• Show Date: 28/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Yvette Goodman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Counties Gundog Club


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to this well run and organised show plus the fabulous lunch! I had a lovely entry of dogs of good standard, I have never judged so many dogs that were all very well-muscled and fit, maybe all the open countryside benefits these dogs greatly.


1 Cook’s Claychalk Costa Latinum Exelby First show for this 6 month and 4 day old chocolate puppy – he was a real cutie with the sweetest of expressions. He is still very raw as you would expect at this age but has all that you want for him to develop from, pleasing eye shape and colour, plenty of bone, good topline and tailset, good front and rear angulation and well balanced. Moved true going and returning. Pleased to award this youngster Best Puppy Dog and BPIB.

2 Keating’s Whistletyne Tanqueray Also first show for this 10 month old black dog who was clean looking and not overdone with good reach of neck, level topline that was held well on the move. This youngster had a pleasing head moved with drive around the ring.

3 Thornton’s Mallendyke Starting Point


1 Keating’s Whistletyne Tanqueray

2 Renicks’ Dentonside Aramis A 15 mouth old black dog who was lean and in good shape in term of muscle tone, could certainly do a days work! A pleasing head, good reach of neck and nice tight feet. Moved with drive around the ring.


1 Cook’s Meadowline Makassar Exelby A 20 month old black dog who stood four square giving a clean balanced outline, again not over done in anyway. Pleasing head, good tailset and front and rear angulation all finished off with a good double coat. Moved with drive.

2 Roberts Stormrose Royal Occasion A 2 year old yellow dog, another dog with a pleasing head and good use of his ears. A strong substantial youngster with a lot to like about him but today was beaten to first on his movement.

3 Ennis-Holden’s Mattand On Your Marks


1 Parker’s Poniel Reason to Believe at Bruasarach A 4 year old black dog who stood four square showing off his good length of neck, topline and tailset, front and rear angulation. Not over done in anyway and for me was carrying the right amount of weight and was well muscled throughout. A pleasure to admire in profile and on the move as he covered the ring with ease moving true coming and going, pleased to award Best Dog and RBOB.

2 Mullett’s Cuerdenlake Caragh A 5 year old black dog and the first comment in my notes he was lovely tailset and tail. A good topline, who stood four square and again was not over weight in any way, another fit dog who moved well.


1 Robert’s Stormrose Golden Fortune JW ShCM A strong and substantial 5 year old yellow dog from nose to tail. Good pigmentation, front and rear angulation, topline and tailset, another that moved with drive around the ring, all finished off with correct double coat.

2 Robert’s SHCH Stormrose Morning Jewel JW ShCM A yellow 9 year old dog who at heart was still a puppy. Another substantial dog from this kennel, plenty of bone with lots of likeable qualities but was beaten on movement today, pleased to award Best Veteran in Breed.

3 Ennis-Holden Rocheby Toast Master


1 Gartland’s Knoydar Sunrise An 8 month old pretty yellow bitch who was of good size for her age. Pleasing head with good pigmentation, eye shape and colour. Stood four square showing off her good front, topline and tailset. Moved well around the ring. Best Puppy Bitch.

2 Thornton’s Malendyke Pave The Way Another pretty bitch, 10 month old black with a nice thick otter tail. A lot to like about this youngster with her clean outline, level topline and finish with that fabulous tail, today she was pipped to first on her movement.


1 Ennis-Holden Mariank Sweet Music An 18 month old pretty yellow bitch with good pigmentation. Good front and rear angulation but would have preferred a bit more length of leg. She moved well around the ring using her thick otter like tail the whole time.


1 Powell Seatallan Yoshina (AI) a 21 month old black bitch on who I would have preferred to see a more of a stop to give her a more feminine head, stood four square to perfection giving a clean pleasing outline, good reach of neck, lovely topline and perfect tailset finish with a thick otter like tail. She had good muscle tone and this balanced bitch moved well around the ring.

2 Cook’s Hannabee Queen’s English Exelby Another young black bitch of 20 months who did not stop wagging her tail! Pleasing head, good angulation with tailset and otter like tail, would have preferred her to hold her topline more.

3 Threader’s Gulsary Grand Design


1 Powell’s Seatallan Yellow Archangel (AI) This young pretty 21 month old yellow bitch caught my eye immediately, liked everything about her, she stood four square showing off her good reach of neck, topline and tailset, coupling and good angulation front and rear. She moved true and with drive around the ring. Pleased to award this bitch Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

2 Keating’s Whistletyne Magnolia Tree JW ShCM This 6 year old bitch looked good for her age and held her own in my largest class of the day. Nice head with good use of her ears, good reach of neck and topline finished with a tail that did not stop wagging. Stood nicely, four square showing off her profile that was not overdone.