• Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Anne Griffin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Mastiff

My thanks to LKA for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show, all the officials with whom I had contact were friendly and efficient. Special thanks also to my wonderful steward and his assistant who managed to keep things rolling along at an ever-increasing pace. Finally thanks to all the exhibitors for the wonderful entry in terms of both numbers and quality and for trusting me to go over their dogs. Soundness was not a problem and generally the majority of the dogs were physically fitter than when I have judged in the past. On the whole temperaments were good with just one or two showing some timidity. Type, however, varied enormously and yet again I will highlight that a mastiff should be longer than it is tall, much of the height should come from the depth of body and finally the head should be square, there are far too many mastiffs with muzzles that taper from the width under the eyes to nostrils that are far too narrow. MPD 1/1 1st Heskeths Vago Angels F-bentley Tall fawn with well proportioned body, adequate angulation but loose on the move both front and rear, should tighten up when a little more mature. Head still to develop to reach full potential. PD 2/2 1st Coulman-Holes Cyberus Its All About Bertie for Womlu Well grown fawn showing the outline and proportions looked for in the fully mature mastiff. Not very tall yet but well balanced throughout. Good eye set, whole head to standard with facial muscles already well developed giving a most pleasing expression. Moved strongly. With his good looks and youthful exuberance he was a joy to examine. BP 2nd Edwards Cyberus Churchill Litter brother to 1st placed dog showing many of the same qualities. Noticeably taller but less developed in body and head and hindquarters need to strengthen. Loose on the move and needs to settle. JD5/1 1st Whelans Toadhall Mr Bumble of Arlieth Dark brindle dog shown in excellent fit condition reflected in his sturdy movement round the ring. If I said any more about this dog I could rightly be accused of quoting the Breed Standard because he fits it almost perfectly. DCC BOB 2nd Crumps Askuwheteau Ciqala Fawn dog with very dark mask and well proportioned head. Dense coat over shoulders and back. Movement could be tighter which should come with fitness. 3rd Hazlewoods Craiglestone Squire Thump PGD3/3 1stDickinsons Mullak Trojan Titan Medium sized brindle dog all prportions pretty well to standard. Very long strided but a bit loose in movement. 2nd Edwards Cyberus Kapono Fawn with a dark mask. Unsettled during examination. Movement mostly good but needs to develop more in body. 3rd Allen’s Mahoostiff John’s a Good Name LD 4/1 1st Andrews Midas Assisi at Cyberus Large bodied dog well balanced in height and length, very wide well pigmented head with lovely expression,, moved with strength and purpose. 2nd Hazlewoods CraiglestoneLord Thudfoot Another good sized fawn even at 3yo looks youthful with some maturing to come. Lovely head but would prefer more animation in expression, moved well.3rd Zadehs Faynad Grizzly OD 4/4 1st Zadehs Faynad Edward the Confessor Apricot dog showing good symmetry in outline. Would prefer a little more length and depth to body. ~Particularly liked the structure of his forequarters and he moved well. Head square with good pigmentation. Still got youth on his side. RDCC 2nd Andrews Ch Collateral To the Future Bailey at Cyberus Very close decision between this dog and the dog placed 1st. Strongly built,deep body, moved well. Generous coat. Would prefer more width to the muzzle. 3rd Coulman-Holes Faynad Magic Man for Womlu PB 2/1 1st Chapmans Hallberd Carla Stood alone and I understand the handler was a last second appointment. Had this pup been more relaxed I would have requested her choke chain be fitted the correct way round. Dark brindle lovely dark eye and good tight feet, almost everything else needs to develop. JB 3/3 1st Illifes Askuwhateau Beshkno Very feminine brindle well developed deep body for 16 ths. Kind expression, moved well. 2nd Bowderys Morganlefay’s Iron Maiden 3mths younger than 1st place and still looking very puppyish. Very attractive expression when she chose to use it. Should start to mature well soon. 3rd Waterfields Lionguard Fergies Fantasy at Lukesland PGB 6/2 1st Iliffes Askuwhateau Cholena Well built apricot bitch shown in good fit condition which reflected in her strong movement. Correct wide foreface, wide chest a sturdy hindquarters. 2nd Cocks Cyberus Vara Feminine fawn bitch well balanced throughout, kind expression, carried her head well on the move and best ear carriage of the day. 3rd Nuttalls Swainsi Eye Candy LB 5/5 1st Andrews Quincy Vallee Des Mountches at Cyberus Well built with deep body great width throughout, large tight feet. Lovely expressive head. Moved strongly and well. RBCC 2nd Zadehs Faynad Yellow Primrose Feminine fawn bitch of lighter build than 1st place. Would prefer more angulation and a shorter less tapered muzzle. 3rd Faynad Princess Amelia for Womlu OB 3/2 1st Hardings Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam Very feminine fawn bitch of strong build and good depth, excellent top line held on the move. Well pigmented mask giving a kind and gentle expression. BCC