• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Hoblin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

The City Birmingham Canine Association Standard Poodles 1st September 2019 

This was going to be a difficult day for me personally for obvious reasons but that said it was made easier by the sportsmanship with which my decisions were accepted. I would like to thank those of you who choose to show under me and my stewards for their help and efficiency. 

VD (2:0) 1st; Furey Ch SOMANIC STYLE BY DESIN AT CLANESE. 8 years old shown and presented in first class condition masculine head and expression lovely make and shape just comes into his own on the move so free and effortless I think he has certainly improved with age Res CC & BV pleased to see he placed 2nd in Veteran Group. 2nd: Dainty Harrison & Khawaja MYALL STORM. Another quality 9 year veteran pleasing head and eye nicely constructed through out shown in good condition moved well but was just outshone by 1st.

 MPD (1:0) 1st: Gilbert CARLONIA SPRING SUNSHINE. 6 ½ month apricot male lovely colour pleasing head and expression nicely constructed moved well better presentation would improve the overall picture. 

PD (1:0) 1st : Parker & Winwood MONTEGO BIFFY CLYRO. A worthy winner even though he stood alone this white has a lovely head and eye good pigmentation good reach of neck with a good front nicely ribbed with good rear angulation great tail set and tail carriage has a lovely outline BP and won BPIB his maturity and  steadier movement I am sure he has a very bright future.

JD (0:0) 

GD (0:0) 

PGD (1:0)1st : Weigal SOMANIC DYNO MITE. 2Year old black male nice head and expression good front and reach of neck nice rear assembly shown in good condition moved well. LD (7:4) 1st : Carter SUENEO DE LA ALHAMBRA DE NOOR Y ALBARRAL FOR SOMANIC Imp. Smaller in stature than I prefer for a male but he has a lot going for him has a nice head with a good shaped dark eye good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders and front nice rear angulation  has a good  tail set and carriage . Has good movement light and free. 2nd : Bull-Harris PENDREAM RISING STAR JW.  A very honest black male more masculine in outlook than first lovely to go over not exaggerated in any department moved well just think 1st scored in front and on move today. 3rd: Clarke SOMANIC DANCIN ON A CLOUD. 

OD (7:3) 1st : Campbell  US CH DAWIN ALL THE BUZZ. My star of the day this breeder certainly can produce the goods just loved his overall make and shape loved his head and eye great reach of neck nice front and shoulder placement adequate spring of rib well set tail great rear angulation. Just came to life on the move with true poodle spirit and at one with his handler shown in good body and condition coat in pristine order a pleasure to award him the CC and BOB. 2nd: James AFTERGLOW WOLFBANE AT BLACKMINE Cw19. Really liked this boy he has a lovely head and eye good front and shoulder good rear angulation has a good ribcage well set tail shown and presented in great coat and condition moves really well thought he would be my Res CC winner but just did not have the animation and style of veteran when called back to challenge. 3rd : MYALL STORM. 

GCD (1:1) 

VB (0:0) 

MPB (3:0) 1st : Pine-Haynes VICMAR'S TAKING A LIBERTY. This pretty black has all the quality that will take her to top she has a lovely feminine head with wicked eye great front and shoulder and rear great tail set and carriage a pleasure to judge moved well for one so young BPB just not as collected on the move in the challenge for BPIB she will be a force to be reckoned once she has matured. 2nd : Mullan KEKEMARA JANE EYRE. It was a hard decision to separate second and third both quality puppies with much to like lovely heads and eyes nicely constructed this girl just kept a better outline on the move today. 3rd : Stafford & Fuller KEKEMARA BRONTE AT DIZZNEESTAR. 

PB (2:0) 1st : Parker & Winwood MONTEGO HEAR SAY. Another quality white puppy from this kennel think she is a lovely size loved her head and expression nice reach of neck good front at rear nicely presented in good coat and condition she was very naught today but showed me enough of what I was looking for. 2nd : O'Higgins CATWALK STAGE DOLL AT SARNIA. Black who when I first saw her as a MP I thought was all legs she is of bigger type but is growing into herself and maturing nicely liked her head and expression and overall construction moves well but 1st is just more me. 

JB ( 5:0) 1st : Brook SCULBROOK WHAT ARE THE ODDS. Lovely brown with a lovely head and expression good reach of neck liked her front and shoulders good rear angulation good ribcage good tail set looks great when stacked and did not disappoint on the move today sound and free great presentation Res CC. 2nd : Jennings & Hindley ALIBAMA DOUBLE PLATINUM. Silver girl lovely head feminine head really nicely put together good tail set moves really well but today seemed to loose her outline on the move presented in good condition and coat which is a great colour for her age. 3rd: Wells VOLGARUS THERE'S A REASON. 

GB (0:0) 

PGB (6:3) 1st : Hardy HIGHLA EVA SO LOVELY. Nicely constructed black bitch from a bigger mould pleasing head and eye good reach of neck nicely constructed front and rear angles good tail set shown in good body and condition scored on the move today sound and free. 2nd : Muir & Jennings KERTELLAS SWEET NOTHINGS. Lovely quality black has so much to like about her has so many good qualities if only she could get her act together with her handler it would be a different story. 3rd: Lea SOMANIC JIVIN U'KRAZY. 

LB (4:2) 1st : Patterson Rogerson KAMARRI JANE RUSSELL. Pretty black girl of ideal size with a lovely head and eye lovely reach of neck great front and shoulders good ribcage lovely rear angulation in good coat and condition moved well with reach and drive. 2nd: Harwood & Langdon ATASTAR RYTHYM IS A DANCER AT ALUSIO. Another quality black girl maybe a little bigger that I prefer has everything in the right place and I can see why she has done the winning she has but today was just not collected on the move. 

OB (6:4) 1st ; Barker CRYSTALAR BLUE OPAL. Lovely feminine quality girl loved her head and eye and expression lovely front and reach of neck short backed good tail set good rear quality coat which is expertly presented moved really well today covering the ground it was a pleasure to award her the CC her 3rd so many congratulations. 2nd : Wells CH VOLGARUS MAXI MILLION. Another quality black lovely head and eye a pleasure to go over so well put together expertly presented and handled can see why she carries her title. 

GCB (3:1) 1st : Bull-Harris PENDREAM GO GETTER. Black girl has a nice head and eye honestly put together nicely presented moved well keeping her outline. 2nd: SOMANIC JIVIN U'KRAZY. White nice make shape and size like her head and expression is nicely put together well presented quality coat she would have been my winner if she had got her act together on the move. 

Judge Andrew Hoblin