• Show Date: 24/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Ingram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Russian Black Terrier

Midland Counties 2019

Judge Ann Ingram

Breed : Russian Black Terriers

Puppy Dog ( 2)

1. Chittick’s Deneb Keitos Onix (Imp. Rus.)

Impressive youngster with very nice temperament. Strong head just needs time to develope .Dark eyes, good neck and shoulder, could be shorter in loin , moves really well with great attitude.Best Puppy

2. Crooks-Collins Astra Fidelis Kameron

Well presented in excellent coat just not moving his best today. Very nice head with dark eyes, good neck and shoulder, good deep chest and correct body proportions, just needs more confidence. 

Junior Dog (1)

1.Astra Fidelis Kameron

Postgraduate Dog (2)

1. Nicol’s Kontaktas Scooter At Jacraila SHCM

Impressive male in excellent coat and condition. Very nice head with strong skull and nice expression. Good mouth .strong nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, strong hindquarters , great carriage and attitude on the move.

2. Newton’s Fun Nord’s Maximilian At Lintwwed (Imp. Rus.)

Tall male with good coat. Well balanced head with nice expression, good reach of neck , turns his feet out a little, good body and topline, could be stronger in hindquarters, covers the ground well on the move.

Open Dog (3 )

1. Jenkins’ Hanoveria Anteros (Imp. Pol.)

A very nice class of quality dogs the winner scored with his great carriage and positive movement. Very nice head with dark eyes and broad skull . Well set ears. Good mouth. Strong, nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, strong topline, a touch overangulated in hindquarters, moves really well with a very outline.

2. Lindsay’s Monarch Iz Chigasovo

Impressive male in great coat with strong head, could have slightly stronger underjaw. Dark eyes. Strong crested neck, well laid shoulders, excellent body and topline. Strong hindquarters, moves well but not quite as good in front as winner Res. Best Dog

3. Barrett’s Benkerin Targaryen of Barold 

Junior Bitch ( 2)

1. Williams’ Proud of Being Ava Gardner At Evrussky (Imp)

Well presented bitch with lovely outline. Well balanced head could have darker eyes. Crested neck well laid shoulders, deep chest and good body proportions. Strong hindquarters, a little loose in front movement, covers the ground well well.

2. Norton & Thomas’s Kalaslane Judge Judy At Carantana (IKC)

Slightly longer in body and could have stronger hindquarters. Well balanced head, dark eyes and good mouth, good reach of neck , deep chest, ribcage carried well back ,could have better carriage on the move to complete the overall impression.

Postgraduate Bitch (6)(1)

1. Proud of being Ann Sheridan at Evrussky (Imp)

Impressive bitch in great coat and lovely outline. Very nice head, good expression and good mouth. Crested neck , a little wide in front, deep chest, good topline and strong hindquarters, moves really well. Best Bitch

2. Pawley & Brass ‘ Kalaslane Reckless 

Still a little immature and needs time to develop more ribcage. Well balanced head, dark eyes, good reach of neck , a little loose in elbows, good body proportions, topline falls off a little toward her tail. Covers the ground well on the moving around the ring.

3. Gavaghan’s Black Recording Angel Mandala At Vaughan (Imp.Hun.)

Open Bitch ( 3)

1. Atkinson & Murphy’s Lintweed Black Star of India.

Well presented bitch with very nice head and expression. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Deep ribcage, correct body proportions, could have a little more rear angulation , Res. Best Bitch

2.Eston’s Shadlian Grand Entrance At Kylevarna.

Well presented bitch , a little narrow in skull, nice expression, crested neck, a little loose in elbows, good body and topline, very positive on the move with good carriage.

3. Murphy’s Effektnaya Liliyas Ozera Razliv

Veteran Bitch (1)

1. Newton’s Dromnagus Black Pearl At Lintweed

Well presented bitch with good bone and substance.well balanced head, dark eyes, good front assembly, well sprung ribs, could have better topline , moves well covering the ground easily .