• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: A. J. Flower Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Great Dane



Thank you to all those who entered under me and to City of Birmingham for the privilege of judging at their 75th Celebration, a lot of thought and hard work went into making this a most successful event. Temperament of majority of dogs was excellent today and it was clear that they were loved and cared for. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the structure, as I’ve said in previous notes, heads do not fit the standard, chiselled, correct plains, expression, instead many have too much stop, broad in backskull, too much cheek, ears are too big and should be set higher, excessive skin. So many shoulders are incorrect, the angles are wrong, some are loaded, the upper arm should come back underneath in balance with the elbow in a vertical line with the withers and without a pigeon chest, this is a real concern and does affect movement, so many pin!! Dogs may move freely, but stride, drive and balance is not there. Lines do not flow, backs long, many angular Danes, eyes still remain a problem sadly. My love of Danes will never falter and I hope that Breeders are looking seriously at all these faults and try to breed them out in an attempt to regain a noble breed that has been lost.

Veteran Dog - Entries 0

Minor Puppy Dog - Entries 3

1st Henshall’s CALCHAS ZIPPER DE DODAR – 7 month old Harlequin of good bone, correct shoulder, level back with angulated quarters, moved freely.

2nd Baker’s SENSIDANE ALL IN WITH PREVELI (ai) (lkc) (ai) (NAF) – Well bodied fawn of 7 months, pleasing head, arched feet, shown in condition, little high on bottom – acceptable at this age.

Puppy Dog -  Entries 5 (1 withdrawn)

1st Chappell’s SELMALDA RICOCHET (ai) – Elegant red fawn dog with black muzzle, lovely length of foreface, crest of neck, correct lay of shoulder with just enough upper arm, flat bone, level back into angulated quarters. Just under 12 months. I would like to see more bone, but his proportions are correct and in profile his lines flow and are pleasing on the eye. Moved well, my BP and DCC today.

2nd Thurlby’s SANTANNA SPECIAL LEGACY AT JUSTINIAN (lkc) – Lovely fawn dog of 9 months strong bone, correct lay of shoulder, moved well.

Junior Dog - Entries 2

1st Donnelly’s & Toohey’s PRIMUS BREAKIN RULES – Fawn dog of 17 months, good bone, typical head with lovely expression, level back, just enough angulation, needs to let down in hock, a very compact dog that moved freely, shown in lovely condition. RDC

2nd McLellan’s TAYHAMBLUE SHOW MUST GO ON WITH ANADAIN – Fawn rangy dog of 16 months with good length of back, needs to strengthen in pastern, moved alright.

Yearling Dog - Entries 1

1st Mitchell’s OLDCHARM MARKUS AT ELSIMBA – Fawn dog of nearly 2 years, stood square, crest of neck and level back, needs to settle on the move.

Graduate Dog -  Entries 1

1st Mackenzie’s CARSAN VINCENT - Blue dog of nearly 17 months, moved freely, level topline, good angulation.

Post Graduate Dog - Entries 2

1st McCulloch’s ALLOURS DRACO AT KINDALLADANE – Rich red fawn of 20 months, strong head with black mask and dark eye, good spring of rib, little excitable, needs work to settle and calm him.

2nd Mackenzie’s CARSAN VINCENT

Limit Dog - Entries 8 (2ab) 

1st McGowan’s KINNEGANS TWISTED FIRE STARTER – Fawn dog of 2 years, a very mature dog of good bone, depth of brisket, spring of rib, level topline into angulated quarters, little lazy on the move.

2nd Dyson’s SAMDICE MY HERO (ai) JW – 3 year old fawn dog with lovely expression, good spring of rib, level topline and well angulated quarters. Moved well.  

Open Dog - Entries 5

1st Bailey’s PRIMUS GREAT GATSBY JW – 2 ½ year old fawn dog with black mask, appealing head and expression, clean neck, flat bone, would like more spring of rib, shown in beautiful condition.

2nd Chappell’s & Williams CH SELMALDA THE JOURNEY JW – 5 year old fawn dog in good condition, level back and angulated quarters, moved well.

Good Citizen Dog - Entries 0

Veteran Bitch - Entries 0

Minor Puppy Bitch - Entries 3 (1ab)

1st McCulloch’s YANA IN FLAGRANTI AT KINDALLADANE (Imp) Deu – 8 month old fawn bitch lovely head and expression, black mask, crest of neck, well laid shoulder and angulated quarters, needs to settle and gain confidence. Be interesting to see how she progresses.

2nd Kingsley’s DAINOAK FELICITAS – Harlequin bitch of just 6 months, very much a baby, lovely temperament, good lay of shoulder, coat in good condition.

Puppy Bitch - Entries 6 (1ab)

1st Chappell’s SELMALDA LISA JANE (ai) – Graceful fawn bitch of nearly 12 months. Appealing head, black mask with good length of foreface and expression, clean cut neck, correct lay of shoulder, level back slight rise over the loin into correct croup and angulated quarters. Moved freely. Although I prefer more strength of bone, this little detracts from the beautiful qualities in this young dog, in that there are refreshingly no exerations in structure. Her lines flowed, the best dane I saw today. BCC BP and BOB

2nd Cranfield’s SANTANA DAZZLING SPIRIT AT ZEFATHER (Ikc) – 9 month old fawn bitch lighter in colour than no. 1, black mask, dark eye, moved freely, flat bone, arched feet, shown in good condition. 

Junior Bitch - Entries 4 (2ab) 

1st Bell’s JAYDANIA ANGEL OF HARLEM WITH DARLOU – Fawn bitch of nearly 17 months, lovely expression, flat bone, angulated quarters, tight feet, moved freely.

2nd Harvey’s ROYCHAMP COCONUT – Clean coloured black bitch of 12 months, level back, good angulation, moved freely.

Yearling Bitch Entries 0

Graduate Bitch - Entries 4 (2ab)

1st Kelleway’s DORNOIR LUCIANA – Gentle Blue bitch of nearly 2 years, good flat bone, stands square, correct angulation, moved well. 

2nd Southgate’s EMPRESS ELIVIRA V ROSHERTA (Imp NLD) JW – 19 month old clean black bitch, good length of muzzle, correct lay of shoulder, well bodied, shown in lovely condition. 

Post Graduate Bitch - Entries 4 (1ab)

1st Cranfield’s ZEFATHERS SWEET CHILD OMINE BJWNL’19 – Good coloured fawn bitch of 16 months, lovely type with beautiful expression, correct lay of shoulder and depth of brisket, short coupled with angulated quarters moved freely.

2nd White’s JUTLANDERS ARE YOU READY (Imp) JW – Fawn bitch of 22 months attractive head, level back and well angulated quarters, shown in lovely condition.

Limit Bitch - Entries 8 (4ab) 

1st McGowan’s SHLARRA PICTURE PERFECT AT PENMARLAM – Beautiful red fawn bitch of 2 years, lovely type with appealing head, length of foreface, correct lay of shoulder, little high on bottom, just enough angulation, needs to let down in hock. Moved freely, overall a very even and in proportion dog. RBCC

2nd Jacobs VANMORE DIVA DANCER AT KAZABBIE – 16 month old fawn bitch, appealing head with black mask and drop of lip, good bone, level topline, well bodied, a kind spirited dog that moved freely.

Open Bitch - Entries 4 (1ab) 

1st Allison’s CH GRETADANE HONEY SUCKLE – Fawn bitch of nearly 3 years, very calm, strong head, level back with angulated quarters moved freely, shown in lovely condition.

2nd Middleton’s TAYSCA MUST DE CARTIER AT DORNOIR JW – Black bitch of 2 years, lovely head good length of muzzle, good bone, correct lay of shoulder.

Good Citizen Bitch - Entries 1 

1st Middleton’s DAMARKANN ILLICIT LOVE FOR DORNOIR – Harlequin bitch of 3 years, clean white background, appealing head, flat bone, well bodies a very compact bitch shown in lovely condition.