• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire County CS open show 20-9-2018

Border Terrier

P (1)

1. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Diodem. Handy sized bitch with a pleasing otter like feminine head, neat ears and dark eyes with keen expression. Narrow front, spannable, well laid shoulders, nicely angulated hindquarters, topped off with a very good coat and pelt. Moved out with an easy ground covering stride BP

SY (2)

1. Heeley’s Thislemead Harmony. Nicely balanced bitch with a feminine otter like head, neat ears and dark eyes. Narrow front, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed back, spannable. Nicely angulated hindquarters, and tail set on and carried well. Harsh jacket and thick pelt. Moved out very well with a smooth ground covering action.

2. O’Connor’s Modann Wilson. Built on slightly bigger lines than winner with a nicely balanced outline. Pleasing head, otter like with strong muzzle and good bite. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed back. Good bend of stifle and good tail set. Moved positively around the ring.

L (3)

1. Adams’ Fisherbloom Kiss My Class. Handy sized dog with a pleasing otter like head, neat ears, good dentition and strong muzzle and underjaw. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed back, spannable and nicely angulated hindquarters. Very good jacket and thick pelt. Moved out smartly with a smooth easy action. RBOB

2. O’Connor’s Modann Wilson. See notes above, just preferred the head of winner.

3. Small’s Tilmoray Turtle Dove

O (3)

1. Hollingsbee Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood. Handy size, had the better topline today. Pleasing masculine otter like head, good ear placement, strong bite and good underjaw. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed back, very good topline and underline giving a pleasing shape and balance. Well bent stifles and correct tail set, topped off with harsh jacket and thick pelt. Moved out with drive and easy ground covering action. BOB.

2. Adams’ Fisherbloom Kiss My Class- see notes above.

3. Small’s Tilmoray Turtle Dove.

Cairn Terrier

P (3,1abs)

1. Day’s Tribannon Chocolate Chip at Trekhill. Sturdy dark brindle boy with a pleasing head which I would think still has some developing to do, dark eyes, neat ears and excellent dentition with big strong teeth. Good neck and shoulders, level back and well-muscled rear quarters producing good driving movement. Nicely prepared jacket of good texture and so well-schooled BP.

2. Keeves’ Seveek Cherry’s Dream. Delightful baby girl with a good feminine head with dark expressive eyes and neat well carried ears. Nice outline, good front, neck and shoulders. A bit of a handful at the moment and simply enjoying herself. Plenty of time to come together and settle on move.

SY (3,2abs)

1. Keeves’ Seeveek Treasure The Dream. Very typy boy, liked his size and balanced outline. Super head with a keen expression, neat ears, good stop and dark eyes, strong bite. Good front, well laid shoulders. Level back, strong hindquarters with well bent stifles and tail set on well. Harsh jacket. Moved out smartly with good drive RBOB

L (2,1abs)

1. Keeves’ Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams. Prettiest of heads on this girl with neat ears, dark eyes, good muzzle and keen expression. Good layback of shoulder, firm topline, well bent stifles and good tail set. Bit out of coat at the moment but nothing to hide and just confirms her well-balanced outline. Moved out steadily.

O (3,2abs)

1. Keeves’ Seveek I Spied That Dream. Mature male with a very pleasing well-furnished head, neat ears, good stop and strong bite. Good forechest, straight front, neck flows nicely into well laid shoulders. Well angulated and muscled hindquarters and good length of back and loin. Harsh jacket. Moved out soundly if somewhat distracted at times but he scored highly for breed type and general balance. BOB

Smooth Fox Terrier

P (2)

1. Brookes & Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy. Quality dog who caught my eye straight away, smart as paint with a well-balanced outline. Super headpiece, with keen expression, neat ears and small dark eyes full of character. Very good front, loved the flow of his neck into his well laid shoulders and short level back with tail bang on top. Shown in great condition. Moved true both ways, very impressive, should have a bright future. BP and BOB

2. Rogers’ Lorecon Daybreak at Lunafox. A lot less mature than winner, but this young lady shows bags of early promise. Lovely head, feminine, neat ears, dark eyes with a keen expression. Straight front, very good topline and tail set with good depth of rib for her age. Shown in super coat and body condition. Moved ok, just needing to settle a little which time and experience will improve this.

SY (2)

1. Brookes’ Zetamaz Just Inked. Quality mature male pup with super outline. Attractive head with flat skull, neat ears and keen expression, Straight front, good reach of neck and depth of chest. Very good topline and tail set. Well-muscled hindquarters and presented in super coat and body condition. Moved out well.

2. Rogers’ Only You Du Manoir Saint Adrien at Lunafox (Imp Fra). Younger girl, very feminine in head with flat skull, small dark eyes with keen expression. Straight front, good length of neck, chest still developing, short level back and tail set on high. Pleasing in outline and moved well, promising youngster.

L (1)

1. Brookes’ Snugglewood’s Mefisto of Zetamaz (Imp). Masculine and mature dog built on slightly heavier lines than his kennel mates. Attractive head, with keen dark eyes and very good bite. Clean neck, well laid shoulders and short strong back with tail set on and carried correctly. Strong, well-muscled hind quarters resulting in very good movement with good drive coming from behind.

O (3)

1. Brookes’ Zetamaz Black On Track ShCM. Soundly made and well-balanced masculine dog. Shown in excellent muscle tone and condition. Attractive head with strong foreface and a keen expression. Straight front, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, short level back and tail set on correctly. Very good rear assembly which showed in his excellent movement and drive from behind. RBOB

2. Saunders’ Venice V D Bismarckquelle ShCM (Imp Deu). Lovely quality bitch and a tough choice between these two, I liked her well-balanced typy outline. Feminine head which has good length, dark eyes giving a keen expression. Good length of neck, and depth of chest, well ribbed with a short level back and tail set on correctly. Very good hindquarters, moved well going away, a touch untidy in front today but in profile she looks really good. Shown in super coat and body condition.

3. Rogers’ Lorecon Daybreak at Lunafox

Irish Terrier

O (3) Lovely class, decisions were close

1. Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM. Quality bitch with a pleasing overall size and shape. Liked her feminine head which is long and narrow with dark eyes and good muzzle. Ears can settle a little. Good depth of chest, straight forelegs with clean pads, nicely ribbed back body with short loin and slight tuck up, tail set on well. Shown in super coat and body condition, richly coloured and wiry texture. Came into her own on the move with good ground covering action. BOB

2. Bannister’s Holbam Celtic Nuala. Attractive bitch with well-balanced outline. Feminine head, dark eyes, good muzzle and dentition all giving a good expression. Strong neck, well laid back shoulders, straight forelegs with clean pads. Firm topline, high set on tail and well-muscled hindquarters, all topped off with a well-presented richly coloured jacket which is crisp and wiry texture. Moved out well just a touch close behind going away RBOB

3. Bamsey’s Ch Holbam Celtic Warrior. Super dog, loved his head and expression, pleasing size and shape, just not cooperating today on move.

AVNSC Terrier

P (3)

1. Aylett’s Jecadie Joyful Spiced Star at Rillaton. Airedale. Well-developed bitch pup, with an attractive head of good length, flat skull, well placed ears and dark expressive eyes. Good lay of shoulder and well ribbed. Maintains her topline both standing and on the move. Good strength through loin and hindquarters enabling her to move out very well with a good ground covering stride. Best AVNSC puppy.

2. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps. Norwich Terrier. Beautiful head and expression, neat ears, dark eyes and excellent pigment. Good front, cobby body, firm topline and well set on tail. Shown in lovely jacket and body condition, another who moved out well.

3. Gardener’s Watercroft Q’Tip at Danalas. Norfolk Terrier. Super little girl just losing out in maturity today, sweet head and expression, good body proportions and pleasing for overall size and shape.

SY (3,1abs)

1. Pearce & Alder’s Alkkinra Arrow (WFT). Attractive young male with pleasing head and good ears. Decent length of neck with well laid shoulders, short back with strong rear quarters and tail bang on top. Presented in fit condition and crisp jacket. Shows plenty of promise, and moved out well looking particularly good in profile with plenty of drive from behind.

2. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps- baby Norwich giving away on maturity in this class, but plenty of promise as she is lovely for type.

L (4,1abs)

1. Ford & Burton’s Selvina lady Luck (WFT). Eye catching and shown in great condition and coat which is of hard crisp texture. Good length of head, dark expressive eyes, good muzzle and underjaw. Super neck, short backed, correct set tail and well angulated behind. Moved soundly and with purpose giving a very well balanced profile. Res best AVNSC Terrier.

2. Pearce & Huges’ Alkinra Your Song (WFT). Pleasing for size and type just lacking in coat today but nothing to hide and just confirms her lovely construction. Super head and expression, decent length of neck with a good lay of shoulders, short back with strong hindquarters which enabled her to move out with purpose and drive behind.

3. Gardnener’s Northwood Jenni and Romance at Danalas (Norfolk Terrier)

O (4,1abs)

1. Harrison’s Ch Magiepiebank Ash (Manchester). Super boy, all male and so fit in his gleaming well-marked jacket and shown in hard muscular condition. Liked his size and shape, super head of a good length with a keen expression, good ear set and dark almond eyes and good strength to underjaw. Good front, good length of neck and well laid shoulders, deep chest, moved well, lovely profile with strong and purposeful movement, Best AVNSC Terrier and close up for a group place.

2. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM. A little charmer with a very pleasing head and expression, neat well placed ears and dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck, lovely short back with well sprung ribs, nicely angulated hindquarters. Shown in excellent coat and presentation. Sound movement with good drive from and a happy showman too.

3. Gardener’s Perrisblu Liberty at Danalas ShCM (Norfolk Terrier)

AV Terrier

P (3)

1. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps. Norwich Terrier. See previous notes, won this class as most collected on the move.

2. Funnell’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra. SBT. Pleasing size and shape, with some developing to do in body. Feminine head with good breadth of skull, neat ears, dark eyes and good underjaw. Straight front and well boned, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, good length of body and well angulated hindquarters. A lovely young bitch showing much promise, just didn’t want to cooperate on the move.

3. Dohoci A Taste Of Honey

SY ( 5,2abs)

1. Heeley’s Thislemead Harmony. (Border Terrier). See previous notes, won this class on her better movement.

2. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps. Norwich Terrier. See previous notes

3. Funnell’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra (SBT). See previous notes

O (2)

1. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM. see previous notes

2. Small's Badgerbeck Tree Pipit At Tilmoray JW ShCM (Border Terrier). Veteran of 11 years and still in fine fettle. Pleasing size and shape with otter like head, strong muzzle and good bite. Straight front, narrow deep chest, well ribbed back and well developed quarters. Shown in lovely coat and condition with thick pliable pelt and harsh jacket. Moved out soundly, just a touch short stepping in front.

Terrier Group.

A strong group with a number of dogs that could have taken a place.

1. Sinclair, Huges and Pearce’s Ir Ch Knowelion Keep It Secret (Welsh Terrier). Lovely head and keen expression, good ears and dark eyes. Good front and lovely neck into good shoulders, short level back and tail on top with strong quarters. Moved with drive, showing well, in great coat and condition.

2. Brookes and Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy (SFT). The precocious pup, who powers around the ring still showing his socks off.

3. Herbert’s Julibido Maybe I’m Amazed (SCWT). Attractive young bitch with a lovely expression, good pigmentation and eye colour. Nothing exaggerated with a moderate neck leading into well placed shoulders. Level topline and well developed hindquarters. Coat of correct colour. Moved well retaining her topline.

4. Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM (Irish terrier). Quality bitch and still showing for all her worth

Terrier Puppy Group

Some promising pups here, must bode well for their breeds and hope they’ll fulfil their early promise.

1. Brookes and Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy (SFT). Stood out for me, pleased to award this quality young dog the puppy group.

2. Holingsbee’s Otterwood Diodem (Border Terrier). Moving well and with a typy head and outline.

3. Funnell’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra (SBT). Much more settled here and showed herself off to better advantage

4. Day’s Tribannon Chocolate Chip at Trekhill (Cairn). Such a showman for his age, moving soundly around the ring.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)