• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: anthony oakden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Affenpinscher

WELKS 2019


Thank you all for your entries. A wide variation in types on the day which I don’t see a problem with providing everyone’s aiming for the same type. Not an easy breed to get right with everything in the same exhibit so hats off to all for your efforts combining type, construction and sound movement. I will be disappointed if several today don’t go on to gain their titles.

MPD (5,0)

1st WILDIG,SHENNAN and AXELEN ASHIBLACK DOUBLE O’SEVEN - Preferred the balance on the day of this exhibit to other class mates as all were very raw. Lovely make and shape with masculine facial features with good wide open nostrils. Has a really good top line for his age which was level and firm. His angles fore and aft spot on which gave him the correct profile action. Doesn’t need to grow on. Will follow this exhibit with interest. BPD.

2nd CARLYLE INDUNA LITTLE PRINCE LOUIS- Compact and square with good bone and an idea size. Lovely facial features. A little over awed on the day but still moved typically and soundly with excellent rear movement. Will only gain in confidence with ring experience. Very promising.

PD (2,0)

1st OBRINGERS IMRUNS HOT GOSSIP HUGO CHIAFFIE (NOR IMP) – all male puppy with good rib for his age. His body is square but very much up on the leg on the day. Good mouth and neat small cat like feet .Needs time as all baby Affens usually do.

2nd KEMENYS LINSGIFT BEN TEE LEE – idea size and compact in body of the correct shape. Beautiful monkey-like facial features. Preferred the movement of 1st. Now needs to learn his craft.

JD (2,0)

1st MCEVOYS and PIRRIES TAMARIN TUCSON (USA IMP) – Teenagery in body as expected of course for his age. Lovely expression. Very monkey like and no mistaking his sex. Black harsh coat spot on for presentation. Presents a good shape when viewed in profile and moved well in all directions.

2nd GRUNINGERS DARKLE VALIANTBE – sturdy chap with plenty of substance and muscle with correct rib and loin. A type of Affen overall I really appreciate. Super head qualities. Just needs to now mature and gain in confidence.

PGD (2,1)

1ST CURRIES FAEHAT FEDORA-Developing well with a good pattern to make and shape. A little too much tuck up may be. Has the character and knows how to turn on the charm. Quite light and agile going around. Much preferred his facial expression with correct blunt muzzle of better length over 2nd.

2ND DOPSONS TONSARNE HODMEDODD OF JALINDRI – lovely overall picture. Good for his size as was 1st and he has a compact square body with good bone. Tighter tail detracts in profile. Neat front action with the right amount of lift coming from a correct front.

LD (4,0)

1ST WIGGINS SCAPAFIELD SCHWARZ ODYSSEY – super type all through with what I thought was an old fashioned look to him. He has a beautiful expression with the correct distance between the eyes and nose. Sturdy in body of the correct shape. Right amount of rib and little tuck up. Correct rear angles. Rough coated. Dead accurate out and back. A little more lift needed in the front maybe when moving in profile. Shown fit. Considered very highly for the RCC just needing to stand out more on the day. Tough call between him and 2nd in OD.

2ND GRUNINGERS CLIPPERREACH ROGUE PRINCE – A little outshone by first for overall type but excellent attributes throughout still. Sturdy frame and harsh rough coat. Preferred the expression of 1st. Neat in ear for shape, size and placement. Super quarters well muscled with correct angulation.

OD (6,0)

1ST GRUNINGERS CH.DARKLE SEAMONKEY DCC + BOB – super little dog all through and no mistaking kennel type here. Has the monkey like expression, square sturdy body with good tail. Rough, harsh shaggy coat all in the right areas of his body. As always this exhibitor always gets the correct hind quarters in her stock as demonstrated in this exhibit and others. Moves typically in profile with a neat strut and just enough propulsion from the rear. A very nice little dog.

2ND GRUNINGERS DARKLE HEREWOOD THE WAKE. RCC with LD winner as his challenger on the day. Really rate this exhibit for his super type, construction and action in all directions. Very balanced and one of the few to keep his shape on the go around. Thought he really looked the part on the day.

MPB (5,0)

1ST PIRRIES FAEHAT BETSI CADWALADR RIOGAICH – gorgeous puppy with a cube-like outline when standing. Raw of course in body and just needs time to mature. Excellent mover for her age.

2nd CURRIES FAEHAT FASINATOR – same comments for 1st but not as together on the move and a little finer all through. Just needing time as always.

PB (4,1)

1ST CURRIES VENUSTRUS DYEMOND SHOWGIRL .BPIB. Love this one and has all I was looking for. Personality shone. Correct in shape with lovely front and rear. Firm level top line. Harsh coat texture. Good action in all directions with correct lift. Very promising exhibit.

2ND PIRRIES VENUSTRUS GRUOSI DYEMOND AT RIOGAICH – sibling to 1st with the same stamp in overall type. Ears both doing different things on the day though. Longer length in loin compared to her sister made her stand 2nd today but this one presented in fitter condition. Good harsh coat for age. Preferred the lighter action of 1st on the move.

JB (7,2)

1ST CARYS NO STRINGS ATTACHED AT CARYCARES- super dog and very correct in every way. Considered for the RCC. Her outline perfect on the day showing a small head compared to the size of her square body. Her top line level and firm. Good tail set and carriage. Good angles front and rear. On closer examination her head is correctly proportioned with a domed forehead and broad brow. Her expression everything Affenpinscher. Lovely to watch move with the desired profile gait. Neat out and back too. Coat harsh and dark. Just needing some more furnishings on the day to complete the picture. One to watch as she matures.

2ND ENGLANDS CICHLAS BLAISE AFFEN TO VANISTICA (NOR IMP) – lovely and compact with good bone and shown fit. Very harsh black clean coat. A little bold in eye but has that mischievous glint only an Affen can give looking back at you. Handled beautifully.

YB (1,0)


PGB (8,0)

1ST WIGGINS SCAPAFIELD SCHWARZ OLENA – the female equivalent to her brother who won LD but she has more lift to her front. As with JB a contender with 2nd in OB for the RCC but not quite the maturity on the day when it all came down to the nitty gritty. Really good to go over for construction. Only time needed for this one.

2ND PIRRIE and MCEVOY PRISCILA QUEEN OF THE DESERT- loved everything about this one but I thought very immature – not a negative criticism just not her time yet on the day. Really is one to watch when ready.

LB (7,0)

1ST SHENNAN ASHIBLACK PERFECT ALIBI – Really looking the part now. Has a real harsh coat so lacked a little in furnishings – consequence of a good coat getting texture and length in the right amounts. Ideal size and lovely sturdy bone. Can stand stretched out at times when excited. She really did want to please. Shown fit moving very well.

2ND GILL CARMICHAN TEGRA – as with 1st ideal in size and has a lovely square shape. Short straight neck. Firm level back line. Not as animated as 1st and holds back a little in showing herself off but she’s typical in her front action and has a sound correctly angulated rear. Nice one who I hope doesn’t get over looked.

OB (7,2)

1ST HICKS CH.CARMICHAN HEIDI HI – BCC. Very much at the top of the tree just now and I can see why. Presents a lovely picture of a feminine monkey. Her head type is so beautiful. She has dark expressive eyes, the right length of muzzle with a good mouth and lovely bottom lip placement. The correct turn up of her chin makes her expression just right. A little generous in substance maybe on the day covering a sturdy square body. Neat small round feet. Beautifully presented which I really admired and others could copy. Her coat is harsh and shaggy in all the right places. Excellent profile and coming towards. A lovely exhibit. For BOB the DCC won this as he went more accurately behind moving away.

2ND JOHNSONS CARMICHAN MY CARIAD JW SHCM RCC – Good day for Kennel Carmichan today as it was for the Darkles. Excellent type ticking all the boxes for her lovely head shape and expression to her good sturdy body, neat little feet and harsh coat texture. And let’s not forget her super personality of comic seriousness whilst strutting around the ring showing good typical sound movement. You had to watch her watching me as only an Affenpinscher does. She did fight off a few other exhibits today for a top award but being more mature in rib and generally looking more finished the RCC was hers.

Anthony Oakden