• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: anthony oakden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

WELKS 2019

English Toy Terriers (B&T)

Many thanks all for your entries. For a while now my thoughts have always been in most cases as a breed the dogs are pretty much built right just top lines and profile action still to be worked on. But they do need decorating please remembering it’s a marked breed with quite a detailed description in the standard. Please don’t allow the breed just to be referred to as a black and tan coloured dog. There’s a bit more to them than that.

VD (1,0) 1ST CROWLEY and ADAMS INT CH/NL CH/BE CH TILARN KILGARRAH- Hard to believe a veteran already. Lovely shaped head and correct ear placement. Correct shape to body. Fine in bone. In good coat and showing well. Preferred the profile action of the veteran bitch for best veteran.

PD (3,2)

1st ALLSOPS PELUGIAS WORTH THE WAIT – has a most beautiful head of the correct wedged shape with good ear placement and his expression is most attractive with dark almond shaped eyes. Needs to learn his craft just yet but moving better than 2nd on the day in all directions. Lovely coat quality and markings.

2nd INCH EDALENE DARK VICTORY – like 1st, raw. He’s only a baby and needs to come together of course. He has a lovely expression with a correct shaped head. Ears need to firm. Has a good neck and was well bodied. Hindquarters are moderately angulated with good turn of stifle.

JD (4,0 )

1st BENNETTS WITCHSTONE PLACE YOUR BETS FOR CAPLEDRAE. A real find for me today. As he came into the ring I was drawn to a most handsome thorough bred of excellent type in immaculate condition with a gleaming coat and superb muscle tone. When gaiting the ring in profile on the initial go around my thoughts were I doubt there will be anything else to beat him today. Hands on he stood solidly on the table. He has a super wedge shaped head with flat skull, correct ear placement, beautiful small almond shaped eyes and a fantastic mouth with correct bite and has big sparkling white teeth. Has length to his neck. His body is firm and he has the required depth to his chest. Hindquarters are moderately angulated and he has good feet. Shown today with the right amount of substance for his frame. In excellent coat that was close and glossy. His colours ebony black and rich tan with all the specific markings in the right areas. Foot perfect out and back and in profile. For best of breed he beat a super bitch. I preferred his outline to hers and on the move in profile is where he excelled .A most worthy CC (his 2nd) today with BOB and shortlisted in the group later on in the afternoon. There’s more wins to come for this smashing young dog.

2nd WOODWARD AND SEATONS WITCHSTONE VANGUARD – sibling to 1st with the same pattern albeit not as developed in body and he could carry more substance to his advantage. He moves soundly in all directions and shows well just shorter in his stride. Not his time as yet but will only get better with age. Look forward to seeing him go on to better things as he matures.

YD (1,0)

1ST CLARKES ROSEOFPERN STARMAN – attractive type overall and fine in bone. Well schooled and shown in good order.

PGD (1,0)

1ST HOWARDS LASAGESSE STARMAN – very terrier like in outlook and I liked the general picture. Has a dense jacket. Steady on the move.

LD (1,0)

1ST WOODS MORETONIA EASTER PARADE – RCC today and so well deserved. Quite different in type to Junior dog but I always believe there’s more than one type within a breed so long as everyone is aiming for the same type. An ideal sized fine boned terrier who was good to handle on the table and then watch on the move where in profile he excelled on the day. I liked the length to his head and his dark eyes sparkle. He has depth to his chest and I like his rib and muscled loin. He was shown in good coat and muscle tone throughout whilst still being refined and elegant. He stood proud in the final line up and his profile won him the reserve ticket. His handler really got the very best out of him today. Well done.

OD (5,0)

1ST SNELLS MORETONIA KINDLE FIRE – best for size today in the males and I liked his compact body. Super to watch on the move, not just on the out and back but in profile showing the correct extended trot with excellent drive from a powerful well muscled rear. This exhibit always shows his heart out and today was no exception.

2ND FRANCIS and BLATCHFORD CH WITCHSTONE NOT APACHE ON ME AT PEOPLETON – like 1st really is one of the best movers covering a lot of ground with the minimum of effort. Prefer the size and balance of 1st. Will continue with his winning ways shown in such good condition.

SBD (3,0)



SBB (3,0)

1ST PHILIPS MANSIYA MISCHIEVOUS – won’t be shown in this class for long I’m sure. Excellent picture which shouts out what breed she is. Lovely fine bone with substance and muscle even at this young age. Built on lovely flowing lines. Pity thumbprints have run. Really good action side on. One to watch.

2ND WILES SHEDAN FOLLOW THAT GIRL AT VIDRA – In no way disgraced standing 2nd here. Two quality examples of the breed. Has a typical outline with good depth to chest for her age and I liked her underline and rear. Plenty big enough in ear. Now just needs to mature on. Well shown.

VB (1,0)

1ST INCHES ARIANE OH WHAT A NIGHT AT EDALENE – ticks all the boxes for overall type and what I really like about this one is her size, fine bone and good coat qualities. Moves well and today moving better than the veteran dog. BVIB.

PB (7,2)

1ST DICKERS MORETONIA GOLDEN GIRL – mature puppy who basically out moved everyone else today not putting a foot wrong every time I watched her. Beautifully put together. Just a fraction shorter in muzzle to balance out her head. Not long I’m sure before we start seeing major wins for this exhibit. BPIB.

2ND DIXONS LASAGESSE DEFINITLEY MAYBE – Definitely for me, not maybe. Lovely typical toy terrier with personality. I loved her presence. Like 1st is mature and has a distinct outline. Has all the right curves in all the right places. Not as accurate in rear on the day needing more width which will come with age but definitely the type to keep in future generations and build upon.

JB (10, 0) Hot class. Felt a little mean with placings as some good exhibits left the ring with no card but movement and general performance split them all up on the day. First two exceptional for me.

1ST EVISONS WINTER START AT KIKUCHI – Excellent all through from head to tail and everything in between. Typical wedge shaped head and dark eyes. Good length of neck flowing into a good shaped body with gently rounded rump. Good turn of stifle to moderately angulated hindquarters. Very balanced exhibit. Preferred the shape of this one to 2nd on the move which gave her the class.

2ND GOURLEY LEONARDS WITCHSTONE FANCY A FLUTTER – neat and tidy all through of perfect size with excellent head, ear and eye. Lovely compact body but not the outline of 1st in top line. This exhibit much better in definition of colours compared to 1st who appears much duller. Excellent out and back. Shown fit.

PGB (5,0)

1ST COX PELUGIAS THE SECRETS OUT AT PETITPAWS- RCC. Excellent silhouette when stood. Correct in head, neck, body and bum. Has the darkest of eyes helping to give a wicked expression. Her coat glossy, her colours ebony black and rich tan. Markings present, clear. Correct. Moves out typically in profile with extension and drive. Neat and accurate front and rear. So worthy of a title.

2ND WILLS MORETONIA EASTER BONNET AT MARLINETT – bit silly at times and need to take things more seriously. Curvy firm body with fine bone. Has a good dense coat. Moving well when settled.

LB (5,0)

1ST WINES ETURIA OUT OF WORDS – excellent quality all through winning a good class but despite a clever paitent handler this exhibit in the challenge not giving her best. Frustrating. Lovely headed with flat skull and typical expression. Stood with a noticeably correct top line and super rear with moderate angulation. Excellent depth to chest. Dense coat. Has a better profile action than on the out and back. If only later on she showed better.

2ND NOWELL ROSSLING NJABULO JAKAYLA – good all round exhibit only pegged back from needing to be better marked. Lovely to handle with deep chest and good ribbing with loins cut up. Compact body. Has a great coat feel and is well coated. In excellent condition which showed on the move as she covers a lot of ground with the minimum of effort. Admire the rapour of handler and exhibit. Just preferring 1st on the day to win the class.

OB (3, 0)

1ST LEONARDS CH.WITCHSTONE MINNEHAHA – CC. Super all over. Noticeable plus points being a lovely size and has a compact body with fine bone. Has the best of eyes for shape and size giving a wicked expression. In amazing body condition with a thick glossy coat and superb muscle tone. Like her markings and has thumbprints. Super tight feet which several lacked today. Foot perfect out and back and powered around the ring in profile. When faced with today’s best dog it was his flowing outline I preferred and he excelled himself more on the move. Lots more winning to come from this exhibit.

2ND ALLSOPS PELUGIAS ETERNAL FLAME – very different to the class winner but I appreciated her good qualities with lovely flowing lines and this exhibit is much better in neck compared to 1st. Feminine expression with dark wicked eyes. Good shape to her body but more substance and muscle needed. Did need to be in much better show condition on the day to go any further.