• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Amanda Deane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)


28TH JULY 2019


BB & BOB – Woodley’s – Sh Ch A Sense of Pleasure’s Yvli At Alkhamhurst

RBB – Bailiss – Tissalian Hi Society

BPB – Hopkinson’s – Good Evening Rocheby

BVB & BV – Kulleseid’s - Sh Ch Centenalee Sparkling Snow

SBB & BSB - O’Neill’s – Ramsayville Tali

I would like to say what an honour it was to judge at this lovely run Championship show, I really enjoyed my day, I had some high quality bitches and in many classes placings were hard to decide. I would like to thank the committee very much for their hospitality, also the exhibitors for their entry and support. I would also like to thank my wonderful stewards for all their help in making it run smoothly. I found mostly that movement was good but that some moved a little wide at the front or was flinging a leg. I pulled out a few for the top honors due to the quality of the bitches.

Thank you to my co-judge David Nightingale for the friendly relaxed discussion on our overall winners.

BOB was awarded to: Woodley’s – Sh Ch A Sense of Pleasure’s Yvli At Alkhamhurst and I heard later that she was short-listed in the gundog group – well done.


1ST – Hopkinson’s – Good Evening Rocheby

Such a pretty black baby, just how a minor puppy should look, loved her head and expression, she was short-coupled with a lovely clean outline and flow of neck into topline and tail set. Moved very well for a six month old. BPB

2nd – Woodley’s – Alkamhurst Polar Star

Another pretty black baby very similar in type and qualities to number one. Clean throughout, it was not easy to decide which one I preferred.

3rd – Rowe’s – Rochevale Once Upon A Time

PUPPY (13,3 )

1ST – Woodall’s – Mattand A Million Dreams For Thirlmere

Pretty short coupled yellow baby, took time to settle but when she did she was balanced and had a level topline and correct tail set, she had lovely angles front and rear with well-developed second thigh. Moved well in the class but didn’t do herself justice in the challenge for Best Puppy.

2nd – Hopkinson’s – Rocheby Serenity

Another beautiful black baby from this kennel, short-coupled body, good spring of rib but not too deep, level topline and tail set. Just preferred 1st second thigh. Lovely mover.

3RD – Mitchell’s – Callyswood Crystal

JUNIOR 18,3 )

1ST – Bailiss – Tissalian Hi Society

Well balanced yellow, loved her head and eye shape, her neck flows into a level topline and good otter tail, nice spring of rib with good depth of body and correct rear angles, moved with drive.

2nd – Grummitt’s – Suttonpark Sweet Revenge at Manorwell

This similar yellow was lovely to go over, she had the kindest of heads and correct ear placement, good front and neat feet, level topline and good double coat. Moved well, I put in my notes ‘will go far’ and I hope she does.

3RD – Parker’s – Newhorizon Sing It Again at Bruadarach


1ST – Reynolds – Carromer Shimmering In Pink JW

Yellow that I had admired from the ring side, she has a pretty feminine head with a good width and depth of muzzle, with correct eye colour, Good spring of rib, good turn of stifles. I liked her overall balance and angulation.

2ND – Tooth’s – Ludalor Lucille

This yellow had a little stronger head and kind expression than 1st but it was still feminine and had a lovely pigment and eye colour, neat feet, good bone and substance with correct coat texture, stood foursquare, kept her topline on the move.

3RD – Percival’s - Wynfaul Wind Chimes


1ST – Casey’s – Sandylands High Time

Lovely class, this yellow has a beautiful balanced outline. She has the most gentle feminine head and expression, with correct eye colour. Her front angulation is good with the correct lay of shoulder and upper arm. She has a good spring of rib. She is very steady and easy on the move and held her outline throughout.

2ND – Balshaw & Rawlinson’s – Shanorrell Sentimental At Halshimoor

Again a lovely yellow, She has a good front and rear angulation and a lovely outline when stood. Good bone and feet, she held her outline on the move. Correct double coat, moved well. Just preferred overall balance of 1st.

3RD – Artingstall’s – Hightrevoron Forget Me Not


1ST – Minchella’s – Abbeystead Hope

What a clean outline this black bitch has, I have liked this bitch from the ringside and it was a joy to go over her, she scored in neck and layback of shoulder. Good depth of brisket and length of leg. Stands four square, well developed quarters and held her topline on the move.

2ND – Threader’s – Gulsary Grand Design

This yellow bitch has a clean outline, with good pigmentation, eye shape and colour, nice length of neck, good depth of body and good angulation, just preferred first’s overall balance.

3RD – Dawson’s – Beskerby Singsong

LIMIT (15,3)

1ST – Hodges – Naiken Carinsia

This black bitch has a lovely outline and very well balanced, she had a good spring of rib and depth of body. She has excellent reach of neck leading into good front angulation and rear angulation. Good topline which she kept on the move.

2nd – Timms – Lejie Peace Thyme

What an excellent yellow bitch, which I was fortunate to go over, she is a strong bitch but still has a feminine head, nicely made shoulders and forearm and good rear angulations, correct coat, short coupled, moved well. Just preferred first on the day.

3RD Williamson’s – Sharouns Victoria Secret

OPEN (10,3)

1ST – Woodley’s – Sh Ch A Sense of Pleasure’s Yvli At Alkhamhurst

Classic black. Loved her outline, so clean and balanced and carrying the correct weight. She has a pretty head with the correct Labrador melting expression and correct length and width of muzzle. Lovely reach of neck, and correct angles throughout and well set otter tail. Moved very well, covering the ground with ease. I was pleased to award her the C.C.

2ND Powell’s – Seatallan Yellow Archangel Ai

Short-coupled yellow, lovely feminine head and expression, good balance throughout, correct front anguation. Strong top line and correct tail set. Just preferred 1st overall outline.

3RD – Rogers – Woodmist Mimosa


1st – Kulleseid’s – Sh Ch Centenalee Sparkling Snow

This 8 ½ year old yellow with feminine head, correct pigment and lovely expression, still looks amazing and can move with the rest, balanced throughout with good length of neck, topline and tailset, deep short coupled body, shown in lovely condition. BVB & BV

2ND – Faulkner’s – Lewisan Leading Light

This 9 year old quality black bitch of lovely type. Very feminine head with a melting expression. Good stop and length of muzzle, kind eye. Correct angles all round.

3RD – Culley’s – Devonelite Just One Look of Beneldys


1ST O’Neill’s – Ramsayville Tali

Beautiful black, she came into the ring with presence, loved her confirmation and overall balance and correct angulation. She had a feminine head and expression, good depth of body, and neat feet. She moved with drive whilst holding her topline. SBB & BSB

2ND – Parkinson’s – Burnthorn Barleytwist

Yellow, another balanced bitch, with a level topline, correct feet, her head was balanced and she had a wonderful eye expression. Moved well.

3RD – Crellin’s – Aalin Carrey Tiger Lilly