• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales & Monmouthshire Cocker Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

The South Wales & Mon. Cocker Spaniel Club held their championship show at Monmouth School Sports Club on Saturday 30 March 2019 where Best in Show was Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show Cassom Margot Fonteyn and Best Puppy In Show Bartonholm May Queen.

My thanks to the officers and committee for giving me such a warm Welsh welcome, the venue and ring set-up were excellent and my two great stewards kept everything running like clockwork. Quality, movement and presentation were all very mixed in today’s dog entry but I was very pleased with my final line-up and my top winners delighted me.


Any Solid Colour Special Puppy (2 entries, 0 absent) 1 Aykroyd’s Clydesian Desperado, very happy black who scores for his merry, compact type. Has a very pleasing head, good shoulders, excellent body. Moved out really happily which won him this class 2 Mace’s Siruis Black Del Re Di Danari Fonesse (Imp Ita), a different type who scores for his clean flowing outline. Has a masculine head, excellent shoulders and upper arm combined with great substance. Today he just could not get his showing act together which was a shame.

Any Solid Colour Special Junior (0,0)

Any Solid Colour Special Graduate (2, 0) 1 Shapland’s Deracor Distinction, very compact cockery black. Very pleasing masculine head. Really good neck and shoulder angulation with very compact, well ribbed body. Moved very well when he settled. 2 Kilminster’s Izznberr Glass Half Fulll For Withybed, a very happy and outgoing youngster who scores for his attractive head and strong bone. Moved out very happily but can tighten in rear, beaten today by winner’s superior angulation and compactness.

Any Solid Colour Special Open (1,0) 1 Kew’s Lujesa Starman At Wyleview, very attractive, high quality compact black with a big personality. Loved his masculine head and kindest of expressions. Good front with time to develop fully in width and depth of chest. Excellent ribs and short body. Moved out very happily.

Any Particolour Special Puppy (4, 0) 1 Whitehead’s Royaldean Aramis, still raw but won this class on his outstanding angulation and free movement. Has a very pleasing head and eye, excellent width and depth of chest, very short in body. Excellent flat silky coat. Moved out very happily and soundly. 2 Share-Jones’ Sharemead The Conqueror, different style to winner, having completed all his growing, but scores for substance combined with great angulation all through. Has a pleasing, masculine head, great ribs and excellent rear quarters. Moved out well 3 Harrison’s Lourisma New Statesman

Any Particolour Special Junior (1,0) 1 Pearce-Gudger’s Glowhill Silversmith For Pearkim, very striking and attractive black and white youngster of excellent compact type. Pleasing head, liked his width of chest, big ribs and short body. Excellent coat, steady mover

Any Particolour Special Graduate (1, 1) Absent

Any Particolour Special Open (3,0) 1 Amos-Jones’ Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW, won this class and later the CC for his perfect balance and pure unexaggerated cocker type, combined with the soundest, happiest driving movement. Has an excellent masculine head, really good shoulder layback together with big ribs and short body topped off with great angulation and width in hindquarters. Perfect coat, perfectly presented. Today he was some distance ahead of the competition for another well deserved CC and Best In Show 2 Pearce-Gudger’s Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming Of Pearkim, very happy and outgoing orange who just demands attention. Very pleasing head, has great depth of chest and lovely upper arm. Excellent ribs and great rear angulation, moved out really well. A lovely boy who put on a great show, very close up for RCC 3 Beever’s Snowgate Parti Over To Dandyjan

Any Colour

Veteran (4,0) 1 Pretty’s Sh Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind, looking as good today as when I gave him his second CC six and a half years ago this remarkable black and white just conquered this class. He combines wonderful quality, substance and overall compact type, still has the most attractive head and eye. Excellent depth and width of chest, great angulation all through. Beautiful, faultless coat presentation, he moved out just like the happy young man he still is to win the RCC and Best Veteran. 2 Costello’s Judika Arizona, different style from winner, being a more upstanding type but scores for his overall excellent angulation, masculinity and happy movement. Very pleasing head, excellent chest, ribs and body. Sound active mover 3 West’s Sheigra Starstruck JW

Minor Puppy (8,1) 1 Collins’ Craigdean Killiecrankie At Candyke, beautifully balanced and unexaggerated young cocker. Won this class for his honest construction and quality. Very attractive head, has great angulation all through, excellent coat for age. Moved out really well. Appealed enough to reach my final shortlist, Best Puppy Dog 2 Anslow’s Craigdean Oor Jimmie At Shansart, won his place for his great outgoing movement and quality. His head will develop with age but he has excellent construction and substance all through. Excellent coat quality and presentation. 3 Share-Jones’ Sharemead The Conqueror

Puppy (5,0) 1 Harrison’s Lourisma New Statesman, third in the strong particolour puppy class, he won this class on his happy outgoing movement. Carrying a few excess pounds today but no mistaking the excellent construction beneath. Very short body and big ribs with great substance. With a little less weight can trouble the best 2 Platt’s Charbonnel War Words (AI) NAF, very raw and just starting to find his ring confidence but scores for his overall flowing angulation and type. Lots of quality, time can only improve him 3 Torbett & Hamilton’s Bartonholm Kings Landing At Kirlinjis NAF

Junior (3,0) 1 Morris’ Riondel Candyman, very pleasing, compact type who scores for great cocker character and construction. Attractive head and kind eye, excellent overall angulation, big ribs, good width in quarters. Moved happily and soundly 2 White’s Merrysprings Magic Star, another very square in outline. Preferred the head and angulation of winner but has a great short body and big ribs. Moved out happily 3 McGrath-Wells’ Midnight Masqurade At Glenbrows

Yearling (6,0) 1 Kettle’s Lujesa Impossible Dream, black who scores for substance and cocker type. Most pleasing head and eye. Very good shoulder angulation, good chest. Great bone with excellent ribs and coat, excellent quarters. Moved out really well, shortlisted for CC. 2 Robertson’s Kastrian Affection JW, close decision between 2 and 3, this boy winning out for his excellent condition and merry movement. Masculine head and kind eye, good substance and excellent ribs, lost out to superior angulation all through of winner. Excellent coat condition and presentation 3 Forfar’s Bartonholm Bacetta

Novice (4,0) 1 Pretty’s Joaldy Best Mate, very short cockery blue of excellent substance. Attractive head and eye, very good width of chest. Excels in shortness and strength of body with well angulated quarters. Has time to tighten in movement but very merry which won him this class 2 Platt’s Charbonnel War Words (AI) NAF 3 Torbett & Hamilton’s Bartonholm Kings Landing At Kirlinjis NAF

Undergraduate (1,0) 1 Pilkington & Ellis’ Molkara Faustus At Brimbeck, young black who appeals for his attractive head and kindest eye. Has good overall construction with time to develop in strength of body. In this class was rather distracted by the sniff appeal of the green carpet but returned in a later class to move really well, happy boy

Postgraduate (9,2) 1 Squire & Adams’ Corazon De Sibi Night Star (Imp Esp) JW, very square masculine blue who won this very good class on his strong rear movement. Good head with kind eye, scores for excellent substance, short strong body and cockery movement. Really admired his flat, silky, correctly presented coat 2 Collins’ Cachel King Of Hearts At Candyke JW, very attractive typey blue. Has a pleasing head and eye, good short body and excellent overall quality. Moved out happily 3 Young’s Canyonn Classic Legacy JW

Memorial Special Beginners (3,0) 1 Jarman’s Acquelin Double Fara Flare, very cobby, compact cocker who won on his short body and happy movement. Pleasing head and kind eye , excellent shoulder layback and upper arm with great width and depth of chest. In good coat, he moved out really well. 2 Yilmaz’ Kalispell Kisim Kelpie, larger type and not as compact as winner but scored for his kind eye and expression. Excellent substance all through. Overall good angulation, moved out well 3 Parkhouse’s Sandlauga Magic Spell For Shivani

Limit (8,2) 1 Morris’ Riondel Murphys Law, won this class for his unexaggerated, honest cocker type and his free, sound movement. Combines quality and substance. Lovely head and eye, really good in middle piece, excellent angulation all through. 2 Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich N’Famous, smaller type who excels in shoulder and upper arm angulation. Pleasing head, excellent short, deep body, just pipped by greater strength behind of winner but a happy moving, top quality exhibit 3 Davies & Pretty’s Kerriglow Game Of Thrones JW

Open (6,1) 1 Craig’s Nicibec Misunderstood JW, very masculine and substantial blue who scores for his overall construction and happy cockery movement. Very pleasing head, excellent width and depth of chest, really good ribs. Not an easy coat but very well presented. Moved out really well to win this class but held back a little in the CC challenge 2 Platt’s Charbonnel Whisky N’Soda, attractive orange of compact type and excellent substance. Moderate angulation but really scores in strength of ribs and body. Moved out really well to win this place over 3 3 Bond’s Cassom Fast And Furious At Olibond

Andrew Jones (Judge)