• Show Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne Dykes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

English Setter Society Of Wales

Breed: English Setter

English Setter Society of Wales 7 April 2019

An enjoyable day at a very well run show celebrating their Ruby Anniversary. Thank you very much to my 2 efficient stewards. I was impressed with the final line up of both the dogs and my bitches. In full agreement with my co-judge Maureen Collier, the bitches took all the top honours. BIS SH CH Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangie, BPIS Alolfrana Sugar'N'Spice at Lynwood and BV Sh Ch Hartsett Cherry Bee. I was in full agreement that the dog Sh Ch Rachdale Sea Fever JW, should be RBIS.

My main concern was the quality of the feet. ‘Well padded, tight, with close well arched toes were the exception. So many had either hare like feet or round flat feet, usually with nails requiring attention. Add to this weak pasterns, and when the dog is coming towards you, the feet are ‘flapping’, not the elegant picture we require. That said I was very happy with my winners.


Minor Puppy 5(1)

1. Mugford. Alolfrana Sugar'N'Spice at Lynwood . A balanced, honest, sound 8 month old, with level top line and tail set. She has a long neck to well laid back shoulders. Well muscled throughout. Free moving with drive and purpose, didn't put a foot wrong. BPIS.

2. Thacker. Vanity Fair . Just 6 months. A really nice pup who pushed 1 hard. She has a classic head with dark almond shaped eyes. Such a melting expression. She is well ribbed with correct width and angulation. A little apprehensive on the move but must have a bright future.

3. Schoneville & Derry. Kenaiteen Feta Balvenie

Puppy 4

1. Alolfrana Sugar'N'Spice at Lynwood

2. Mortimer. Phlerdor Will of the Wisp. 9.5 month tri, presented a balanced outline with correct lay back of shoulders, deep ribs and strong muscular thighs. Kind expression, well defined stop. Just right for weight. Moved sound and true.

3. Kenaiteen Feta Balvenie

Veteran 6 (3)

1. Hartley. Sh CH Hartsett Cherry Bee JW. A young 10 year old, who moved like a 5 year old, maintaining her top line, striding out and lashing her tail. Long arched neck, deep in rib, Correct angulation fore and aft. Immaculate presentation and condition. Well handled. BVIS

2. Day. SH CH Mandyset Rumour Has It At Decoverly. Another 10year old. Kind expression, dark eyes, oval skull. Muscular neck to correct forequarters, deep in brisket, short coupled. Strong muscular hind quarters used on the move.

3. Jennings-Sharman. SH CH Canteris Careless Whisper

Congratulations to these owners for keeping their veterans in such good condition, treasure them.

Junior 3 (1)

1 Sharples. Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter. A cracking bitch, when it behaves it will trouble the best. Head of correct proportions, oval skull, dark expressive eyes, Well defined occiput. Best of shoulders, deep in rib and short coupled. Well developed second thigh. Free positive gait, lashing her short tail.

2 Rumble. Jotunheim Ooh La La. Lovely bitch built on heavier lines. Preferred the head of 1. Long muscular neck to well set back shoulders. Short coupled, strong muscular hind quarters. Free moving with drive from the hock.

Yearling 7 A quality class

1 Grimsdell . Tattersett Dark Honey. A beautiful headed bitch, balanced, with oval skull and low set ears. Long arched neck to the best of shoulders, forearms straight and muscular, as are the hind quarters with well developed 2nd thigh. Moved with drive and lashing tail.

2 Roberts. Wansleydale Frangelico for Kirkwood. Full of character, kind expression. Low set ears, well defined stop. Rounded bone, best of angulation, strong over the loins, well bent stifles. Neat tight feet. True gait, driving from the hock

3 Wake. Wansleydale Magic Rose HE

Maiden 1

1 Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter


1 Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter

2. Felton-Blyth. Felsett Angel Eyes. Mature bitch, Correct head proportions with oval skull, low set ears. Well sprung ribs, short coupled, level topline to well angulated and muscled hind quarters, which she used on the move.

3. Alolfrana Sugar'N'Spice at Lynwood

Undergraduate 6

1. Henry. Beechanger Velvet Crab JW. Beautiful mature bitch. Long fore face, clean oval skull, strong neck to the best of shoulders. Correct length of upper arm. Deep in rib, strong short couplings to well angulated, muscular hindquarters. Moved true with drive and animation.

2. Wansleydale Frangelico for Kirkwood

3. Felsett Angel Eyes

Graduate 4 (2)

1. Beechanger Velvet Crab JW

Bryant & Hollis. Phensett Sparks Will Fly. An elegant bitch to be gone over to be appreciated. Just lost to 1 on depth and maturity. Long lean head with fab expression. Well set back shoulders, deep in brisket, level topline to correctly angulated hindquarters. Plenty of drive and parallel gait.

Post Graduate 4 (1)

1. Hartley & Stone. Hartsett Cherry Blossom. What a beautiful, elegant bitch. Fabulous expression, low ears. Good rounded bone and neat feet. Correct angulation and body properties. Immaculate presentation with silky coat. Moved soundly with high head carriage, especially when on loose lead.

2. Day. Mandyset Oh Boy at Decoverly. Beautiful type. Kind expression, so well constructed. Best of fore and hind angulation and short coupled. Feet could be better.

3. Thacker. Swannery Sweet Dreams

Mid Limit 8(2)

1 Taylor & Bridgwater. Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon. Beautiful bitch with kind expression. Deep in brisket Correctly constructed with well developed 2nd thigh. Sweeping stifles, low from hock to her neat feet. Positive driving action, lashing tail. Res CC

2 Taylor. Samelen Golden Taffeta. An honest well presented bitch. With correct lay back of shoulder and well developed hind quarters with correct muscle tone. Correct round spring of rib and carrying right amount of weight. Moved soundly

3 Williams. Bournehouse Starry Night at Skippit

Limit 8 (2)

1. McCabe. Rochdale Elegance JW. As I looked across the ring this bitch presented a text book balanced outline. Kind expression with correct shaped eye. Long strong neck to correctly angulated body . Deep in brisket and long upper arm. Just didn't move as well in the challenge

2. Grimsdell. Tattersett Clever Cookie. A lovely bitch i have admired from the ringside, sadly today lost out on movement. She is short coupled, well developed body , level topline and short from hock to foot.

3. Hacking. Benrae Something Beautiful

Open 5 (3)

1. Phillips, Bryant &Watkins. Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangie. Stunning bitch on top form. Immaculate presentation, gleaming coat and underneath that coat is a correctly constructed, well muscled mature bitch. Such ring presence, she strides out with excellent forward reach, Correct footfall, driving from her well developed hindquarters. Loved her, no hesitation in awarding CC and BIS

2. Oliver. Wansleydale Fairie Queen at Bramstorm. So unlucky to meet her sister on such top form. Long arched neck to well laid back shoulders, deep in chest and correct length of upper arm. Level topline and tail set, moved soundly using her tail.

Judge Anne Dykes