• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

East of England Championship Show - 5th July 2019 


What a fabulous day; I can’t thank the society enough for the invitation. I was lucky enough to have good quality 

dogs all with super temperaments. The feed back I received from exhibitors, other breeds exhibitors who watched 

on but most of all from the KC Officials who were officiating ringside your comments were lovely thank you. 

Additionally, the Our Dogs coverage of the group showed how well my BOB conducted herself and the response 

from live comments was amazing you should be very proud of her. Now for my stewards, you were spot on, we had 

a laugh along the way and everything was run efficiently I had total trust in all you did making my judging experience 

more enjoyable. 

MPD (1) 

1st Little’s Shantallah Game of Chance at Lochurr – 7mth Black and Gold, what a big lad he is going to be and 

definitely one to watch. He is very well put together, with excellent bone and coverage for his age. Head is 

developing well, good length of neck blending well to an excellent shoulder placement, nice depth of brisket and 

spring of rib for age, strong top line for age held on stance and in movement, well moulded croup and excellent rear 

angles. Feet need tightening but this should come with age, moved a little close behind and obvious age-related 

looseness but showed strength in hock as he drove through and in relaxed stance. He didn’t drop his head 

sufficiently enough to show all he had on the move but that was due to puppy misbehaviour. He settled more as the 

show progressed and I was pleased to award him BPIB. Please persevere with him he is lovely; I could have taken 

him home! 

PD (0) 

JD (2) 

1st Strange’s Challengehaus Justify (Imp USA) - 14mth Black & gold of medium size and bone. Turned out in good 

condition. Head developing well, can see the strength of skull coming his dark almond eye finishes the expression. 

Balanced front, well angled pasterns but feet need attention, excellent rear angles. Good depth of brisket. Side gait 

shows he uses what he has but still very loose when moving away and coming to, but time is on his side and he is 

heading in the right direction. 

2nd Whiteside’s Hamadryas Sword - 13 mth Black and gold in excellent condition, good head and ear set with 

almond shaped medium eye gave a lovely expression. Balanced front and rear angles and moved sound in all 

directions with strength to hocks and stood on good feet, croup a little too rounded and a bit too much tuck up. He is 

still young so hopefully this will drop when he bodies up more with age. 

YD (1) 

1st Brandon’s Lornaville Higher Court – 21 mth What a lovely young male with excellent bone. Correctly 

proportioned masculine head very expressive with a dark almond eye, strong neck of good length onto well placed 

lay of shoulder meeting with correct upper arm, mirrored rear angles gave him all that was needed for that efficient 

reach and drive. Sound in all directions, would be a complete picture if his feet were better. Strong top line onto a 

gentle well moulded croup, really liked his rib development and width of loin onto a broad strong croup which gave 

the correctly angled rear it’s strength. I was initially unsure about top honours for this youngster but in the challenge 

his movement showed how his conformation enabled him to show off all he has; because of this I had no hesitation 

to award him the CC 

GD (0) 

PG (1) 

1st Gwilliam’s Kazaura’s Forever & A day at Louajak – 3yr Rich colour long coat. Good head of correct proportions 

but lighter in eye which detracts from the overall expression. Nicely put together front with good angle to pastern 

onto excellent feet. Top line could be better, croup was far too long making it too rounded. Rear angles not quite as 

good as front but he used all he had to his advantage just couldn’t drive through enough, he is however a sound 

moving dog. Fantastic nature and presented in excellent condition.MLD (3) 

1st Holden’s Strco Dark Knight – 3 yr Nice sized black and gold. Liked his head strength and expression, good ear set 

helped finish the picture. Not quite matching in front and rear angles but used what he has on the move. Nice front 

and standing on good feet with nice angle to pastern, nicely developed body with a rounded croup. Stood correct 

behind with strong hocks. 

2nd Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman JW ShCM – 3 ½ yr lighter boned male presented in lovely condition. Good head 

with dark markings, light eye spoilt his expression. Strong top line and undercarriage with lovely croup, well balanced 

rear angles with strong hocks, front angles not quite matching rear angles which showed on his movement. 

3rd Shaw’s Astradine Knight Prince 

LD (4) 

1st Chalk & Vorrias’ Chalksville Apollo – 4 yr A very smart black and gold presented in good order with nice muscle 

development. Good expressive masculine head with correct ear set, dark round eye, strong muzzle and skull. Correct 

length of neck onto a nice lay of shoulder, upper arm is a little steep causing him to toe in a little when viewed from 

front in movement. Excellent top line excelling in strength, under carriage equally strong with just the right amount 

of tuck up. Matching length of first and second thigh with well moulded croup enables his rear to be used to his 

advantage with the correct drive required and strength of hock. A very smart male who I was pleased to award the 


2nd Prydderch’s Droyale Mister Moo – 2 ½ yr Sable of good bone and condition. Masculine head with correct planes, 

finished off with a dark eye gave a lovely calm expression. Neck blends well onto a balanced front, nice depth of 

ribcage, strong top line but a little more rounded in croup, rear angles correct not quite as sound in hock as first 

place. Presented in lovely condition. 

3rd Shaw’s Astradine Knight Prince 

OD (4) 

1st Prydderch’s Droyale Leading Man Well – 3 ½ yr conditioned medium sized male with correct bone for size. 

Mature male who has lovely rear angles with correct of first and second thigh and strength to hock. Good head with 

dark almond eye, strong muzzle and correct ear set and carriage. Adequate front onto good feet, slightly wide at 

elbow on move. Good width of back, loin and croup for his strong rear, and hock. 

2nd Forman’s Suzdans Frozen In Blue ShCM – Nearly 5yrs finer boned sable, lovely expression with good planes and 

dark almond eye, strong ear set. Balanced angles fore and aft which enabled him to move well using all he has whilst 

exhibiting soundness. Would prefer a little more spring to rib and more bone. Clean sharp outline. 

3rd Nolcini’s CH Broadmaynes Eclipse To Nolmacdon ShCM JW ShCEX 

VD (2) 

1st Vorrias’ CH Surfstone Coolio For Windgunn – 7yr very attractive male with rich black and gold. Balanced front 

and nice angle to pastern. Well-developed rib cage, body and under carriage, strong rear angles and hocks, a little 

rounded in croup. Masculine head, well set ears, round eye, beautiful white teeth! Moved a little close behind but 

very sound and uses all he has on the move holding his shape and top line at all times. Presented in beautiful 

condition. Pleased to award him BVIB and nice to hear he got short listed in the Veteran Group. 

2nd Shaw’s Frontrunner Jetsetter For Astradine ShCM - 8yr Black and tan with the black gleaming. Quite a shortbodied dog with adequately balanced front and rear angles just would benefit from a little more. Standing onto tight 

feet. Masculine head with medium eye. Moved sound in all directions, credit to his owner. 

Special Beginners 

1st Millington’s Cunannun Ennis - 3 yrs black and gold, balanced throughout with a strong top line and good 

undercarriage. Strong broad skull, with good ear set, medium eye and strong muzzle. Standing on tight feet. Moved 

sound holding his shape in all directions.2nd Gwilliam’s Kazaura’s Forever & A day at Louajak 

MPB (2) 

1st Little’s Shantallah Dancing Queen At Lochurr – 7mth litter sister to the MPD and a cracking youngster as well. 

Very well constructed girl with nice bone for her size. Nice head although her ears are a bit on the large size at 

present, dark almond eyes. Strong top line, nice depth to body with good undercarriage, lovely front and rear angles 

giving a fabulous side gait, nice width to croup. Still very loose but stands strong in hock when free standing, nails 

need attention as this is spoiling her feet. Again, a nice pup and one to watch. 

2nd Vine’s Deykanublue Eevie – 7mth finer boned gold sable, very excitable girl who was enjoying herself. Pleasing 

head with a medium brown eye. Balanced front and rear onto tight feet. Rib cage needs to spring a little more. 

Would prefer a better top line and under carriage. 

PB (0) 

JB (4,1abs) 

1st Chalk & Vorrias’ Chalksville Anastasia – 16mth black & gold, well put together, nice head with good skull and 

gentle stop, dark muzzle. Well Balanced front with good angle to pastern onto tight feet. Rib cage developing well, 

and correct undercarriage, correct rear angulations, and strong in hock. Moved with ease using all she had. 

2nd Smith’s Echosands Shimmer N Gold – 12mths and just out of puppy a finer bitch to first place, dark head and 

muzzle, but slightly lighter in eye, front angles not quite as good as rear, good croup. Used what she could holding 

her shape in side profile, and sound in all directions just a touch close in rear. 

3rd Cave’s Ballynabola Ria 

YB (2) 

1st Brandon’s Lornaville Classic Jewel – 21mth a lovely well angled bitch, with front and rear angles to match. Good 

angle to pastern but standing on poor feet. Strong top line onto a well moulded croup. Well developed body with 

good spring of rib. Head is very attractive and set off with the darkest eye. Appeared to be new to the show ring but 

coped well. Moved with ease around the ring showing soundness in all directions which won her the class. 

2nd Birkett’s Lornaville Trick Shot At Lakesdrift – 21mth asked on the day if these two were connected as very much 

alike, and yes litter sisters. Nothing much between them, excellent head and expression, rib cage a little more 

rounded, pleasing body shape showing a good top line and undercarriage. Good angles fore and aft, moved well in 

profile but not as strong in rear movement as first place. 

GB (0) 

PGB (4, 2abs) 

1st Gibson’s Echosands Kiss N Tell ShCM – 2 yrs a lovely substantial bitch with plenty of bone, yet still feminine. 

Strong head with a dark almond eye and calm expression. Well-constructed throughout, correct lay of shoulder and 

upper arm, nice angle to pastern standing on good feet. Neck blends onto a strong top line with strong body, rib 

cage and thickness to loin and croup, firm undercarriage. Matching rear angles without being too much. Moved in all 

directions with purpose using a correct even gait displaying soundness throughout lovely to see such a conditioned 

bitch. I would however like a better colour but this is to be seen through to appreciate what she has. Pleased to 

award her RCC and later Best Special Beginners where she presented herself so well in the group. 

2nd Gledhill’s Greenveldt Dorra - 2 ½ yrs finer bitch, rich in colour. Pleasing head with good proportions, good ear set 

and dark eye. Top line not firm enough a little too roached, with a longer croup. Moved sound although very close 


MLB (2) 

1st Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake JW – 3 ½ yr Black and pale Gold, her black is so rich lovely to see. Finer type bitch 

with more rear angles than front. Strong top line and deep body with developed rib cage. Weaker in front angles butstands on lovely tight feet. Darkly marked head with medium brown almond shaped eye, a little more width to 

muzzle would give a better expression. Moved sound in all directions. 

2nd Slaughter & Parsons’ Kintaro Valencia with Franzille – 3 yr gold sable, excellent head expression very dark but 

light brown eye. Lovely front construction with correct lay of shoulder and upper arm, rear angles not quite 

matching being shorter in first thigh, croup a little too rounded and steep which causes the top line to be more 

roached than the required level top line. Presented in good condition moving out sound. 

LB (5,1abs) 

1st Prydderch’s Droyale Charlie Girl – 2 ½ yr medium bitch with correct bone and nice coverage. Good lay of 

shoulder, but steep in upper arm causing to be wide and toe in when coming to. Standing on nice feet. Good head 

with lovely expression. Correct rear angulations, with moulded croup, well developed rib cage and under carriage, 

broad and strong top line which was held firm at all times. Sound movement displaying strength in rear, a nice bitch. 

2nd Whiteside’s Chalksville Global Girl at Hamadryas – 5yrs similar size to first place, but with a more balanced front 

assembly, good angle to pastern and standing on lovely feet, a little narrow across loin, good rear angles, but croup a 

bit too long and detracts into the top line. Moved sound in all directions and presented in good order. 

3rd Slaughter & Parsons’ Kintaro Valencia With Franzille 

OB (5,2 abs) 

1st Stephens’ Brightmeadow Kiss And Tell – 2 yrs well what can I say, an eye catching bitch oozing breed qualities, 

correct bone for size and presented in fantastic condition. Feminine head made up of correct proportions, skull 

development and ear set and carriage, finished off with a dark almond eye. Good length of neck blending into a 

strong top line. Correct lay of shoulder and upper arm, elbows tight, good angle to pastern and standing on lovely 

tight feet. Well developed rib cage with the correct amount of spring, loin broad and strong onto a slightly sloping 

croup without exaggeration, rear angles have the correct length of first and second thigh, and are well muscled, 

ensuring that hocks were always displaying strength in whatever she did. Movement was effortless with a steady 

gait, soundness displayed from all angles. Pleased to award her the CC and then BOB she gave an amazing 

performance in the group, and onlookers were mightily impressed with her, just a shame she wasn’t placed. 

2nd Brandon’s Lornaville Fair Trial – 2 ½ yr an exceptionally strong bitch who excelled in angles both fore and aft, a 

beautiful head piece which was finished off with the kindest dark eye. Deep in brisket with good ribbing, blending 

towards her loin which was equally as strong. Good under carriage. Croup more rounded than first place and 

enhanced her rear angles a little. Movement in profile was lovely holding her outline at all times whilst covering the 

ground with ease. Would have liked her to be a little stronger in hock, but none the less a beautiful breed example. 

3rd Forman’s Suzdans Vidia 

VB (1) 

1st Holden’s Strco Black Treacle – 8 ½ yr long coat sable and what a gorgeous specimen she is. Put together so well, 

excellent front assembly, onto strong legs, nice angle to pastern and tight feet, rear angles mirroring her front, onto 

strong hocks. Length of rib cage and loin in correct proportions. Head displaying the darkest almond eye, with only a 

tiny bit of grey on her muzzle, other than that her age did not come through in anyway. Sadly, she was carrying 

excess weight and this I felt spoilt the overall picture and unfortunately lost her in the challenge for best veteran, if 

this was not the case, she would have been giving the younger girls a bit of a sweat for top honours not just the male 


Special Beginners 

1st Gibson’s Echosands Kiss N Tell ShCM 

2nd Smith’s Echosands Shimmer N Gold 

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)