• Show Date: 08/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Yvonne Fox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Stanhope Agricultural Society


Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting me as a replacement judge at such short notice.

BSD (Groen) - O (4,1) 1. Lawless & Donaldsons’ 1.Ch/Ir Ch Revloch Celebrity Status JW ShCM, 7 year old who made light of her years, sweet head and expression, lovely overall proportions, good shoulder angulation and length of upper arm, well shaped ribs of good length and depth, in good coat. Moved well with a pleasing balanced action BOB; 2. Clegram’s Jenkova de Vino de Lacasa at Smiddyshaw, 11 years young, another with a good head and outline, good ribbing, carrying a little extra weight but won her place on her front reach and pleasing, balanced movement; 3. Lawless’ Ir Ch Revloch Love Me Do JW ShCM

BSD (Terv) O (2,1) 1. Donaldson’s Fivannte Fashion Parade, almost 2 years, feminine girl, lovely outline, good head with dark eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good length and depth of rib, moved out well from all angles BOB. Border Collie P (1,0) 1. Johnson & Ambler’s Wicked Sensations,n nice head and dark eye on this young man and good proportions overall. Nice shoulder angulation although I would prefer a little more length of upper arm. Good depth of rib. OK rear, moved steadily BPIB; G (3,0) 1. Grants Coussiere Dancing Queen, nice head and expression from dark eyes, good front and rear angulation and correctly shaped ribs of good depth. Nice outline standing, moved out well. BOS; 2. Carlton’s Wearstroll Witchcraft, another with good head and expression and showed herself to advantage standing. Liked her front angulation and moved well, just preferred 1 going away; 3. Harkness' Brymarway Let It Be Me; O (3,1) 1. Harkness’ Locheil It Had To Be You at Brymarway ShCM, 7 year old dog, nicely made with lovely head and expression, good overall proportions, well shaped ribs of good length and depth, nicely angulated front and rear and moved out around the ring with a reachy, balanced action. BOB; 2. Ambler’s Caleykiz Born to Boogie JW ShCM, another nice one and similar comments apply, on the move I just felt 1 had a little more front reach on the day. Hungarian Puli O (2,1)

1. McBeths Ch/Ir Ch Silkata Perchance to Dream with Maclaurien JW ShCM Ir J Ch, alone but a worthy winner this 6 year old presents a lovely outline standing, good head with dark eyes and strong jaw, harsh corded coat. Strongly made with excellent front and rear angulation - he really moved out well around the ring - BOB &  pleased to see him go G1; Pembroke Corgi O (1,0) 1. Reays’ Jacqueilas Dawns Melody ShCM, 10 year old, good head and expression, nice outline standing, correct forechest, ribbing and balanced angulation. Moved well, belying her age. BOB. Australian Shepherd Dog O (2,0) 1. Turnbull, Clegram & Holligans Jenkova Dark Secret ShCM, well presented feminine girl with pleasing head and expression, nice angulation front and rear and moved well from all angles BOB; 2. Ambler’s Ewbell First Addition, I liked him for his overall proportions , good head and expression and another with nice angulation. He moved well but I just preferred 1 going away. Pyrenean Mountain Dog O (4,0) 1. Holmes’ Lisjovia Estavez JW ShCM, there were 4 nice Pyrenean in this class all with much to like. This young lad was mature for his age with good strength throughout. Beautiful head and expression, good proportions overall. Well shaped ribs of good depth, good angulation front and rear, enabling him to move around the ring with a nice easy action. BOB; 2. Holmes’ Lisjovia Emillo sister to 1 and definitely the female version. She is just not so mature in body or coat as her brother but she too moved well;  3. Holmes Lisjovia Takahashi JW ShCM. OES O (4,3) 1. Ferguson’s Mellowdee Moriarty with Lexalby ShCM, good outline standing this young lad has good bone, well angulated shoulders with good length of upper arm and rear angulation to match. Good ribbing and nice harsh coat, moved out well around the ring.  BOB Group 2. Briard O (3,0) 1. Kellett & Burrows Fostebrie Exotique of Kell Bry, feminine girl, good head and lovely eye, good, well balanced angulation front and rear, moved around the ring with a nice easy action BOB Group 3; 2. Kellett & Burrows Fostebrie Romantique of Kell Bry, another feminine bitch, in good coat with good head and eye. Nicely handled to get the best out of her, she moved well but just preferred the front extension of 1.3. Russell’s Elvinville Hugo Boss, just 6 months and correspondingly raw and enjoying his day out but a promising pup with a lovely head developing and nice dark eyes. He has good angulation front and rear and when he settles he showed nice scopy movement. BPIB.

Yvonne Fox (Judge)