STAR AT TRENARWYN JW (Imp). A beautiful black who stood to attention like a little soldier. He presented a beautiful square shape standing right up on his toes and straight hocks. High set straight tail, plume yet to develop in length. Typey head everything in the right place, short neck sitting neatly into shoulders which were a little upright making his movement a little high stepping, but he moved perfectly soundly so forgave him. An eye-catching show dog just needs that little extra coat to finish the picture. 2nd Johnson : AMARDICA LEGEND OF MAGIC AT STARTORI. 3rd Bailey : CRAIGIVAR SAMUEL PEYPS. Res Brown : SNOWVILLA TROPICAL STORM. V.H.C. Gooch : PAAVALI’S FIRST CHOICE AT CASSIBAWN.. Class 6. POST GRADUATE DOG 3,3 Class 7. LIMIT DOG 10,2 1st Stone : BILIJEES HIDDEN TREASURE. What a little star in the making. He gave an overall picture that was so delicate and charming. His head and expression was beautiful, everything about it was spot on, his ears were small and nestled beneath a harsh, standoff, orange coat and lovely sparkling eye and good shall muzzle all were so in keeping with the breed standard. He was so short in back with a firm round barrel. Tail straight, flat and set on high with a good plume. In the challenge he moved and showed himself off so well I was delighted to award him Res CC. 2nd Smith : WISHINGATE BEST KEPT SECRET. Another beautiful black with a darling face and expression. Very balanced, good shoulder placement which enabled him to move correctly, although he could have been a little brisker. He had a correct almond eye good mouth nice wedge and small ears set on high. His coat was of the correct texture but sparse and I feel this is what’s holding him back from greater things. 3rd Ngai : CHAO YANG GONG JOSHI SU-SAN (Imp). Res D’arcy & Duffield : TA BOZI’S WILD HEART STAR AT PAAVALI (Imp). V.H.C. Reid : POMIROSA SPECIAL ONE. Class 8. OPEN DOG 6,2 What an absolute pleasure it was to judge this class of two of my favourite poms. Both excelled in breed type, conformation and movement. 1st Kristoffersen : TINY FELLOWS U GOT THE LOOK. Wow what an exquisite orange specimen, the first impression of this dog was that I felt he had the hadleigh look stamped all over him. He was very attentive to his owner and well-rehearsed in what was expected of him, happy and extrovert you could see he positively loved showing for his owner, on the table he was confident and stood four square as I examined him. I found his expression had Pomeranian all over it. Twinkling eyes, small ears set on high, just peeping out of a thick harsh ruff. Beautiful clean mouth. Head and neck set neatly into shoulders, which contributed to that square appearance of a pom, His barrel was round with a short back, correct weight 4- 4 ½ lb. He kept his shape on the move with head held high and he was straight in movement fore and aft. In profile he fit the box which a true pom should. It was very great pleasure to have judged him and delighted to award him His 3rd CC making him a British Champion also B.I.S. 2nd Holman : CH BAROMAR DUBONET AT ALTINA. An exceptionally beautiful clear orange. I have watched him from the ringside many times and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed when I went over him. Such a sweet expression and so appealing to the eye as a pom should be. He held his head back to present a lovely shape. His mouth was gleaming white and he had the correct scissor bite and a good wedge shaped head. Short in back and loin, very good plume and tail set. He moved around the ring like the showman that he is. A very worthy Ch. with many ccs to his credit. 3rd Dixonhardwick : AACHARMOE’S DAZZLES REIGN. Res Mina : DOMINIK MY FANSY (Imp). Class 9. SPECIAL OPEN STUD DOG 4,1 1st Chilton : CH SIXTH SENSE HANKEY BANNISTER BY KLASSN. I really liked the shape of this dog he was so compact and short in back. Ears small, nice almond eye, good depth of stop and very good mouth. Good deep brisket and round barrelled ribs. Stood right up on his tight catlike toes, Moved briskly and soundly. 2nd Dixonhardwick : AACHARMOE’S DAZZLES REIGN. Orange dog of good proportions. Front, pasterns and feet all good. Short in back and a good round barrel. He was a little erratic on the move and seemed unsettled today 3rd Reid : CT CH BAI SHOU LIN OF CHIAO LI YA AT POMIROSA SHCM (Imp). Class 10. SPECIAL BEGINNERS DOG 9,7 1st Ngai : CHAO YANG GONG JOSHI SU-SAN. Lovely balanced dog that was shown very considerately and professionally. Foxy expression, good body, and correct tail set. Moved briskly would like to see his head held a little higher on the move. 2nd Booth : CAGNEYS BLACK JACK. Fine boned little black. Again need to hold his head up on the move probably searching for bits on the floor today. Nice feet and good mouth. 3rd Gooch : Paavli’s Night King. 4th Gooch : Paavli First choice at Cassibawn. Class 11. VETERAN BITCH 2,1 1st Lambert : JILLAPOM TALULA WITH POMSTAR. 7yr old black. Lovely veteran, really enjoying her day out. Moved very well and stood four square. In smart coat, short in back, and a good round barrel. Class 12. MINOR PUPPY BITCH 5,0 1st Holman : ALTINAS TUDOR ROSE. A delightful orange baby, such a dainty little flower with an exceptionally large coat for a minor puppy. Very high set tail good mouth and really pretty sweet face. She was a little giddy on the move today but only a minor puppy and with time she will settle. RPBIS. 2nd Ngai : MISTERIYA DEL ESTO TOP DIANA FOR YOSHIPOM (Imp). Light orange of nice size for a bitch. Good body and short back. Coat coming in nicely and a pretty head. Would benefit from a little up hill road work to tighten her rear but on the whole a lovely puppy bitch of the correct size. 3rd Wilcox : MYSTERIA DEL ESTO STARLET (Imp) NAF TAF. Res Van De Burgt : NORVANIK FUN AND GAMES. V.H.C Lambert : RETA QUEEN OF CLUBS FOR POMSTAR. . Class 13. PUPPY BITCH 9,4. 1st Holman : ALTINAS ISADORABLE . The reason I placed this puppy bitch first after considering all other factors was because of her correct size and her wonderful setter red colour. She was very sound and moved really well, however I felt that she would have benefited from better grooming and trim as presentation can be a factor in win or loose all things being equal. She is a quality show brood, more of which we need in the breed. 2nd Mina : OCEAN ZVEZO GIFT OF NATURE. I was very taken with this little white bitch, not a colour that I particularly favour but if it’s a good pom colour is of little importance. She was so smart and compact giving her a required square shape. It was very evident that she was just coming into coat so there was nothing to hide, she had a lovely gentle expression and a wedged shaped stop very good pigment and a pleasing earset that complemented her pretty face. Very good movement, another quality show brood for the future. 3rd James : INTIME POMS A LIL DREAM MACHINE AT ANGELROCK (Imp). Res Soulsby : RHAPSODY OF FIRE AT TRENARWYN. V.H.C. Johnson : STARTORI SHADOWS OF THE SKYS. Class 14. JUNIOR BITCH 12,6 1st Davey : KLASSNA TIME WILL TELL. Very pretty girl, lovely to go over. Compact with good round barrel, level top line and high set tail small short and compact. Moved very well and was so attentive to her owner. 2nd Mina : QUEEN NASKA. Cream of a nice size, lovely expression, and pretty head. A little longer in body than some of my placings but sometimes a requirement in a bitch. Good tail placement, and good movement. 3rd Van De Burgt : NORVANIK GOLD DUST. Res Johnson : AMARDICA LEGEND OF DREAMS. V.H.C. D’arcy & Duffield : PAAVALI’S LADY ARYA. Class 15. YEARLING BITCH 3,1 1st Knott : SNOWVILLA MOONLIGHT MAGIC. This orange girl really took my eye, for me she just oozes pomminess, she wasn’t in full coat but my eye was drawn to her again and again. Such a pretty sweet head with a good stop and melting expression, lovely almond eye with good pigment. Correct mouth, head set well into neck, good firm body and perfectly flat high set straight tail. There was a wholesomeness that I really liked about her. She moved soundly and briskly and kept her shape on the move. Maybe she didn’t have the glamour of some of today’s winners but she was an honest dual profuse show bitch and I loved her, BCC AND RBIS. Wish she was mine. 2nd Johnson : AMARDICA LEGEND OF DREAMS. Dark orange sable of a nice brood show size. Good high set tail and very good plume. Was not in her best coat today but still again a very nice show brood. 3rd Conibere : SNOWVILLA MISTY SKY BY ADNAMA. Class 16. POST GRADUATE BITCH 11,8 1st Wilcox : OSMININES WHIM-WHAM (Imp).Good orange sable, would prefer a sweeter head but she moved and stood well .She had nice tight feet 2nd Wilcox & Selwood : SOLAR SMILE LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD AT TRACDAL BOAZPOMS (Imp) Orange sable. Fine in bone, foxy expression, good body and nice size. 3rd Johnson : KENIGSVET CALIPSO (Imp). Class 17. LIMIT BITCH 5,2 1st Green : PONDELYS LEGALLY BLONDE WITH KLASSNA. I had never paid any attention to this girl before so what a delight I found when judging her. On first impression she looked heavy but I was totally wrong as she fit the breed standard weight of 4 ½ to 5 ½ lbs completely. Her coat was a deep orange through and through. She stood four square and presented a lovely picture. Coat was in abundance, dense and very well groomed with a beautiful long tail plume. She stood four square right up on her toes. Such a pretty face to behold with good pigment and a soft gentle expression. She is a wonderful show brood that I would be proud to own. RCC 2nd D’arcy & Duffield : JACOBIAN HERA’S MOONLIGHT WITH PAAVALI. Smaller and completely different in type to 1st. her weight was ok and she was fine in bone, Presented a square picture, Pretty head quite dark in muzzle and good dark pigment, moved nicely and was happy to be showing. 3rd Reid : POMIROSA MISS FABULOUS. Class 18. OPEN BITCH 5,2 1st Dixon Hardwick : ALTINA’S MAID IN ESSEX AT AACHARMOE’S. A cream that deserves some recognition in my opinion. I wanted to see her tidied up in certain areas which would enhance her balance. I was told afterward the she was just back in the ring after her litter. Her coat was coming in fine and what a beautiful cream coat it was but areas around the hocks and pasterns could have been much neater. She had the most beautiful classic head, not overdone in any way, her barrel was round and her back short and tail set on high. 2nd Holman & Grayham : CH POMSTYLE PRADA INFUSION (Imp). A very classy bitch small but when I went over her found her quite heavy. Luxurious coat of a rich orange colour. I interpret the breed standard as being a square frame and this is what I try to look for. I think it’s a very important blue print and the only reason I didn’t place this beautiful girl 1st. She has an exquisite head and expression and a wonderful ruff with a lovely ear set. She has a cheeky expression and was full of life. 3rd Killick : KLASSNA HOT STORY AT TRAVILLON. Class 19. SPECIAL OPEN BROOD BITCH 3,1 1st Dixon Hardwick : ALTINA’S MAID IN ESSEX AT AACHARMOE’S. First in open bitch 2nd Knott : MAID OF STAR DUST Cream sable, moved ok, pretty head, good pigment and a lovely tail plume. Class 20. SPECIAL BEGINNERS BITCH 6,3 1st Holman : ALTINAS TUDOR ROSE. Also 1st in Minor Puppy. 2nd Ngai : MISTERIYA DEL ESTO TOP DIANA FOR YOSHIPOM (Imp). 2nd in Minor Puppy. 3rd Booth : RETA’S TRUE DESTINY FOR CAGNEYS.

Judge: Brenda Fleetwood (Abbeyleigh)