• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Barbara Stamp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Weimaraner

 Welsh Kennel Club

18 .08.19


Many thanks to the committee of WKC for inviting me to judge at their show which I have been attending since 1986 and which I’ve always enjoyed.

I had a quality entry to judge and found what I was looking for in all my class winners so rather than repeating myself in every class I would say that all the winners and 2nd placed dogs had the Weimaraner features that I was looking for unless I mention anything different .

I also noted that quite a few exhibits did not have the aristocratic head with the median line that they should have , some were more like Labrador heads My winners did show the true type of head which were moderately long and with a moderate stop and slightly pronounced occipital bone and good depth of flew. Most had the correct length of ear stretching to the edge of the nose.They had the right aristocratic,elegant expression. Necks were clean and moderately long with a good lay of shoulder, deep well sprung ribs which extended back into short loins. 

This gave them the correct length with level topline and had slightly rounded croups.

They had moderate hind angulation and frontlegs were straight and well boned without courseness I did notice however that some exhibits that looked good stacked spoiled their outline when on the move with gay tails which curled over their backs like a dobermanns showinfg that their tailsets were incorrect. Movement on the whole was good and the breed continues to drive with a strong hind action and extended reach.

Veteran Dog (3 , 1 abs)

1 Finch’s Multi Ch Deifstock Dandee Red

I awarded this boy a 1st place last time I judged him when he was a youngster.He has matured into a lovely boy without coarsness Best Veteran

2 Burgess’s Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg Sh CM RL1 P Beg EX

Not quite the outline of 1 but has matured into a nice boy.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,1 absent)

1 Hartley and Myers Silberliss Excaliber (naf ,taf)

Just 6 months old and has a lot of potential , reminds me of his father who I liked a lot.

2 Bennett and Slimak’s Ansona Single Malt

Preferred length of topline of 1. Back end needs too strengthen,

Puppy dog (2,0abs)

1 Rayner and Maskell’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans

Mature Boy who is the double of his show champion father Best Puppy

2 Bennett and Slimak’s Ansona Single Malt

Junior Dog( 1,0)

 1 Thorne’s Manbinika Stetson

Alone but a worthy winner

Yearling dog (4,0 abs)

1 Snaith’s Skilaki Move on up to Bifonda JW

My type of dog who has all the credentials to continue winning

2 Thorne’s Mabinika Stetson

3 Danneau’s Orbit the Moon at Aaaranz von Silberweiss Jager

Post Grad Dog (3,1 abs)

1Burgess’s Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg JW

Prefer this boy’s lay of shoulder to 2.

2 Atwell’s Gunalt Frozen

Dog of all round moderation, not showing as well as 1

Limit Dog (4 ,0)

1 Phillip’s Rivertone Rudolph

Very much a show boy , moved out well with good muscle tone

2 Beagrie’s Gunalt Audio from FeldhundJW

Clean lines throughout

3 Davies’s Enryb GrouseParty at Shelseivad JW

Open Dog (7,0,)

Super class with a lot of depth in good dogs

1 Snaith’s Skilaki Superfly to Bifonda JW

Maturing well, so well balanced with fabulous movement and driving hind action, deserved the CC today( his 1st)

2 Evans and Pavey’s Sh CH Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva JW

Liked him when I judged WOTY last year and has matured on.

 Could have done with a 2nd CC today for this class. Sure this boy will get many more RCC

3 Rayner and Maskell’s Sh CH Gunalt Academy at Rayston’s JW SH CM

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1 Rayner’sShCh Gunalt theLook at Raystans JW SH CM

 9yr old bitch who has never lost her enthusiasm to show

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1 Finch’s Silberliss Solitaire

Litter sister to my Minor Puppy dog winner

2Crowther-Russell and Crowther’s Hundwith Gift of Thyme

Nice puppy but preferred length of back of 1

 Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1 Isherwood’s Gunalt Parfait at Caleydene

 Lots to like about this puppy, I’m sure she will do well when she matures.

2 Finch’s Silberliss Solitaire

Junior Bitch(3,1 abs)

1 Hill’s Weipowa Rizzini

Showed well and in top condition

2 Copelands Gunalt Wondrous at Strideview

 Not as mature or as fit as 1

Yearling Bitch (6,2)

1 Batty’s Almoor Macey Gray JW

 Liked this bitch’s mother. Pale coloured with a lovely outline should emulate her Sh CH Mother RCC

2 Davies and Brown’s Joneva Cocktails and Dreams at Wystry

 Close up to 1 and sure she will do a lot of winning when she matures.

3 Bradley and Adams Akwamar Moonlight Saphire

Novice Bitch (3,0)

1 Hill’s Weipowa Rizzini

2 Finch’s Silberliss Solitaire

Post Graduate Bitch (7,3)

1 Hill’s Weipowa Winnie Winchester

 Another lovely bitch from this kennel, Fit as a fiddle and showed in her powerful movement

2 Pearman’s Weipowa A Shot in the Dark at Britmans

Litter sister to 1 and very similar. I’m sure they’ll change places often. 

3 Howard’s Akwemar Bette Davis

Limit Bitch (6,0)

1 Yewdall’s Gunalt Adorable from Ladway SHCM

This beautiful bitch has now fully matured and she pulled out all the stops today to take her 2nd CC and I’m sure her 3rd will not be far away Beat my DCC winner for BOB as she was on fire ,

2 Hazeltine , Crowther and Alcorn’s Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood JW ShCM

Well handled to get the very best out of her. Unlucky to meet 1 in such sparkling form to beat another lovely bitch who is also on the road to being a show champion

3 Robson’s Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW

Open Bitch(6,3)

 1 Pearce and Gilbert’s Gunalt Can We

An old favourite of mine who was having a phantom today so was not as sparkling as usual but her construction was good enough to win this class

2 Reilly, Rayner and Maskell’s Smilek Eyes of Silver JW

 Pale coloured bitch who looks lovely when stacked but movement let her down today

3 Beagrie’s Sh CH Gunalt Audable To Feldhund JW

Barbara Stamp