• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becky Johnson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Gundog Group

I should like to thank the Officers and Committee for their generous invitation to judge the Gundog Group at my local show. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. The Group was on the whole quite even but many had problems with the floor which affected their chances in the final analysis. I shortlisted 9 dogs from a full group. They were as follows - GSP, Hungarian Wire Haired Viszla, Chesapeake Bay, Flatcoated Retriever, Golden Retriever, American Cocker, Irish Water Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog and German Wire Haired Pointer (from AVSNC).  

All 9 shortlisted dogs were worthy of a group placing so the final run off was crucial in my final decisions.

 GWP - Pinkertons SH CH/DUTCH CH BAREVE BONTEBOKSKRAAL. The first thing you notice about this dog is his excellent overall balance. He is up to height but total stallion male. Good head shape with strong jaw and well set ears. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder. Elbows close to brisket. Level topline stacked and held in movement. Well muscled hindquarters with good width of second thigh. When he moved he was totally parallel fore and aft and when viewed in profile he demonstrated reach and drive. He would cover a field of plough with ease. Totally fit for function and a credit to his owner/breeder who for so many years has continually produced so many dual purpose dogs that are totally fit for function.

2. Irish Water Spaniel. Busby’s STANEGATE LEADING ROLE AT ZAKBY. Having recently awarded this dog a CC and BOB I was delighted to have the opportunity to judge him again. He is so true to type with excellent overall balance, typical head with high dome and strong, slightly arched neck. Good barrel rib with short loin and strong hindquarters. Copybook movement with the roll coming from the ribcage. Coat in excellent condition. At only 16 months he couldn’t quite match the maturity of group winner but his movement both fore and aft and when viewed in profile couldn’t deny him his placing.

3 Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla -Upton’s SH CH TRAGUS FOX APPEAL. Not the first time that I have rewarded this dog at Group level. He is so well made and very sound. Typical head wth correct angulation all through. His movement both fore and aft is so accurate and with a good length of stride when viewed in profile. Correct density to his coat and pushed the winners all the way.  

4. Spanish Water Dog -ZORRAZO CAN I GET A WOOHOO. Completed my quartet of 4 dog that I felt I could take out for a day in the field across heavy Suffolk plough and would still come back standing. Correct outline with 3/2 skull/muzzle proportions. Strong slightly arched neck. Well ribbed back, leading to strong well muscled hindquarters. The more I asked, she kept it together and kept on going. Excellent overall construction with good coat texture.  

Becky A Johnson