• Show Date: 13/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Spooner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Shih Tzu

Darlington Champ Show 2019

I would like to thank the committee for the invite to judge this show also to the competitors for their entries


VD 2

1st Bradshaw and Symonds Ch Cremefern Sweet talking Guy JW Sh CM 8yrs G/W well shaped head with dark eyes well tipped up nose broad jaw giving a handsome expression arched neck,into good rib firm hind high tail set giving lovely balance on the move good reach and drive

2ndBarrel and Sullivans Janjon A chance to Dream at Jacquinta 11yrs C/W well made throughout with many of the same qualities as one just would not settle on the move.

M P D 1

1st Howards Tameron Mr pure Xcess G/W Just 6 mths Nicely put together pup head good for age with dark eyes well placed nose and broad jaw, excellent neck and shoulders into good rib well angulated rear level topline moved soundly strong rear drive

P D 6

1st Keree Bartolos Shirkeira Razmatazz S/G 9mths good head shape with large dark eyes good nose placement, broad jaw shoulders well laid into well sprung rib level topline firm hind well turned stifle ,balanced throughout moved with drive showing full pads

2nd Bowns Ethelsmead Storm warning over Bishbow B/W Just nine months with a lovely head darkest of eyes well placed nose broad jaw well laid shoulders, good rib level topline tail carried well over back giving good balance just needs to settle on the move

3rd Provosts Paliden Shooting Star G/W Well put together throughout with correct head pleasent expression movement good

J D 7

1st Browns Rossvale Eclipes of the Sun S/G Correct head large dark eyes tipped nose broad jaw Neck arched into well laid shoulders good rib level topline strong firm hind moved with drive tail carried well over giving good balance

2nd Keree-Bartolos Shirkeira Razmatazz S/G First in puppy

3rd Wilbournes Stardante Han Sum Model with Simbalove G/W Well built boy with good bone good head and expression well ribbed firm rear moved well

Y D 6

1st Grugans Warathwaite King int the north De Jardhu G/W correct head dark eyes nose well placed broad jaw giving tipical expression, shoulders well laid round rib firm hind level topline high tail giving good balance moved soundly showing full pads.

2nd Harveys Daltricia Arapaho B/W correct head shape dark eyes, nose and jaw good, shoulders laid back into good rib level topline high tail moved well coming and going.

3rd Silsburys Jadoremy Red Bounty Forever G/W nice shaped head good shoulders into round rib level topline high tail well over back moved soundly

P G D 8

1st Crosslands Chaela Ralphish B/W good head shape with dark eyes well placed nose, broad jaw, good rib firm rear level topline well balanced standing and on the move good extension and drive

2nd Longstaffs Shihmali Victorious G/W nice head shape with dark eyes and correct nose and jaw good neck round rib level topline High tail set movement good.

3rd Prvosts Paliden Rock Star G/W Nice head shape With soft expression good neck shoulders and rib level topline moved well

L D 3

1st Moores Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth for Jaxtzu (IKC) JW Sh C good breed type with well shaped head large dark eyes tipped nose with open nostrils wide jaw good bite arched neck into well laid shoulders strong well let down rib firm hind level topline tail carried well over back good balance carried standing and moving good extension in front and rear showing full pads.

2nd Longstaffs Shihmali Victorious G/W 2nd P G

3rd Rudhams Thaisu Huggy Bear G/W nice shaped head pleasing expression soundly built level topline moved well.

O D 5

1st Sullivans Jacquinta Lets go Andy JW G/W strong on breed type with correct shape to head dark eyes, well placed nose with open nostrils broad jaw with good bite giving pleasing expression, plenty of bone arched neck into well laid shoulders round well let down rib firm rear level topline good angulation well balanced throughout moved with drive

2nd Bojjanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Top C/W carrying plenty of breed type attributes, head of good shape large dark eyes well placed nose broad jaw arched neck into strong rib, firm rear level topline giving balance standing and moving good extension front and rear

3rd Cooke and Hattens Art Made Gene Kelly (IMP) S/G plenty to like about this boy of similar type to one and two nice head and expression well built throughout level topline held balance when moving with good drive.




V B 2

Cookes Ch Thaisu She Rocks. G/W 11yrs what a beautiful lady this is she losses nothing to age still has the grace that catches the eye moving soundly around the ring a credit to her owner .Best Vet

2nd Longstaffs Shihmali Mums the word G/W 8yr in great condition with good head dark eyes well bodied with level topline moving with drive.

M P B 5

1st Briggs Warathwaite Royal diva G/W 6mths of good size with nicely shaped head large dark eyes well placed nose and broad jaw feminine expression good bone body developing well firm rear showing full pads on the move.

2nd Ritchies Jacquinta Gifted to Laurmerand S/B 7mths girl of good type, head shape good darkest of eyes wide jaw with correct bite well proportioned throughout movement good

3rd Moores Ashmakin Red is the Rose at Jaztu S/G 7mths another good overall puppy with much the same attributes as 1 and 2 just a little less mature.

P B 2

1st Harveys Daltricia Lisa Marie at Delmarvey B/W 11mths good head shape with feminine expression dark eyes ,jaw wide well laid shoulder good rib level topline movement good coming and going.

2nd Moores Ashmakin Red is the Rose 3rd M P

J B 5

1st Marshall and Conways Suzitzu Lady Maria for Casamays Bgr Imp G/W Good head with dark eyes well placed nose and excellent wide jaw correct bite giving pleasing expression, good bone shoulders well laid into sprung well let down rib level topline good tail set moved soundly .

2nd Bradshaw and Symonds Cremefern Dancing in the dark B/W girl of finer type good head shape dark eyes, mouth good, soft expression neck arched into laid back shoulders rounded rib level topline moved with drive smoothly around the ring

3rd Gallifoerds Sasyshi Bimful of Asha Br/W head a good shape large dark eyes nose and jaw good pleasing expression a little less mature than 1 and 2 needs time, very sound mover

Y B 5

1st Marshall and Conways Suzitzu Lady Masria for Casamays Bgr IMP 1st in Junior          

2nd Yorke and Keree-Bartolos Middletune eternal flame at Shirkeria S/G girl nicely put together head shape good dark eyes , jaw and bite good sturdy body with level topline moved soundly.

3rd Forbes Paliden Bucks Fizz to Ekland S/G girl soft expression in nice shaped head shoulders and topline good moved soundly.


1st Stevens Peekin Miss Jazzy-ming-Tu C/W Correct head shape dark eyes well placed nose good width of jaw, excellent shoulders and rib into firm rear moves with drive good tail carriage, balanced throughout pleased to see she has regained her confidence

2nd Williams Paliden Inca Gold at Annbarees S/G Pretty head large dark eyes good jaw and bite shoulders correct well ribbed level topline moved soundly showing full pads.

3rd Browns Chotahkees Dark Angel at Rosvale B/W correct head and nice expression well bodied level topline movement good

LB 6/4

1st Bowns Bishbow summer Breeze B/W girl really coming into her own and she gives the full package well shaped head with large dark eyes tipped up nose with wide nostrils broad jaw good bite, with a pleasing expression, arched neck well laid shoulders, rib round and well let down level topline firm hind excels in rear movement showing clear pads moved with drive holding her balance carrying her tail well over her back. Pleased to award her the CC of witch i am sure is her third.

2nd Farnsworths Tsantha Adornment G/W good overall bitch head correct dark eyes nose placement and width of jaw good, ample bone, shoulders laid back rib well sprung, firm rear well balanced,, movement good

3rd Hattens Thaisu Vampire Kisses for Marbo G/W head of good shape feminine expression good body with firm topline held on the move

OB 4

1st Howards Tameron Miss Paris G/W girl who has the most wonderful head and expression big dark eyes nose well placed,wide jaw good bite, well laid shoulders into round rib firm rear level topline moves with strong rear action Res CC Pleased to hear she won the res CC winners stakes

2nd Harveys DaltriciaForseti with Delmarvey B/W well proportioned bitch head of good size with dark eyes, nose and jaw good, arched neck into correct shoulders rib good firm hind showing pads on the move.

3rd Williams Paliden Star Delight smaller type but in good proportion good head with pretty expression solid body maybe carrying a little extra weight .

Judge Ann Spooner.