• Show Date: 03/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becci Hodge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cotswold & Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entry and to the committee for a lovely show. A big thank you to my 2 stewards Liz & Sharon – you were fantastic and kept everything running smoothly. My only real concern was hind movement especially in the younger classes. I know they are puppies and can be a bit loose but this was more than that and need watching. Several bitches lacked muscle and condition, which did cost some a higher placing. Correct regular exercise is so important and also before they enter the ring making sure they are clean! MPB (13,2a) 1st Stewart’s Warringah’s Ora Banda with Streamanda, 8 month old choc, she is strongly built but is very feminine and has a beautiful outline when stood, flowing from her neck to her tail, with a level topline. Kind balanced head, with eye colour fine for her age and as she matures this will darken. Excellent front angulation and well sprung ribs. Strong powerful hindquarters. Excellent double coat and lovely tail which was correctly set. On the move she is very easy striding with superb reach in front and strong hindquarters. Very promising. Best MPIS. 2nd Hopkinson’s Rocheby Spice, 7 month yellow, so pretty with a gorgeous head and expression with excellent pigment. Lovely reach of neck and correct lay of shoulder and upper arm. Well sprung ribs and strong hind quarters with depth of second thigh and moderate angulation. Good bone and feet. She moved straight and had good reach in profile. She just occasionally would loose her topline and I hope as she grows and develops this will strengthen. Close decision between the first 2. 3rd Woodley’s Alkhamhurst Polar Star PB (14,2) 1st Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society, yellow rising a year old. I have admired her from the ringside and she doesn’t disappoint. Beautiful feminine head, with correct pigment and lovely expression. She presents a lovely outline when stood and is correctly made front and rear. Well barrelled ribs. She flows through from her neck to her tail. Correct double coat and excellent condition. Her movement is straight fore and aft and she has good extension in profile. She always stands foursquare and is very eye catching. She needs no more weight. BPIS 2nd Park’s Kinchyle Hit The Lights, black of smaller build, but has good bone and substance. She is shorter coupled than 1st, with a clean outline good reach of neck. Feminine head with good eye and correct colour. Good front and rear angulation. Well sprung rib. Correct double coat with harshness on the top. She moves easily and holds her outline well. 3rd Southwell’s Driffwold Alba JB (17,9) 1st Lewis’ Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo, this black has a beautiful clean outline and flows from nose to tail. She has the most gentle feminine head and expression, with correct eye colour. Her front angulation is excellent with the correct lay of shoulder and upper arm. She has a spring of rib and moderate hind angulation. Good bone and neat feet. She is very steady and easy on the move and held her outline throughout. Correct double coat, with harsh top coat. I liked her a lot and I think with maturity will have a good future. 2nd Mills’ Trendlewood Day Dreaming, yellow of different type to 1. She has a stronger head and expression than 1st but it is still feminine and has lovely pigment and eye colour. Good reach of neck and correct angles front a rear. Excellent spring of rib and short coupled body. She has an excellent topline to tail set and otter tail. Excellent coat and moves very well. 3rd McCrory’s Meadovillabs Sequence Star YB (14,4) 1st Cullen’s Phillipstown Lexington, yellow bitch who has a very eye catching outline when stood and on the move in profile. She has a balanced head which is feminine and has a kind expression with excellent black pigment. She a strongly built bitch which is not a bad thing. Excellent reach of neck, good front angulation, excellent barrel rib and strong well muscled hind quarters. She flows all through. She was in exceptional coat and condition with good muscle tone. Her reach in front on the move was excellent, I would just like her slightly tidier in rear movement. She was in my shortlist for the CC and was strongly considered. 2nd Jones’ Hafnau Georgette, black who has a lovely head and expression, with correct eye colour. She is very well made throughout and flows from head to tail. Short coupled body and well sprung rib. She stands foursquare on good bone and neat feet. Another is excellent coat and condition. She moves well but just didn’t have the reach in drive in profile of 1st. She is a lovely girl. 3rd Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Wilhelmina MB (15,4) 1st Candel’s Wahnahish Vision Of Love, 8 month yellow who took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She has a beautiful outline when stood which makes you look at her! Pretty head and sweet expression, she has an excellent reach of neck and well made throughout. Lovely topline and tail set. She moved straight and true for a baby and has lovely reach and drive. Correct coat and excellent condition. I will watch her with interest as I was really taken with her. 2nd Kent’s Chyanhal Trevose Of Trewinnard, black of different type. She has a good length of leg, which we seem to be losing through the breed. Lovely outline when stood, with a flowing topline, she is nothing flashy but very honest. Sweet head, lovely neck and good angles front and rear. She moves well. Another I will watch with interest. 3rd D. Alba NB (16,6) 1st M. Wilhelmina, yellow bitch who had a very good 3rd in Yearling. The more I looked at her the more I appreciated her. Balanced feminine head and kind expression. She is well made through with a good reach of neck, well placed shoulder and length of upper arm. Strongly built body and good hind angulation. She was presented in good condition and muscle, excellent double coat. She moves well. 2nd C. Trevose Of Trewinnard 3rd D. Alba UGB (16,5) 1st O’Niell’s Ramsayville Tali, what a stunning girl! Black, with balanced head and expression with kind dark eye. Stood I could not take my eyes of her. She flows from head to tail, excellent reach of neck and correctly angled front. Well barrelled ribs and short coupled body, strong well muscled hind quarters, lovely bone and neat feet. She has a wonderful otter tail. She was in excellent coat and condition and well muscled. On the move she has correct foot fall and presents a lovely outline in profile. When it came to the challenge she was in my shortlist and the more I looked at her I could not deny her the RCC. 2nd Greenwood’s Harrop Lady Blackstar, black who I have liked from ringside and she was unlucky to meet 1st today. She has a feminine head and expression with good eye. Stood she has a clean outline with super reach of neck and lay of shoulder. She is slightly longer cast but has an excellent spring of rib. Lovely topline and tailset. She moves very well. 3rd Peggs’ Jancet Aurora GB (11,2) 1st McFaul’s Lulukella’s Hometown Glory JW, scopey black who is strongly built. Kind feminine head and expression. She has a clean outline. Correctly angled front and rear. Good body and spring of rib. She has a good length of leg with well boned legs and neat feet. She moves steadily and has good reach and drive. Correct double coat. 2nd Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond, not a flashy girl. She has a pretty head and expression, good reach of neck and short coupled body. Good angulation front and rear, level topline into tailset and otter tail. Correct double coat. Moves easily and in excellent condition. 3rd Britton’s Bowstones Windchime PGB (15,5) 1st Stoker’s Madgack Mimosa, black, not a big girl but very correct. Lovely head and expression with kind eye. Lovely reach of neck and excellent front. Well sprung ribs. Excellent bone and neat feet, well muscled hind quarters. In excellent coat, moves steadily with good reach. 2nd Miles’ Llanstinan Sky Blue Pink of Newinn, a very pretty yellow who has a very clean outline stood and on the move. Feminine head with correct pigment. She has an excellent reach of neck and correct lay of shoulder. Flowing topline and tail set. Good hind quarters, moved easily. Close decision between 1st & 2nd. 3rd Kent’s Trewinnard Piccadilly MLB (6) 1st Mitchell’s Afinmore Ardmore, scopy chocolate girl. She is balanced from head to tail. Correct eye colour to compliment her coat, good length of muzzle and kind expression. She has an excellent reach of neck which flows into a good lay of shoulder and length of upper arm. Lovely topline with barrel rib. Moderate hind angulation. Excellent double coat and otter tail. She moves well with reach and drive but in the challenge she just didn’t seem to flow as well. 2nd Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW, she looked the best I have seen her. Very pretty head and expression and good pigment. She has a clean outline with good reach of neck, good body and hind quarters. Correct double coat and moved very well. Just didn’t have the front angulation of 1st. 3rd Percival’s Wynfaul Vickers JW LB (15, 9) 1st Brown’s Foulby Krista, I have done her well before and she didn’t disappoint today. Nothing flashy about her but she is very correct. Pretty balanced head and correct eye colour. She has good front and rear angulation and has a lovely outline when stood. Good bone and feet. She moves easily with drive. Her coat was casting but was still correct. She just lost her sparkle in the challenge. 2nd Britton’s Bowstones Polka, a very honest girl whose type we seem to have lost in yellows. She is so well made throughout. Lovely balanced head with kind expression and eye. Good flow of neck into topline and tailset. Correct front and rear angulation which allowed her to move out easily. Correct coat. 3rd Jenkins’ Sekada Miss Bianca JW OB (9,3) 1st Woodley’s Sh Ch A Sense Of Pleasure’s Ylvi at Alkhamhurst, black who as soon as she stepped in the ring I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was is superb coat and condition and even indoors shone! She has a kind feminine head which has length of muzzle and correct eye colour. She has a beautiful outline when stood which just flows from her nose to her tail and has possibly the best otter tail of the day! She is so well made throughout. She has good bone and neat feet. On the move she just flowed, she moves straight and true with excellent reach and drive. When she came in the challenge she upped her game and could not be denied the CC and pleased she went BIS in agreement with my co judge. 2nd Lennox’s Sh Ch Willenmory Collabro JW, yellow of a different type to first. She is not a big girl but has enough leg. Strongly built with correct front angulation. Feminine head and expression with good eye and pigment. Short coupled body with excellent rib. Very well muscled hind and she moved with ease. An excellent double coat. In good condition. 3rd Spriet’s Victor Victoria’s Quite An English Touch VB (10,3) 1st Britton’s Sh Ch Martinside Pastiche of Bowstones JW, really liked this girl and similar comments apply to her as her daughter who was 2nd in limit. The more you look at her the more you appreciate her. So feminine throughout with everything in the right place. She was in excellent condition and could still hold her own with the youngsters. Her movement was easy and she flowed in profile. 2nd Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey JW ShCM, lovely type and still in excellent condition. She is well made throughout, with clean lines. Pretty head with feminine expression. Correct double coat. She moved very easily with good reach. Was a close decision. 3rd Stoker’s Shaymiloney Serena at Madgack RL6 SPWB (4) 1st Coode’s Warringah’s Gulwarra JW, chocolate with lovely head and expression and ok eye colour. She has excellent construction throughout, with correct angulation, which when on the moves allows her reach and drive. Short coupled body and well sprung rib. Good bone and neat feet. In excellent coat and condition. In the challenge just lost her topline. She is a lovely girl. 2nd King’s Linthwaite Cleopatra JW, yellow of different type to 1st. She has a feminine head and eye. Good reach of neck and correctly angled front. Good spring of rib. Well angulated hind and moved easily. Correct coat. 3rd S. Serena at M Rebecca Hodge (judge)