• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bertil Lundgren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

I was very happy to get an invitation to judge Flatcoats at Border Union Dog Show on Saturday the 15th of June in Kelso, a big “thank you” to the Committee. Since I judged Golden retriever Bitches there in 2018 I knew that it is a very well run- and organized show and that the Showground is very beautiful and perfect for dog shows. I was told that it had been raining for a few days but the morning of the show the sun was shining and the ground was perfect.

I had high expectations regarding the quality of the dogs and I was not disappointed, in most classes I was spoilt for choice. Some dogs where a bit out of coat which is understandable in this time of year, I also had some level bites in the ring, something to watch. I was really enjoying my day and thank you to the exhibitors for entering you dogs and for accepting my decisions so sportingly and of course also to my stewards who kept everything in order and helped me finish in good time.

MPD (2,1) 1st was Morris & Finlayson’s Finhamspride Kovu, a good start of the day, setting the tone of what was to come. A very happy little guy enjoying his day out. Excellent proportions, long well moulded head with dark eyes, very nice topline, well coupled and good angulation. Already a good mover. Lovely tight feet

PD (2) 1st, Blains Ronevorg I’m a believer in Steelriver, very much the same type as the Minor Puppy winner, of course a bit more grown up but still very stable on the move with good reach in front, very good shoulder placemen and good turn of stifle.

2nd Gulbis Blacklake Angelo for Gayplume, a bit leggy, very nice well moulded head with well-shaped dark eyes. Good spring of ribs, good reach of neck. Not as steady on the move as 1st but with good reach.

JD (7,1) 1st Bitcon Echo. Very nice coupled good angulation, forechest and spring of ribs. Well long moulded head, nice expression, small well shaped ears. His construction allowed him to with drive and reach and also with a great attitude. Good bone and well-shaped feet.

2nd Walkers Lizzlog Shotgun Harry Correct size and proportions well moulded head that would prefer a little longer. Dark eyes with a typical expression, good reach of neck, level topline, good spring of ribs, short strong loin. Good bone and coat quality. Very sound mover.

YD (6) 1st Andersons Feldkirk Armani di Kazval. Eye-catching dog with a nice outline, beautiful well moulded head, dark well shaped eyes, excellent reach of neck, level topline standing and moving, good forechest and spring of ribs, good angulation with well let down hocks. Very nice on the move, good bone and feet, excellent coat. 

2nd Walkers Lizzlog Granny won´t like it JW Another dog with a lot of qualities, excellent proportions, typical head and expression, good reach of neck, Balanced outline, good angulation. Moved well

 GD (4,1) 1st Joyce’s Stranfaer Get over It JW Excellent proportions, nice outline, level topline standing and on the move, beautiful coat, one-piece head with dark eyes. Good reach of neck and shoulder placement, good spring of ribs, Good angulation. Moved very well

2nd Smitherman & Roberts Seaheart Crian at Gloi JW A bit longer in body than 1st , very balanced angulation, good spring of ribs, a bit long in loin, moved with a lot of drive, well moulded head, good bone and feet, not in his best coat this day but good quality

PGD (10) 1st Stevenson’s Plainfire´s The Captain of my heart is Steelriver (IMP CH) Very good size, excellent proportions, beautiful well moulded head, nice expression, good and balanced angulation which gave very good moves. Lovely topline, good spring of ribs, lovely positive attitude. A pleasure rewarding him Reserve CAC 

2nd Evans Gemswin Relight My Fire JW, Liver male, Well moulded head, fantastic eyecolour, correct angulation front and rear, good shoulder placement, well bodied, balanced outline, moved very well. Very nice colour.

LD (11) 1st Jones´s Arminzeras Infomania by Benvellyn (Imp Nor) correct size and proportions, nice masculine head, good reach of neck, good forechest and spring of ribs, strong loin, level topline, showed with nice attitude, balanced and effective on the move.

2nd McCormicks Steelriver Sun´s Up second in a very strong class, a lot of Flatcoat quality with a well moulded head, nice neck and topline, long well shaped spring of ribs, good angulation, very nice feet, good bone. Balanced on the move

OD (9) 1st Nielsen’s SECH(U)DEVDHCH/DECH/KLBH Harvahampaan Keep It Cool (ATC AU01059FIN) Another eyecatcher, very outgoing, beautiful well moulded head, good reach of neck, good shoulder placement, nice topline standing and on the move, very good angulation, good oval bone, very good coat. Moved with good reach and drive. A strong contender for the CAC.

2nd Reynolds Wiccanssage Hugo’s Dream JW another

 quality example of the breed, correct size and proportions, very well balanced, good spring of ribs, short strong loin, dark eyes with a bit of mischief, never ending wagging tail, moved with excellent reach, tight feet good coat.

VD (6,1) 1st Smitherman´s Covellyns´s Arctic Loon of Seaheart JW (Imp CH), correct size and proportions, lovely well moulded head with well-shaped dark eyes, good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, very good and balanced angulation, good forechest and spring of ribs, lovely topline, moved effortless covering the ground with drive, good bone, tight feet, excellent coat, never stopped showing. A pleasure awarding him the CAC and BOB 

 in strong competition.

2nd Broadbent´s Hallbent October Toccata excellent breed type, long well moulded head, kind expression, well balanced angulation, nice topline, tight feet, good bone and coat. Happy and sound mover.

MPB (4,1) 1st Williams Wistaton Lucky Choice, 7 months, already very well balanced, very feminine head and expression, good angulation and reach of neck, good forechest and spring of ribs, happy mover

2nd Morris & Finlaysons Finhamspride Sarafina, as happy as her handler, lovely attitude, nice feminine well moulded head, strong back, never stopped wagging her tail standing or moving, tight feet.

PB (3,1) 1st Cambells Ronevorg I Believe I can Fly, A bit long in body but nice outline, classic feminine head, dark eyes, good spring of ribs, very good hind angulation, moved with a lot of drive from behind and good reach in front, very happy. Best Puppy

2nd Thomson’s Caci´s the Dream Catcher at Badcall, a bit leggy today, nice head and expression, good reach of neck, strong back, sound mover

JB (10,1) 1st Walker and Roberts Gloi Dubh Illusion, excellent proportions, good size, correct body for age, nice topline, moved well

2nd Romeo-Dieste´s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW A bit long in body but very well balanced, nice feminine head, kind expression, good stifles, moves well with good attitude.

YB (6,1), 1st Andersons Feldkirk Dior at Kazval, eye-catching, very feminine, correct size and proportions, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck which is well set on, level topline, good tail set, well angulated rear, moved with good reach and drive, good bone and feet. A contender for top honours has a lovely frame to grow into.

2nd Varty-Lindsays Bagful of Bananas Optimus Canis (Imp Pol) Lovely liver, typical head, nice expression, good substance, level topline, good reach of neck, tight feet, good bone, nice colour and coat

GB (6), 1st Williams & Goodwin’s Whistaton another Love, Lots of things to like, good proportions, long well moulded feminine head, dark eyes, nice neck and topline, good angulation, moved without effort and with drive, good coat. A well-deserved Reserve CAC

2nd Smitherman’s Seaheart Cecilia JW A bit longer in body than 1st but held her topline, a bit long in loin, elegant head and kind expression, good stifles, moves well

PGB (9,4) 1st Armstrong’s Bourbon Black Kiss a Bitcon, high standard bitch with a lovely outline, classic head, good reach of neck and forechest, tight feet, good bone, excellent body, should have a touch firmer topline when moving, moved true, nice coat.

2nd McDonald’s Steelriver Dance in the Sun at Skyloch, a lot of style, very nice head and expression, good reach of neck, good front and rear angulation, good spring of ribs, moved with good reach and drive, nice coat.

LB (8) 1st Watsons Rainesgift Bide your Time, Top quality bitch, very feminine head with dark eyes giving a lovely expression, well balanced angulation, well set on neck, nice topline, good spring of ribs moved with good reach, 

2nd Gilchrest’s Seaheart Bryony with Ardmhor Correct size and proportions, typical head, kind expression, good spring of ribs, level topline on the move, good reach and drive, not in her best coat but good quality

OB (6,1) 1st Joyce’s SH CH Stranfaer Solitaire JW lovely bitch without exaggerations, very elegant well moulded head, intelligent expression, goof neck and topline, well placed shoulders, correct balanced angulation, tight feet, short waving tail, looked like she could have moved for hours with good reach and drive, super coat. Very hard to deny, pleasure to award her Bitch CC and BOS

2nd Gilchrist’s Gloi Dubh Erin with Ardmhor a lot of the same qualities as 1st, a bit longer the her, good reach of neck, level topline, moved with style and drive

VB (2) 1st Murray’s Araminta Glass at Gayplume, well balanced with good proportions, lovely feminine head, good angulation front and rear, nice topline, moved very well

2nd Ross’s SH CH Islstrom Torrachill JW A lot to like, typical feminine head, kind expression, excellent reach of neck, nice topline standing, moved well, not in her best coat but good quality

Bertil Lundgren (judge)