• Show Date: 24/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Ingram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Midland Counties 2019

Judge Ann Ingram

Breed : Griffon Bruxellois 

Minor Puppy Dog (1 )( )

1. Donnellan’s Shevillan Scrum Master NAF TAF

A very nice one to start with. Very self possessed going around the ring keeping his good topline and using his hindquarters well. Very nice head with nicely rounded skull, dark well placed eyes, and clearly defined broad chin. Good reach of neck , well laid shoulders, just need to strengthen in pasterns, well sprung ribs. Short back and good topline

Puppy Dog ( 3)( )

1. Donnellan,s Blacktsar Banjo Vonici

Black and Tan with so much attitude who impressed with his wide, well defined underjaw, great mouth , nicely rounded skull, and dark well spaced eyes. Well laid shoulders, great rib cage and nice width of front, short back with good rib cage, strong hindquarters which he uses well on the move. Best Puppy Dog

2. Swinge’s Balthazar Dream Lover

Still immature and not quite the head or rib cage of winner. Nicely rounded skull, good expression, could have more cushioning on his muzzle. Good reach of neck, need time to strengthen in pasterns, short back, strong hindquarters, moved with great attitude and nice carriage.

3. Suggitt’s Aptirck Sachs

Junior Dog ( 4)( 2)

1. Barranca Harpersband Long For Masquerade 

Impressive Smooth coat with lovely outline, so very well made. Nicely rounded skull, dark round well spaced eyes, well turned up chin,wide open nostrils, could have smaller ears. Good neck well laid shoulders, a little narrow in front, just needs a little time to develope in rib cage, strong hindquarters, moves really well with great outline, a very promising young male.

2. Whites Emyaycee Time Flies At Wistleyhill

A little over coated but such a nice dog to go over. Really nice head with wide underjaw, rounded skull and correct stop. A little heavy in shoulder, excellent rib cage, short back and strong hindquarters which he uses so well on the move.

Postgraduate Dog (4 )( 2)

1. Gullon’s Barnfall Sunshine

Well balanced male who could have a little more bone but scored with his neck and shoulder and topline. Nicely rounded skull, well turned up nose, well defined chin , could have a little more padding in muzzle. Good reach of neck, a little short in upper arm, short,cobby body, good topline and hindquarters which he uses well on the move.

2. Farrell’s Blacktzar Baroque

 Black and Tan with nice head, well turned up nose , wide underjaw and dark eyes. Could have more reach of neck and better feet and pasterns, short back, good rib cage and hindquarters, moves steadily butcould keep a better topline.

Limit Dog ( 3)( 1)

1. Donnellan & Roberts Brus Konfident Step Vonici (Imp. UKR)

Difficult decision between these 2. In the end I preferred the head of the winner, with his well padded muzzle, dark well placed eyes, and well turned up nose. Not quite the front of the 2nd dog, but so short with well sprung ribs and good width of front. Strong hindquarters, so very positive on the move .

2. Blores Zilcan Ring Of Fire At Movalian

 Loved the overall shape of this dog with his great neck and shoulder, good width of front, well sprung ribs, short back and strong hindquarters, nicely rounded skull, dark expressive eyes, would just like a slightly wider muzzle and a bit more padding. So very sound going around the ring.

Open Dog ( 8)(3)

1. Sturmy’s Foxfly Secret Society 

Doesn’t always make the most of himself stacked but this dog really comes alive on the move with such lovely attitude and super outline. Lovely head with wide well defined chin, dark well spaced round eyes,correct stop and well turned up nose with wide open nostrils. Excellent ears which he uses well. Good neck and shoulder, short cobby body, good rib cage and strong hindquarters. Shown in great coat and has a very nice colour. just scored in overall carriage. CC and BOB. Delighted to see him shortlisted in the group.

2. Oliver- Barrett’s Risethor Laidback Jack

Such a well made smooth coat who pushed the winner very hard. Well rounded skull, correct stop, defined chin and dark well spaced eyes. Good neck and shoulder ,well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, correct tail, so very sound on the move but not just the carriage of winner. Res. CC.

3. Whitehead & Selby’s Zilcan Colour Me In.

Veteran Dog (1 )

1. Potts Ch. Samarandas Sorcerer To Adreeam

9 year old in great coat and condition and moving well for his age. Typical head with dark expressive eyes, well defined chin. Could be better in front, short back good topline, showing so well and enjoying his day out so much.

Minor Puppy Bitch (0 )( )

Puppy Bitch ( 2)

1. Price’s Marquant So Delicious

Delightful puppy in super coat and condition. Lovely head with well defined chin, correct stop, nicely rounded skull, well turned up nose with wide open nostrils and dark well shaped eyes, neat ears which she uses well. Good neck running into well laid shoulders, good width of chest, short back, well sprung ribs, and strong hindquarters, moves very well with a lovely outline and great attitude. Res.CC and Best Puppy. 

2. Suggitt’s Aptrick Prima Vera Freda

 Still a little immature as to be expected and not quite the muzzle or ribcage of winner. Nicely rounded skull, defined chin, lovely expression, good topline, tail carriage a little too much over back. Moves with great attitude and lovely carriage.

Junior Bitch ( 4)(1)

1. Donnellan s Rogers Griff Nait Drin ( Imp. Rus)

Well balanced black tan with nicely rounded skull, well defined chin, correct stop and dark well spaced eyes. Could have a little more padding in muzzle. Sufficient reach of neck, good width of chest. Short back , well sprung ribs moves well with great attitude.

2. Barneys Cilleine That’ll Be The Day 

Not making the most of herself today but felt she deserved her place on her overall type, short back and well sprung ribs, well angulated hindquarters and correct tailset .Head could have broader underjaw and more padding on the muzzle, dark eyes could be a little bigger and more round, correct stop and well turned nose, good front and feet . Just let herself down on the move. 

3. Suggitt’s Aptrick Black Starlight

Postgraduate Bitch (4 )( 2)

1. Barranova’s Harpersband Orinoco Flow

 Slightly fine in type but won on her short back and nice outline. Typical head with good chin and well turned up nose, dark expressive eyes. A little narrow in front and could have more rib cage, short back , moves well keeping her nice outline.

2. Suggitt’s Aptrick Black Starlight

Just at leggy stage at the moment and could be shorter in back. Nicely rounded skull, dark expressive eyes, well defined chin, good reach of neck, slightly long in back, tail carriage a bit too curled. Moves well with nice carriage.

Limit Bitch ( )( )


Open Bitch (7 )( 3)

1. Barranova’s Multi Ch. Harpersband Enigma WW

 Close decision between these 2. Attractive head with well defined underjaw, open nostrils, correct stop,well turned up nose,dark well spaced round eyes, good neck and shoulder ,good width of chest, short cobby body, strong hindquarters. Very sound on the move keeping her very nice outline. CC.

2. Tipples Am. Ch. Marquant Worth The Wait

Shown in lovely condition, to be picky, would prefer clearer colour , really nice head, with correct stop, well turned up nose and dark round expressive eyes. Well set ears. Could have a little more reach of neck, good front, Short cobby body with great topline and tailset , very strong hindquarters, moves really well with great attitude.

3. Swinges Balthazar Tainted Love

Veteran Bitch ( 3)(2)

1. Barney’s Ch. Cilleine Another Day.

11 year old in wonderful coat and condition moving so very well. Very nice head and expression, good neck and shoulder, short back well sprung ribs, good topline and tailset, very nice attitude in the ring. Loved her positive attitude on the move. Best Veteran.