• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

My thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invitation to judge at their prestigious show. We had a lovely large ring, with short grass and ideal showing conditions for IG’s. Numerically a disappointing entry although I was delighted to learn that my BOB winner was also awarded 2nd in a very strong Toy Group. 

VD/B (2,1) 1st AMSEL, Mrs & RISHWORTH Miss H Ch & Am Gr Ch Can Ch Artmeis Scintillation. A 9 year old shapely fawn bitch in superb condition for her age. Beautiful head with long fine muzzle, a gentle eye and neat ears. Moved with freedom in side gait with desired lift and good drive. BVIB. 

PD (2,0) 1st RUTTER, Mrs K & BRYAN Miss C Chrisford Fish Finger. A handsome blue dog who will finish top of the size range. Gave overall impression of “a greyhound in miniature” with long, flat narrow head. Dark, bright, expressive eye and neat ears. Long, elegant neck with slight arch into well laid shoulders. Has plenty of time to drop in chest and maturing in body looking a little longer at moment. Despite his age was the best moving dog really getting into his stride the more I sent him round. Very sound away and back. Will undoubtedly be a champion and today his put on the best overall performance to clinch a well-deserved Dog CC & BPIB. 2nd SHONE, Mrs S E & WADE Mrs M Sumobi Sunshine. A young fawn dog who was not very settled today but has time on his side. I admired his head and expression with an elegant neck. Made a lovely shape stood. Front needs to tighten and strengthen compared to winner.  

JD (2,1) 1st BRISTOW Mrs S Piccolo Riccardo At Surrio. Larger fawn dog in very good body condition and showing maturity for age. Long lean head with comparatively large, bright eye which I would prefer darker to improve expression; even on a fawn. Neat, rose-shaped ears. Chest deep and narrow and liked his overall shape. Not happy with the aeroplanes today so lacked confidence on the table and a little unsettled on the move. Once he started to gain some confidence he moved well in side gait. 

YD (1,0) 1st CHANNING-MOOR Mrs A Cresties Field Of Dreams. A young pied dog of attractive overall type. Maturing well for his age especially with his deep narrow chest and the gentle curves of his body shape. Narrow, fine flat skull with expressive eyes and small neat ears. Moved well in side gait with good lift in front and free action. Needs to strengthen in pastern as turns feet out on the table and affects his movement away and back. 

PGD (2,0) 1st TATE Mrs A H Keelindee Red Rum. A smaller, finer red fawn male built on elegant lines; possibly a little feminine in head. Long, fine narrow head with gentle expression. Holds a good overall body shape both stood and in profile on the move. Moved soundly and better coming and going than 2nd. 2nd HUBBLE Miss C Rockiggy Light the Fuse. Just my type with a beautiful head and expression. Very elegant through with yet still had an air of masculinity. Ideal body shape with deep chest, good length of rib and rise over loin. In tip top condition. Looked well going round but untidy coming towards and insisted on standing with feet turned out on the table.  

LD (3.0) 1st THOMPSON & AMSEL Artmeis Magical Moonlight. A young fawn male with white trim and right up my street type wise. Long narrow head, dark expressive eyes and neat rose ears. Makes an ideal body shape stood and on the move with his long rib, rise over the loin and low set tail. Very well bodied yet still has desired elegance. In super muscular condition. He did not help himself today and was acting up on the table which disappointed but he eventually got his act together on the move. He looks a picture once settled into his stride moving out with freedom and showing the drive I knew he would possess. Just the right amount of lift in front to create a typically balanced picture. Best mover in the class when he puts his mind to it and is definitely CC worthy – today RDCC. 2nd HUBBLE Miss D Rockiggy Jumping Jack Flash. Another dog of the type I admire. Fine head with flat skull, bright eyes and neat ears. Makes a good shape and body well-conditioned but today tucking up slightly and falling off over the croup. 3rd BOWMAN Mr J Shadedmoon's Cosmos. A classically shaped black dog of super overall elegance who makes a fabulous silhouette stood and had a super glossy black jacket. I really liked him but felt he needed more body and needed to mature compared to 1st and 2nd in this class. Not as true away and back today but made a lovely picture in side gait.  

GCD/B (1,0) 1st AMSEL Mrs J B Ch & Am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole Of Regallust. Beautifully feminine bitch. Fawn with white trim and very much a “greyhound in miniature”. Long flat narrow head with expressive eyes and neat rose-shaped ears. Elegant neck and very good shoulders. In super body condition with well-toned muscle. Liked her overall balance and very well put together construction-wise; a proper little hound. Just lost some shape on the move. Was sound away and back with good foot fall in side gait to clinch the RCC. 

MPB (1,0) 1st BRYAN Mrs S Chrisford Little Fleur. A very pretty blue bitch with white trim and litter sister to the Dog CC winner. Still very much a baby and needs time to settle. Compared to her brother her head needs time to develop and create a flatter skull. Loved her eyes and typical expression and her neat ears. Very shapely in body and although not as collected on the move as her brother was sound away and back and showed good lift in front in side gait. Look forward to seeing her again with a few more shows under her belt. BPB.  

PB (1,0) 1st GUYTON Ms A J Ansanda Glitter And Gold. Another promising puppy bitch. Very elegant and feminine. Long narrow head with neat ears and bright eyes. Slight arch to her neck. Chest developing well and lots of gentle curves. Holds body shape well and moves swiftly with drive from her hocks. Just needs her pasterns to strengthen. A little untidy coming towards today compared to the Minor Puppy.  

JB (3,0) 1st THOMPSON & AMSEL Artmeis Over The Moon. A very elegant and shapely fawn bitch with white trim who instantly caught my eye for her overall type and balance. Beautiful head and expression. Long, arched neck and long well laid shoulders. Length of rib and depth of chest with slight rise over loin and low set tail. Not as focussed on the move but once putting the effort in she showed freedom of movement with good lift in front and driving from her hocks creating pace. I particularly liked the way she held her top line in side gait when moving at speed.  In superb condition and seriously considered for the RCC which, with a little more cooperation, she could have easily won. 2nd GUYTON Ms A J Ansanda Glitter And Gold  

PGB (1,0) 1st DOHERTY, Miss J E & STEELE Mr J R Jaros A Dance With Dragons (Imp USA). An attractive bitch and scores in her overall type and shape. I noted she was the dam of the litter sisters that were 1st and 2nd in Limit and Open respectively; evident to see she has passed on her virtues. She shows very good freedom of movement in side gait and carries her top line well with a low set tail. Not quite so positive away and back today.   

LB (1,0) 1st CHAU, Miss M Y J & DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Ice And Fire. A beautiful, eye catching pied bitch and very typical in size and shape. So ultra-feminine and elegant. Loved her long head with flat skull, dark expressive eyes and neat ears. Long neck with lovely crest. Just flows from her head to her tail with series of gentle curves. Really appeals in silhouette with perfect overall shape. Not as settled on move today and although was very swift of foot with very good front lift in side gait she was unfortunately moving close behind today and as such had to be denied higher honours. 

OB (3,0) 1st RUTTER, Mrs K & WHEELER Mr R Ch Chrisford Golden Showers. I thought she stood out in this entry and was a clear winner with a foot perfect and eye-catching performance. Epitomises a “greyhound in miniature; more slender in all proportions”. Of ideal size with a beautiful head, so feminine with dark expressive eyes. Really clean in neck with slight arch and long well laid shoulders. Bang straight front and neat feet. Deep in chest and good length to rib with rise over loin falling to low set tail. Angles fore and after matched well which allowed perfect freedom of movement and very accurate foot all. Really drives from her hindquarters helped by her superb condition and muscle tone. To be ultra-critical I would like a little more lift in her front action but she is so sound and put in a faultless performance so could not be denied the Bitch CC or BOB. Later delighted to see her win G2. A credit to her breeder/handler owners – congratulations. 2nd DOHERTY, Miss J E & STEELE JR Mr J R Littlebriton Kissed By Fire.  Makes a beautiful shape stood and not surprised to learn she was litter sister to the Limit winner. Typically long head with flat skull, expressive eyes and neat ears. Slight arch to her neck. Straight front and neat hare feet. Top line showing slight rise over the loin and well set tail. Really good muscle tone and strength to her hocks. Was disappointed she appeared to be having an off day and did not put her all in and settle as well on the move as I expected her to. Nonetheless a very attractive bitch. 3rd GUYTON Ms A J Ansanda Scarlet Ribbons