• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vivian Silverstein Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Seaham & District Canine Society

Seaham and District Canine Society       6th May 2017

The first outdoor show of the year on a beautiful sunny day. It was a pleasure to judge some of the toy breeds today, some difficult decisions. Thank you to the entrants for their support and to the club for the invitation.

Chihuahua L/C PG 4,1.  1.   Walker's Sunlea Friesian Fancy BOB . Thirteen month old tri bitch with lovely ring presence, moved very briskly around the ring. Lovely large eye and tapered nose and good dentition. Correct  tail set and carried well at all times. 2. Robson's Rushwardens Ultraviolet of Tidos BP. Quite a mature build for a puppy of only 9 months, very beautiful outline on the move and static but just lacked the ring presence of the winner on the day.

Chihuahua L/C O 2,1.  1. Norton's Donluchi Woody Woodpecker. Two and a half year old Fawn male. Classic apple head with nice ear set, good top line and tail set. A cheerful dog.

Chihuahua S/C PG 5,2  1. Hilton's Krassel Euphoria Blossom Valenchino (IMP) BOB. Nineteen month old tri bitch. Small but very well proportioned girl and a complete show off. Beautiful head and dentition. Level topline, good tail set and strong second thigh. Moved briskly and was very attractive. 2. Veazey's Tidos Wishful Walter at Crichlys. 18 month old fawn dog, lovely outline overall of a very masculine Chi. Nice head, level top line and good tail. Moved well.

Chihuahua S/C O 2,1.  1. Norton's Jahneemahs Let's Rave Ruby with Donluchi. Almost 2 years old. A compact blue fawn sable dog, very attractive apple head with great ear set. Strong build with lovely width at the front. Straight topline and very beautiful cigar shaped tail. Sound mover.

Miniature Pinscher PG 1.  1. Cocking's Keljantzi's Xquisite Beauty.  A well developed 15 month old dog with nice hackney gait. Strong Jaw and nice scissor bite. Nicely tucked with well sprung ribs and well developed quarters with good slope in hind leg.

Miniature Pincher O 2,0  1.  Chapman's Carive Black is Back at Vickstock JW SHCM. BOB.  Gp 3. A very dainty bitch who moved briskly round the ring with style. Lovely head on an gently arched neck. A show girl who caught my eye as she entered the ring. 2. See winner of PG.

PUG  PG 6,1  1.  Walker's Sunlea Willow The Wisp. An attractive 2 and a half year old compact, cobby bitch. Lots of charm and a steady mover with nice rolling gait. Good round head and sufficiently defined wrinkles.  2. A beautifully developed 6 month old, mature for his age in looks and behaviour. Square, cobby, lovely mover with oodles of ring presence. This pup must have a great future ahead of him.

PUG O 5,1  1.  Cowie's Marfont Starman With Megipugi.  BOB  A 2 year old dog who's very square and well proportioned. Not too exaggerated in the head with nice round eyes. Lovely rolling action on the move and good reach with forelegs.  2. Walker's Sunlea Royal Albert JW SHCM. A lovely compact 3 year old dog, square and well bodied without being fat. Difficult to choose between these two.

Italian Greyhound  O 2,0  1.Langland's Dalniset Cenerertola SHCM. BOB. What an elegant 5 year old bitch, lovely high foreleg action and good propulsion from behind. Nice slim face with a good big eye. Demur and pretty with fine glossy coat. 2.  Lockie's Kimbildon Highland Laddie. A handsome  16 month old dog. Nice flat face and arched neck, deep ribs and nice curve on topline. Straight mover.

Vivian Silverstein.