• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Scourfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Boston Championship Show. 4th January 2019

Andy Scourfield ( Judge)

Cocker Spaniels

Thanks to all exhibitors for the super entry. I enjoyed my day, and was pleased with the overall quality of the dogs presented to me. My 2 principal winners are well known and both Sh Champions already but I was encouraged by the quality to be found in the puppy classes particularly and also throughout the entry . Some lovely dogs coming along for the future.

Class MPD (8.1)

1 Lowery’s Amaroanne Theos Blue roan dog 7mths good head of correct proportions exhibiting no coarsness, good soft typical expression . Correct moderate neck leading into well set shoulders , short cobby body , short coupled with well sprung ribs. He has a good front, with forechest appropriate for his age, good length of upper arm contributing to good front reach.Good bone. This puppy was right up my street – loved him . Moved well and happily. A proper cocker, moderate, rounded , Happy and well constructed. Delighted to award him BP in breed and then see him go Res Best Puppy in the Gundog Group.

2 Whitehead’s Royaldean Aramis Blue lovely head and clean neck and shoulders good front , nice ribs ,slightly longer cast than 1 but a v promising puppy who was well presented and showed well. Very sound coming and going and keeps a good topline in profile movement. I liked this puppy very much. Unlucky to meet 1st but his second place in no way detracts from his many qualities.

3 Mace’s Sirius Black Del ReDi Damaris Fonesse

Puppy Dog (7,1)

1. Pretty Joaldy Best Mate. Blue roan dog good head with soft typical expression nice deep muzzle good neck and shoulders ribs good for age, moves well nice quarters, short hocks . Moved well and well presented.

2. Taylor Triveka Sirius Black Black of larger type good head without coarseness, lean in backskull. Neck and shoulders good , well ribbed and good coup,ling nice rear, moved well.

3. Lowery Amaroanne Apollo

Junior D (3,1)

1 . Kettle’s Lujessa Impossible Dream Black dog of real quality , good head and soft cocker expression , good neck ,moderate and not exaggerated, shoulders and ribbing are good short coupled and moves well wiith reach and drive, good quarters and well let down hocks . Excellent presentation and personifies the merry cocker when moving.

2 Jolly Harbethol Look Who Dare Wins Blue roan , his head was ok but his shoulders were a little upright which spoilt the flow from neck to shoulder. Nonetheless he has a good upper arm and good ribbing would prefer him to be a little more cobby in body .

Yearling D (8,3)

1. Bayliss’ Wilanorah Rock N Roll . Blue roan head good with nice expression, good neck , and shoulders well layed back. , well sprung ribs , short coupled with good bustling action on the move.

2. . Lundborg Zaar Line Sam Gaze For Hugs (ATC Swe)Quality Black and Tan with a super head, tan markings are good and bright he has a nice neck, good shoulders and is well ribbed, Short coupled , moved well , good hocks well let down. Sadly he was very fidgety standing, but a good dog and well presented.

3. Hall’s Hey Georgie Boy at Shirrmontana

Post Grad D (6,0)

1 Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue For Chanmalo Sh CM Blue roan 2yrs old and shown in excellent coat and condition. Excellent head, good neck and shoulders leading into a well ribbed body. Super mover, keeping the correct topline, Pushed hard for top honours.

2 Beckwith’s Troverothway Jack the Lad at Balaambeck . B/t dog of good shape and make, good head, nice expression, well bones with good front assembly with sufficient upper arm , shoulders well laid back , good ribs , short coupling good quarters , bit unsteady on the move but did enough to get this place when settled .

3 Pilkington Ellis Molkara Faustus at Brinbeck

Limit D ( 7, 0)

1 Wyeth Fendrove Chippendale . . Gold dog with excellent head and super expression, nicely proportioned with good depth of muzzle . Lovely neck and shoulders excellent front assembly with good upper arm and good ribbing. Short coupled, a lovely sound dog who moves along with reach and drive and the correct topline .

2 Beckwith’s Troverothway Jack the Lad at Balaambeck

3 Gain and Amatt Molkara Mauritzio

Open D. (2.1)

1. Amos Jones’ Sh Ch Veraty Vincenzo at Cassom. Very pleased to get my hands on this dog, now 5 yrs old. He has a lovely head, masculine without being overdone. Super front construction with good forechest, excellent upper arm and elbows tight into his well sprung ribs. Shoulder lay is excellent . Short coupled and a very sound mover , good quarters which drive him forward, and correspond with his good front construction to make effortless cocker movement with correct topline. This boy is also in top class condition, with great muscle tone, and super coat which is presented to perfection. BOB and later Group 3

Vet D (5, 0).

1 Pretty Sh Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind . B/w good head and expression well balanced throughout. Nice neck good shoulders. Good front with nice bone. Nice ribbing and short coupled moved well. I judged him as a young dog and think he is better now than he has ever been. In lovely condition .

2 Wildman’s Mystical Milo at Chanmallo Sh CM . Blue roan good head , lovely front construction well ribbed. Good quarters. Presented in good form ,. Moved well .

3 Gray’s Graysaxon Treasured Gift With Benchmark

SBD (5,1)

1 Worgan’s Licence to Thrill for Latham Sh CM Black dog ,good head nice neck and shoulders good balance with decent front and good shoulders. Good ribs. Short loin moved well. - well presented .

2 Hall’s Hey Georgie Boy at Shirrmontana blue dog with good head nice neck decent front , well sprung ribs could be shorter coupled but moves stylishly and keeps a good topline

3 Mehrten’s Serci Little Blue Boy Ali

GC (4,0)

A mixed sex class. But containing only bitches

1 West’s Sheigra Super Special . Black Bitch sweet feminine head, nice expression, good neck and shoulders good ribs, well balanced and moved well correct topline .

2 Hill’s Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill . Orange roan quality bitch with good head nice shoulders , good upper arm nice ribbing and coupling, good quarters. Liked this b a lot but she didn’t put all in on the move although she moved soundly

3 Saunders Moonstryder Eliza Taylor at Oxfordogs

MPB (15, 2)

1 Pretty’s Lenroness Let’s Twist Again . Choc roan , sweet feminine head of correct proportions , correct moderate neck let into correctly placed shoulders , good front assembly with good ribs and a short loin . Well presented and moved smartly with style. A lovely puppy who deserved her place in this strong class.

2 Ray’s Zheridons Charlies Angel blue bitch head not quite as developed as 1 but a soft expression, good neck , nicely placed shoulders and good ribs with elbows tight in . Short loin. Good legs and moved out smartly. Not much separated 1 and 2 but 1 was better behaved. .

3 Taylor’s Triveka Moaning Myrtle

PB (9, 2)

1 Pretty’s Lenroness Let’s Twist Again

2 Amos Jones Cassom Foolproof. Blue. Super puppy with lovely head, good neck shoulders. She is well ribbed with a good front , correct cocker topline , super back end which she uses to advantage . Good short hocks. Sadly a little overweight which caused her to roll a bit but a quality puppy . Splitting hairs in this class.

3 Brothwell and Bayliss’ Wilanorah Daiquiri

Jun B (9,4)

1. Whiting Annilann Miss Zing. Blue bitch who caught my eye as she came into the ring. On closer examination she does not disappoint good head proportions with soft typical expression ,good dark eye, good neck flowing into well placed shoulders, good front , good ribs, nicely sprung, and short loin. Moved well with correct topline . Well presented and handled. RBB

 2 West Sheigra Simply a Star JW Black well balanced , good neck and shoulders, and good ribs, short loin and good quarters. Lacking some coat at the moment but a steady precise mover which won her this place in the class.

3 Pretty Joaldy Mama Mia

Yearling B. (10 2)

1 West Sheigra Stars in her eyes JW Black bitch of good make and type. Good head, soft typical expression , well balanced, good in front construction short coupled and cockery . Moved nicely with style.

2 Wright’s Chazbaz Glam Girl Good in outline with a good head, stands on good feet with good forechest and bone , shoulders correctly placed, well sprung ribs and good rear. Moved well. .

3 Brothwell’s Wilanorah Soul Sister at Wissant

Post Grad B (5,0)

1 Ward Pearkin Persephone at Wensum O/r bitch of quality, head of good proportions , gentle expression , nice neck good shoulders elbows tight in. Good feet nice ribs and good balance throughout. Good quarters and moved well .

2 Crisp Challowdown Loopy Lou with Genevieve . Another nice bitch , blue roan good head and well constructed throughout Good ribs, short coupled good rounded rear and good movement .

3 Tompkins Claivaire Poetry in Motion

Limit B(9,0)

1 . Taylor’s Molkara Purple Prose at Triveka Black of quality , presents a nice picture in profile standing and does not disappoint on the move. She has a feminine head of correct proportions , lovely neck and shoulders and a good front with correct forechest. She is balanced all thru and has the correct cocker topline.


2 Wright Chazbaz Glam Girl

3 Crisp’s Challowdown Loopy Lou With Genevieve

Open B (5,0)

1 Darby’s Sh Ch Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway JW two beautiful bitches of similar type headed this class, Lovely feminine head , good neck and shoulders. Well ribbed, with good forechest, short coupled, in super coat and condition and presented well. Pure cocker type Moved really well, keeping a super topline. . Won this class as I felt she was slightly shorter coupled than 2 and consequently I preferred her overall balance. I was splitting hairs as I loved them both.

2 Kettle’s Sh Ch Lujesa Jean Genie JW . Another super cockery bitch . Good head with lovely dark eye and soft expression. Good neck , and front assembly, ribs well sprung , very happy on the move , beautifully presented and expertly handled.

3 Wright Chazbaz Black Lace

VB. 1 Reeds Reemif Blue Reflection Blue roan 8yrs good type, nice head lean in backskull, soft gentle cocker expression. correct neck good front and well ribbed . Moved nicely.


1 Clark’s Withoflor Bootlace for Reedfen Black good type , good head. Nicely balanced. Moved smartly. With reach and drive keeping a correct cocker topline. . Best SB and later a Group Placing

2.Pitt. Waggaflg Magical Mayhem Blue Bitch different in type to 1. Good head and correct expression Moved well.

3 Carter Snogate Katie May