• Show Date: 22/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Victoria Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bedford & District Canine Society

Perthshire Canine Club

Open Show

22nd Sept 2018

Spaniel (Cocker)

Graduate (5,3a) 1. Smith’s PEARKIM POKEMON AT LUANSHYA. 16mth orange roan dog. Masculine head with square muzzle. Dark eye, lowset ears. Clean, muscular neck. Straight forequarters with good bone. Strong, compact body with short loin. Pleasing rear with good turn stifle. Merry movement with plenty of drive. 2. Duncan’s KENWAD GUCHI BOO OF DUNHERL. 17mth blue roan bitch. Very feminine. Pleasing head with short muzzle, dark eye & pigment. Short body with good depth of chest and level topline which she held on the move.

Open (3) 1. Ewan’s CRAIGDEAN PANDORA. 3yr blue roan bitch. Compact shape with pleasant head, dark eye & pigment. Clean neck into well laid shoulders. Strong body with deep chest. Well-angled rear with plenty of muscle. Lively, happy mover with excellent reach and drive. Delighted to award her BOB. 2. Mason’s LYNSHOW KYLE. 2yr red dog. Masculine head with lovely soft expression and dark eye. Strong, clean neck into good shoulders. Well balanced front and rear. Merry mover but preferred overall drive of 1. 3. Neatham’s SHOOGSEA INDIANA JONES

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Open (1) 1. Tyler & Shiels HIGHCLARE MADE OF HONOUR AT EIRIANDYLIS. Lovely outline & well balanced. Pleasing head with good muzzle, defined stop & dark eye. Excellent, muscular neck. Nice straight front, with good bone. Strong, muscular body with plenty of brisket and good ribbing. Her rear is also well muscled with moderate turn of stifle. Easy mover. BOB and delighted to see her finish G3.

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Graduate (7, 2a) 1. Thorpe’s CANDIDACASA PORSCHE @ MONTREATHMNT. 4yr. Pretty, feminine bitch with pleasing head, dark, soft eye and wonderful expression. Strong, clean neck into well laid shoulders. Good front fill, excellent ribbing & depth of chest. Short coupled and well muscled. Excellent angles front and rear. Moves with drive, holding a solid topline. 2. Reekie’s ROTHERFIELD FIND A REASON. 2yr dog. Masculine head with dark eye and soft expression. Good, strong neck into well laid shoulder. Straight forelegs, well ribbed. Well muscled throughout. Balanced angles front and rear. Moves with drive. 3. Young & Flynn’s BALLYRIVER SLIGHTLY SOBER

Open (7, 1a) 1. Thomson’s BADCALL PETRONELLA. 3yr bitch. Very feminine with clean, balanced outline. Super head with very dark eye and soft expression. Long, clean neck, well laid shoulders. Excellent front with straight forelegs, good bone and well-defined brisket. Good ribbing with muscular, short coupled body. Excellent rear angulation with well-muscled thighs. Moved with effortless, flowing action. Delighted to award her BOB. 2. Thorpe’s CANDIDACASA PORSCHE @ MONTREATHMNT 3. Stewart, Stewart & Holmes’ CANDIDACASA DIRTY DANCING

Retriever (Golden)

Graduate (8, 3a) 1. Thomson’s CORSEMAUL I’M STAYING. 10th dog. What an absolute wee cracker. Only 10 months old but he’s all there, and then some. Masculine head with super dark eye and lovely expression. Excellent, clean, muscular neck. He has fabulous bone with straight legs and neat, well-padded feet. Good body with good depth of chest and fill. Close coupled and well muscled. Balanced angles front and rear. His movement is true and straight. 2. Younie’s GLENRIOCH STORM TROOPER. 22mth dog. Another super young lad. Similar in head to 1 with soft expression and dark eye. Strong neck, excellent bone and ribbing. Very balanced with super angles front and rear. Excellent feet. Good movement with plenty of drive. 3. Finnie’s THISTLEYHILL COUNTRY CHIEL

Open (5, 1a) 1. Younie’s LARGYMORE LIVE TO LOVE YOU ShCM. 4yr dog. Wonderfully masculine with super outline. Broad head with correct muzzle ratio, dark eye and soft expression. He has a super front with straight legs and good bone. Strong, clean neck into excellent shoulders. He is well ribbed, short coupled and well-muscled throughout. Correct tailset and length of tail. Strong, well angled rear with excellent feet. His movement is powerful with plenty of reach and drive. A joy to watch Absolutely delighted to award him BOB. 2. Warden’s EYEVALLEY MACALLAN OF GLENTOCHTY ShCM. 7yr dog. Hard to believe he is a veteran. Similar to 1 with masculine head and dark eye. His front assembly is super, with good bone, straight legs, well laid back shoulder. He is well bodied and short coupled. His rear is well angled and muscular. True, straight mover. 3. Thomson’s HARMARJOY WINTER SONG FOR CORSEMAUL

Hungarian Vizsla

Open ( 4, 2a) 1. Legg & Scott’s Sh Ch RHAPSODY IN BLUE JW ScHM. 5yr bitch. Good, clean outline. Well muscled throughout, she is in hard condition. Pleasing head with moderate stop and dark eye. Lovely, long clean neck and good shoulders. She has plenty of fill and depth of chest with good tuck up. Straight forelegs with strong pasterns. Short level back, short coupled. Well developed thigh with moderate bend of stifle. Elegant, lively mover with solid topline. BOB & delighted to see her finish G2. 2. Murray & Parker’s BONBRANDEE LUCKY PENNY. 19mth bitch. Very different in type to 1. Nice head but would prefer slightly darker eye to soften her expression. Straight legs with good bone. Feet OK. Excellent angles front and rear. Good mover but not as settled as 1.

Basset Hound

Graduate (4,0) 1. Thomson & Thomson’s ZANABEK CAUTIOUS. 3yr tri bitch. In excellent condition throughout, with gleaming coat and well muscled. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye. Ears low set and fine. Strong neck. Good front with plenty of depth. Well sprung ribs and broad back. Balanced angles front and rear. Neat feet. Moved straight whilst holding a good topline. 2. McIntosh’s KELANSUE LITTLE BIT NORTY. 6mths tri bitch. Just a baby, but in good hard condition already. Domed skull with low set ears and dark eye. Strong clean neck. Well boned, defined breastbone. Well sprung ribs with long, broad back. Well defined rear quarters with plenty of muscling. Feet could be tighter. Moved well once settled. 3. McCord’s KELANSUE RUBEUS BOMBER

Open (3, 1a) 1. Thomson & Thomson’s RAKEFOOT HUGO LIPIQUER ShCM. 6yr dog. Super clean outline with plenty of ground clearance and in gleaming condition. Gorgeous head with correct ears & dark eye. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders. Great bone, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Well defined, rounded rear with well bent stifles & neat feet. Effortless, true and straight movement with a rock solid topline. Delighted to award him BOB. 2. McIntosh’s KNOCKOGUE BONBON AT KELANSUE. 2yr tri bitch. Heavier than 1 and not quite the ground clearance. Feminine head with good ears and dark eye. Good bone with well defined breastbone, Well sprung ribs, long back. Good angles front and rear, good tight feet. Moved straight and true.


Graduate (1,0) 1. Swanson’s COTHERSTONE DALLAS DHU OF ALTIMARLACH. 13mth dog. Lovely young lad with fine, long head, good whiskers, dark eye and small, well set ears. Long, strong neck into clean shoulders. Would like to see him drop a little more in chest but he is well ribbed and has super straight forelegs. His rear is strong with good bend of stifle and neat feet. His movement is straight and light in action. Delighted to award him BOB

Open (6, 2a) 1. McKinnon’s ALMONDBANK REAL DEAL MCNEIL FOR FINGON. 2yr dog. Pleasing outline and well balanced. Nice head with dark eye and small ears. Long, clean neck. Good straight legs with excellent bone but would like to see more fill and depth of chest. Well turned stifles and straight rear quarters when viewed from behind. Unfortunately, he tended to kick out in the rear when moving. 2. Sharp’s KILLOETER SKYE. 4yr dog. Larger and heavier type than 1 however he is still balanced throughout. Head OK with dark eye. Long, strong neck. Substantial bone, well muscled. Moved with a good straight action. 3. Lindsay’s CELTICMOON SHADOW HUNTRESS AT SILVERTHYME

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Graduate (2,1a) 1. O’Brien’s CALDEWRIVER LOTSA TROUBLE. 18mth bitch. Lovely outline with good proportions. Feminine head with dark eye and excellent eyebrows and beard. Well boned, with straight front and good length of upper arm. Being picky, I would like to see a tad more fill. Rounded rib cage extending well back into short loin Her rear quarters are excellent with super angles and tight feet. Moved straight and true with a happy little attitude.

Open (3, 1a) 1. O’Brien’s CALDEWRIVER DESPICABLE ME. 7yr dog. Such a super lad and not showing any of his veteran years. Head of correct proportions with defined stop, melting dark eyes, and plenty of beard. Correct, lowset, fine ears. Strong neck into super shoulders. He is in fabulous condition throughout with excellent muscle & bone, straight front with plenty of fill, ribs extending well back into strong, short loin. Superb rear angles and tight feet. His movement is a joy to watch with his happy attitude and rock solid topline. Delighted to award him BOB and see him finish G2 and BVIS. 2. O’Brien’s TANGAER YMAROS. 4yr bitch. Very different in type to 1. Feminine head with dark eye & profuse eyebrows. Would like to see more depth and fill of chest. Balanced throughout. Moved straight with excellent topline.


Victoria Miller