• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Camberley & District Canine Society

Updated Boston Terrier with missing open class names

Boston Terrier

J (4)

1. Mason’s Aprika Beverley Hills. Typy youngster of pleasing size and shape, stood out for me in this class. Very pretty square head with good ear set and dark expressive eyes. Very good forequarters with good depth of brisket, well held topline and firm quarters. Shown in super coat and body condition, Moved very well, sound and true both ways. RBOB

2. Gill’s Shawmut I Am Lady Liberty at Simberfour. Just 6 months but already showing lots of promise. Appealed for her balanced outline, pleasing feminine square head, dark expressive eyes, and ears set on well but need to settle still a little. Good forequarters, well bodied for her age, with good hindquarters. Moved out confidently and shown in super coat and body condition. BPIB and puppy group 4.

3. Sandells’ Bostonkaibos Daisy Sunshine over Shawmut (Imp Due).

PG (5,1abs)

1. Mason’s Aprika Beverley Hills. See notes above, won this class on her head properties, overall size and shape.

2. Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Shooting Star. Similar size to winner with attractive well-proportioned square head, dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Good forequarters and neck, good layback of shoulders and firm topline and well-muscled hindquarters. Just losing out on rear movement being a little close behind. Shown in lovely coat and body condition.

3. Hamlin’s Rosparquier Small Talk for Devotoblaze

O (5)

1. Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Sassy Lassie ShCM. Aptly named bitch of a pleasing size with a well-balanced outline. Feminine square shaped head with dark expressive eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Very good forequarters, with enough forechest, well boned straight legs. Good depth of brisket, well laid shoulders, firm topline and very good hindquarters. Shown in super coat and bloom and moved well to take BOB.

2. Avent’s Ridgeway Revelation At Sueno. Mature feminine bitch. Lovely square muzzle in balance with her head, not quite using her ears as well as winner today. Good neck, well laid back shoulders. Deep chest, short loin and nicely angulated rear quarters. Movement was sound but she kept pulling over to the side. Shown in super coat and body condition.

3. Wildax Secret Surprise At Beebeemi.