• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading & District Kennel Association 30 May 2018


P (2)

1. Grose’s Dohoci Whipped Cream. Pretty girl with very feminine head, dark eyes and nose and very good bite. Compact body with good depth of brisket, well ribbed, level topline and well angulated hindquarters. Coat developing well with a soft texture and wave. Moved out more confidently than her sister with good drive from behind. BP

2. John’s Dohoci A Taste Of Honey. Another lovely girl, very pretty balanced head, dark eyes and nose. Good front, deep brisket, firm level topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Lovely coat texture and colour. Just needs to settle more on move but she is sound away and back.

J (4,2abs)

1. Munn’s Snowmeadow Suzy Sixpence. Quality lady with a pleasing balanced square outline. Feminine head, dark eyes and good bite. Nice reach of neck, good shoulders and front. Cobby body, well ribbed with firm level topline and good turn of stifles. Lovely coat with a soft wave and curl. Went around the ring with purpose

2. Grose’s Dohoci Whipped Cream- see notes above, super pup but giving a lot away in terms of maturity in this class.

PG (1)

1. Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia ShCM. Pleasing bitch with a lovely square outline and good for size. Attractive head with dark eyes, neat ears and good bite. Well laid shoulders, deep chest, firm level topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Soft waved coat. Moved out really well with good action fore and aft, very sound.

O (2)

1. Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny For Avard ShCM. Headed a quality class, just had the edge on showmanship today. Pleasing dog with a square well-balanced outline. Masculine head, with good pigmentation, dark eyes and correct bite. Straight front, good front assembly, deep chest, well ribbed and level topline. Shown in a natural coat of soft texture with loose curls. Moved out with ease with good reach in front and drive from behind. BOB

2. Munn’s Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari JW ShCM. Mature girl full of quality. Ideal size and well-balanced square shape. Feminine head, neat ears, dark eyes and well pigmented. Straight front, moderate neck, well laid shoulders, level topline and short coupled body. Well-presented coat with loose curls. Moved out with good drive from behind. RBOB

Dandie Dimont

O (1)

1. Harcourt-Morris’ Dainty Dandies River Mersey At Lenacourt (Imp Nld). Quality pepper youngster. Good sized head with broad skull and correct length of muzzle topped off with silky topknot. Large eyes, correct ear set and shape, lying close to cheeks all aiding his expression. Strong neck and good front assembly with well let down chest. Typical body shape slight rise over loins. Free and easy action on the move. BOB

German Spitz (Mittel)

J (1)

1. Barnes & King’s Izlou Walnut Forget Me. What a lovely black pup who shows much promise. Such a pretty feminine head, which is balanced with good skull to muzzle ratio, dark eyes and neat ears. Moderate neck, level topline and well ribbed. Well curled high set tail. Shown in super condition with correctly textured coat coming through. Came into her own on the move, very sound with a free brisk stride, BP.

O (5,3abs)

1. Chambers’ Musique Azlan. Eye catching brown male of lovely type and size. Gorgeous head with good skull to muzzle ratio, neat well set ears and eye colour to match his coat. Good front assembly, well ribbed, level topline and high set well curled tail. First class presentation and coat of correct double texture. Came into his own on the move, sound as a bell with a free and brisk action and a real showman to boot. BOB

2. Barnes & King’s Spellcast Talk With Me By Izlou. Attractive boy who was not in such full coat as the winner today. Masculine head, dark oval eyes, would like a touch more length of muzzle. Straight legs and neat feet, moderate neck, well laid shoulders, level topline and well curled set on high. Sound mover with a brisk action. RBOB

German Spitz (Klein)

O (3,1abs)

1. Chambers’ Musique Quilo. Lovely head on this male, good muzzle to skull ratio, dark eyes and good pigment, high set ears, not always using them so well today. Good front and rear angulation. Well-proportioned with a short compact body, and good bone. High set well curled tail. Sound on move with brisk action. BOB

2. Chambers’ Manzamas Made With Pride (Imp Swe). Smaller all through, very feminine girl. Pleasing head and expression with good ear placement, dark eyes and well pigmented nose. Good body, well sprung ribs and level back. Standing on good legs and feet. Not as well coated as winner at the moment. Moved out briskly RBOB.


P (6,2abs)

1. Fitzgerald’s Immelion Galactica For Beaugem (Havanese). Charming young lady showing lots of promise with a well-balanced outline with correct height to length ratio. Very pretty head and expression and dark almond shaped eyes. Firm level topline and tail correctly set and carried. Well-presented coat. Moved out confidently with a light brisk jaunty action. Best AVNSC puppy.

2. Gordon’s Nanozova Shooting Starr (Imp) (ETT). A quality boy with of a pleasing size and shape with curves in the right places. Masculine wedge shaped head with small dark almond eyes and good ear shape. Good depth of chest and curvy outline with well bent stifles. Glossy coat with rich tans. Moved out well but not quite putting his all in today.

3. Richardson’s Tiarian Andante Star (Bichon).

J (4)

1. Suggitt’s Aptrick Time For Elevenses (Griffon). Smart RR, with a well-balanced square outline. Delightful head which is round and broad through skull with high set neat ears, dark eyes and good turn up. Straight front, good depth of chest, short back and well developed hindquarters. Smart harsh jacket. Moved out well with a free action. Res best AVNSC

2. Denley’s Zumarnik Dazzling Diva At Polonique (Maltese). Sweet head with well-placed ears, very good pigment, good bite and sparkling dark oval eyes. Good spring of rib, firm body, well set tail, all topped off with a straight silky textured coat. Steady mover just a bit close going away.

3. Westgate’s Wizzizz When I Need You (Havanese)

PG (2)

1. Stanley’s Elancie It Only Took A Moment ShCM (Bichon). Nice size and shape, pretty head and excellent pigment throughout, nice dark eye giving a lovely expression. Well laid shoulders, well ribbed with firm body and correct hind angulation. Well-presented coat of correct texture. Moved out well with good reach and drive.

2. Suggitt’s Aptrick Liquorice Toffee (Griffon). BS full of character. Pleasing head which is round and broad, darkest of eyes, ears can settle a little and a good turn up. Good depth of chest, level topline, well angulated fore and aft. Good bone with neat feet. Not so settled on the move as winner, just touch wide coming on.

O (8,2abs)

1. Stanley’s Elancie’s Blaze Of Glory ShCM (Bichon). Scored highly on movement with his purposeful free action. Masculine head with very good pigmentation and dark eyes. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, firm topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Shown in excellent condition with good overall substance and balance topped off with fine and silky coat texture Best AVNSC

2. Fitzgerald’s Mybeards Valentina (Havanese). Really nice bitch with a lovely head, dark eyes, very good pigment giving a pleasing expression. Well-made throughout and of good proportions. Straight legs, deep chest, well laid shoulders and correct topline. Beautifully presented, moved out soundly with a spring in her step.

3. Suggitt’s Ir Ch Aptrick Standard Bearer (Griffon)

AV Toy

P (2)

1. Denley’s Zumarnik Dazzling Diva At Polonique (Maltese). See junior notes, had the edge on maturity in this class.

2. Hollister’s Hollichi The Storm Trooper (S/C Chi). Lovely head with large flaring ears, although not using them so well today. Good front, firm topline, touch long in body. Nicely angulated fore and aft. Fine glossy coat. Moved out well with purposeful driving action.

J (3)

1. Hollister’s Hollichi Shine Brite For Roo (S/C Chi). Pretty head with good shape, deep stop and large flared ears. Fine boned, with straight legs, well ribbed and firm topline. Nicely angulated fore and aft, well set on and carried tail. Moved out very well with forceful brisk action and cheeky personality too.

2. Denley’s Zumarnik Dazzling Diva At Polonique (Maltese). See junior notes

3. Dean’s Wizzizz Fizz Wizz (Havanese)

PG (5,1abs)

1. Bloice’s Scotlass Paper Rainbow (CKCS). Tri girl, very feminine. Well-marked head with soft gentle expression, longest of ears framing her pretty face. Good front and feet, well laid shoulders, level topline and nicely angulated hindquarters, Soft, silky well-marked coat with good feathering. Moved out well with good driving action, happily wagging her tail.

2. Hollister’s Voxel Ux November Rain (S/C Chi). Masculine dog of pleasing size and body shape. Lovely head with large flaring ears. Good legs and feet, firm body with level topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Shown in super coat, fine and glossy. Moved out with a brisk driving action.

3. Nash’s Ookimmi Jitterbug (Papillon)

 O (5,4abs)

1. Bloice’s Scotlass Power Of Love JW ShCM (CKCS). Mature richly marked blenheim boy who scores well for his size and type. Attractive head with the longest of ears, well broken head markings complete with lozenge and dark eyes all giving a gentle expression. Well laid shoulders and level topline, could perhaps carry a touch less weight over shoulders to advantage. Nicely angulated fore and aft. Shown in super coat with plenty of feathering. Moves out soundly with free and easy action.

Toy Group. A strong group with some very lovely examples of the toy breeds,

1. Beech & Schofield’s Tidemill Stuart Little (Pug). Young fawn boy, pleasing balance and substance and totally unexaggerated throughout. Lovely head, with blackest of masks, fine wrinkle, open nostrils and large lustrous eyes with a mischievous twinkle. Moved out with sound positive action. Such cheeky character and a look at me attitude.

2. Dunning’s Anjuskar Zenyatta (Italian Greyhound). Pretty pied girl with long lean head and well-shaped eyes and neat rose ears. Good reach of neck with straight front, good topline with a gentle rise over loin, which she held on the move. Fine coat and nicely muscled.

3. Norman’s Alexiasdream Is Fabioso JW (Pom). Showy dark orange sable boy with a compact outline. Lovely head, small ears and small dark sparkling eyes. Straight front, nice short back and high set well plumed tail, Shown in super coat which is a good harsh texture. Stands four square and moved around soundly with a buoyant action.

4. Clarke’s Cotonkiss Buddy Holly (Coton). Mature male of correct size and height to length proportions. Mature head, with darkest of eyes and excellent pigment giving a pleasing expression. Well laid shoulders, correct topline with slight rise over loin which he held on the move. Well made. Beautifully presented Moved very well both in profile and fore and aft and a great showman too.

Toy Puppy Group

1. Urquhart’s Blackpark Patricia (Papillon). Gorgeous girl, who stood out for me. She has such a pretty head, fine muzzle, excellent eye and large well fringed ears giving a delightful expression. Pleasing for type with a balanced outline. She is well constructed all through and has an excellent coat and fringing for her young age. Moved freely and soundly, very promising.

2. Bubb’s Wandris Tiramisu (CKCS). Richly marked blenheim girl and already quite mature for her age. Feminine head, with round dark eyes, long ears framing her face with a gentle expression. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, level top line and nicely angulated hindquarters. Very sound and well balanced on the move making an elegant picture. Well presented in good coat of correct texture,

3. Goodwin’s Delwin’s Pansy Bud (Pug). Pretty pale fawn bitch with a pleasing head, neat ears, well wrinkled with dark mask and large dark eyes. Very good front assembly, cobby body and good rear angulation, with high set well curled tail. Clear coat colour and lovely plushy texture. Moved out with an easy ground covering stride, a super prospect.

4. Hunter’s Salatini Striking Midnight At Fleetgrace (Italian Greyhound). Attractive youngster, with long flat head, neat rose ears and bright intelligent expression. Pleasing outline with good depth of brisket and gentle rise over loin, topped off with fine glossy coat and supple skin. Moved out well with an easy stride.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)