• Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Cesky Terrier

Thanks to the LKA for the invitation to award my second set of CCs and my two stewards. I last judged the breed at Darlington 2017 and again found the bitches to be stronger in quality than the dogs.

As I am not active in breed at present and have never actively bred the breed, I don’t doubt the efforts breeders have put into breeding dogs that conform to the breed standard. However, I feel I must mention a few general observations.

Firstly, I mention size. While the breed standard calls for ‘well made and well muscled’ I felt some appeared to be on the heavy side. The size of the dogs appeared to have been reduced from the dogs that were shown when I was first involved in the breed, but this now appears to be creeping back in. For me, this detracts from the elegance of the breed. The standard also requires the dogs to be an agile working terrier. Some were also a tad wide in front.

A handful of exhibits did not give off their best when stood, roaching their backs and therefore meaning the required ‘rising slightly to well-arched loin’ led to a something akin to a ski slope topline. Possibly this was due to the venue. Similarly, a few dogs appeared very timid. The breed is not renowned for being particularly outgoing but a few could benefit from enhanced socialisation.

Tailsets were better than I have seen of late with only a handful flying their tails.

I hope my comments will be taken in the manner in which they are intended and possibly taken on board for the betterment of the breed. That said, presentation was good with all exhibits presented in good condition. I was pleased with my main winners and wish the breed well.

PD (1) 1 Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission at Winoski, 7 months, good head and dark eye, correct earset, good body for age, coat coming, moved OK but needs more time to get it together. JD (2) 1 Tobijanski’s Janski Duggee, 17 months, correct earset, good length of neck, strong hindquarters and high set hocks, held topline on move, longer cast than 2 Taylor’s Oural Du Champ D’eole, 14 months, masculine head, short coupled, good tuck up, well muscled, moved OK when he puts his mind to it. PGD (1) 1 Halling’s Grancek Slavny Sandor, 2 years, masculine head, strong neck, well sprung ribs, correct rise over the loin, well off for bone, moved out with purpose. LD (1) 1 & RCC, Dukes’ Janski Theodore by Runiks, impressive dog who is very showy, masculine head, good in neck and front, well sprung ribs, slight tuck-up, coat has good sheen, forgave his tendency to fly his tail as he has excellent parallel movement. OD (2) 1, CC & BOB, Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx, my RCC winner last time I judged where I felt he didn’t give his all on the move, today he was on form, good sized dog without being coarse, good head and earset, dark eye, well sprung ribs, well muscled, moved out with drive; 2 Tobijanki’s Janski Bugurovski, strong in head and neck, high set ears, well sprung ribs, good coat texture, deeper in chest than 1, good mover. VD & GCD (0).

PB (3) 1 & BP, Dukes’ Placido Musical Miracle, a real showgirl at 7 months, friendly expression and dark eye, correct earset and carriage, maturing well for age in body, motored round the ring with her topline held, coat coming; 2 Tobijanski’s Sodovuvitch, shorter in body than 1, good in head, correct earset, well bodied for age, high set hocks, preferred more positive movement of 1; 3 Williams & Jackson’s Wherrypoint Klara. JB (1) 1 Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski, feminine head, dark eye, ears high set, lacking in facial furnishings, deep chested, moved OK. PGB (2) 1 Williams & Jackson’s Wherrypoint Lucille, feminine expression, dark eye, short coupled, good rise over loin, needs a bit more weight to complete picture, moved OK; 2 Thomson & Forbes’ Euphoriastaff Houska with Karensbrae, needs to gain in confidence, good forechest, well muscled, outmoved by 1. LB (2) 1 & RCC, England & Burrage’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath, my BP last time around, good in head and eye, lean neck, good rise over loin, well muscled, correct earset, moved out with drive; 2 Williams & Jackson’s Euphoriastaff Celeste at Wherrypoint, good forequarters, well ribbed, correct tailset, gleaming coat, needs to gain in confidence. OB (2,1a) 1 Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova, shorter in body than some others, nice head, dark eye, correct earset, well muscled, tailset slightly high for my liking. VB (3,1) Two worthy exhibits of the breed. 1 & CC, Withers’ Fr Ch Hello Dolly Du Champ D'Eole, presents a lovely outline, feminine in head, elegant neck, deep chested, short coupled, good tuck-up, moved out well. Felt the dog just had the upper edge in the BOB challenge; 2 Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM VW ShCEx, a tad longer in body than 1 and wider in front, well placed ears, well muscled, good quarters, topline maintained on move. GCB (0).