• Show Date: 17/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Ilfracombe & District CS Open show 17th February 2018. Terriers and group

I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge and for the exhibitors for bringing their dogs along. Delighted to say that this was a quality group with some cracking terriers for me to judge. Thanks also to my two stewards who kept things running smoothly and efficiently.

Scottish Terrier

PG (1)

1. Hill’s Samstevever Serenamay. Pleasing and typy young lady with a short and solid body. Attractive well-proportioned head with a good ear set and dark almond eyes. Good front, strong muscular neck, firm topline and well sprung ribs. Well-developed hindquarters. Moved out well with drive and nicely presented harsh jacket. BOB, close up for a group place.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Judge

 SY (2)

1. Corti’s Biggleswick Billy No Mates. A tough choice as I liked both of these pups very much, thought this boy just had the edge on maturity and little more collected on the move today. Pleasing head, broad skull, neat ears and good mouth. Good front and legs. Shapely body, deep brisket, nicely angulated hindquarters and shown in super coat and condition. BPIB and puppy group 4.

2. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Tudor Queen. Very feminine red and white girl. Nicely shaped head developing well, neat ears and good mouth. Good legs and feet, nicely bodied for age. Shown in lovely coat and bloom. Moved ok, just needs to settle a little more to show off her charms, one to watch though.

PG (1)

1. Carne’s Roughnecks Rogue Star. Mature boy with a well-proportioned masculine head with good strength of muzzle and dark eyes. Straight front, tight feet, good depth of brisket and well-muscled hindquarters. Not quite so fluid on move, could perhaps be moved at a slightly faster pace to advantage, but he is sound. RBOB.

O (2)

1. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost. Top quality young red male, who scores highly on his head properties, broad skull, neat ears, dark eyes, and good bite. Straight front and tight feet. Really good body proportions with a good depth of brisket, nice shoulder placement and strong hindquarters. Shown in super coat and bloom, and moved out with powerful drive. No hesitation in awarding him BOB and the Terrier group and delighted to hear that he later took Reserve Best In Show, well done, will follow his career with interest.

2. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Valkerie Queen. Red and white bitch, very feminine, with dark round eyes, neat ears and correct mouth. Straight front with good depth of brisket, good spring of rib and well-muscled hindquarters. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved ok, but not the fluidity of the winner, just felt she needed a little more oomph today.

Cesky Terrier

PG (1)

1. Lewis’ Janski Philosopher Dajaces. Young man with a lovely overall shape and typical outline. Pleasing masculine head, well placed ears and good mouth. Clean neck and shoulders, and well-muscled hindquarters. Moves out with drive, just needs to strengthen a bit at front. Presented in good silky coat and fit muscular condition.

O (2)

1. Lewis’ Ridley Xanto for Dajaces ShCM. Two lovely dogs and not much to separate. Mature boy of a pleasing colour and good coat texture. Super head and expression, dark eyes and well placed ears. Good front, strong neck, well laid shoulders, good ribbing with desired slight rise over loin giving a typical topline. Well-muscled hindquarters and super on move with plenty of drive. BOB. Got spooked by something in adjacent ring in the group, so missed out on a group place today, which was a shame.

2. Lewis’ Komidion Nickelodeon Avec Dajaces ShCM. Lovely mature bitch, not quite so settled on move as winner today, but full of breed type. Pleasing feminine head and dark eyes. Good front, elegant neck, well laid shoulders, strong quarters and angulations, well presented coat of good silky texture. RBOB.

Bedlington Terrier

PG (3)

1. Moore & Chudleigh’s Devleigh Dare to Dream. Pleasing size and balanced outline, long narrow head, correct eyes, good pigment and fine correctly shaped ears. Good horseshoe front, deep narrow chest, slight rise over loin and well-muscled hindquarters, all giving a typical topline. Beautiful coat presentation and texture. Moves soundly with typical mincing gait. RBOB.

2. Cleaver’s Jobanker Virtuous Veronica. Liver youngster just out of puppy, feminine and elegant in appearance, just not quite so settled on move as winner today. Long narrow head, well placed dark eyes and a good bite. Correct front, good depth of chest, well ribbed with sufficient rise over the loin and well-muscled hindquarters. Nicely presented coat.

3. McManus’ Travellerway’s Rory. Male pup, not the maturity of body as yet, but pleasing overall shape. Good length of head and dark eyes, decent length of neck and typical front. Well off for bone, just needing a little more muscle tone to hindquarters. Nicely presented coat and kept profile on the move. BPIB.

O (4,2abs)

1. Moore & Chudleigh’s Tcheria Tcheerleader at Devleigh. Headed 2 nice dogs, the winner just had the edge on body weight and muscle tone. Lovely size and shape. Narrow head, thin filbert shaped ears and dark correctly shaped eyes. Typical horseshoe front, deep narrow chest, good ribbing and rise over the loin. Beautiful coat presentation and put down in fit condition. Moved out with typical light mincing gait. BOB and group 2.

2. Southcott’s Jobanker Chit Chat. Attractive young bitch, narrow head, dark eyes and correct shaped ears. Typical front, deep narrow chest, well ribbed and quarters are well muscled. Shown in good coat and condition, moved well both ways and in profile.

Bull Terrier

PG (5,1abs)

1. Martin & Vanstone’s Diton Dixieland with Puissance. Well-made white male giving a pleasing balanced outline. Good egg shaped head, dark triangular eyes and well placed ears. Great legs and feet and well boned too. Shapely body giving a powerful appearance with good substance and good bend of stifle. Scored highly on his free and easy action on the move which earned him BOB and group 3.

2. Malden’s Louka Shooting Star. Feminine girl, attractive egg shaped head, small dark triangular eyes and good ear set. Good shoulders, well-made throughout with a shapely body, good legs and feet. Shown in very nice condition and well moved out well.

3. Waycott’s Waybully Bliss ShCM.

4. Pullen’s Blazinbully’s Sweet Surprise. Lovely brindle puppy bitch with a pleasing balanced outline and a great character to boot. Feminine well-shaped head and nice eye. Good shoulders and firm topline, well bodied for her age but giving a lot away in maturity in her breed class as up against mature adults and was acting the fool on the move, BPIB. But, wow what a difference when she came into the puppy group, she really had upped her game, showing herself to great advantage and covering the ground with ease on the move, she didn’t put a foot wrong. Pleased to award her puppy group 1.

O (3)

1. Waycott’s Waybully Andromeda JW ShCM. Eye catching white male with plenty of substance. Typical egg shaped head, well set ears, dark triangular eyes and good mouth. Good neck and shoulders, strong topline and well-muscled hindquarters. Moved out well and soundly with a good stride. Shown in good coat. RBOB.

2. Von Memerty & Armstrong’s Ukusa Porthos. Strong built male with a lovely head shape, dark correctly placed eyes, good ears and mouth. Shapely body, with plenty of bone, strong topline, and well-muscled hindquarters. Moved out very well indeed, just preferred the size of the winner.

3. Malden’s Louka Masked Maiden.


PG (3,2abs)

1. Biscoe’ Jambis Devon Boy Blue. 8 mth pup, lovely for size and shape. Attractive head, small neat ears, darkest of eyes and nose pigment. Good front, nicely laid shoulders, firm short back, well set on tail and nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved out well and presented in crisp coat. BPIB, RBOB and puppy group 3.

O (4,3abs)

1. Biscoe’s Circinus My Lucky Day. Mature lady, nice for size and shape, attractive feminine head and expression, small neat ears, dark eyes and excellent nose pigment. Straight front, nice length of neck, well laid shoulders, short coupled and shown in a nicely presented well textured jacket. Moved out with a brisk gait. BOB.

Border Terrier

SY (4,3abs)

1. Phipps’ Tufterslodge Tea N Cake. Young dog who is pleasing for size and overall balance, attractive otter head, with a short strong muzzle. Straight front, deep narrow chest, well ribbed back and easily spannable. Moved out fore and aft with ease. Shown in a harsh jacket with a loose thick pelt. RBOB

PG (1)

1. Dennis’ Moleschamber Finnlaggan. Mature male, liked his overall shape and balanced outline. Strong otter head with a good ear set, strong muzzle with a good bite. Straight front and tight feet. Good length of neck, level topline and well set, thick tail. Easily spannable with good thick pelt and harsh jacket. Covers the ground with ease. BOB and group 4.

Dandie Dimont Terrier

PG (2,1abs)

1. Rayner’s Reidswire Border Battlecry To Rubegud. Charming young pepper and salt, who pleased for type and size. Balanced head with profuse topknot and large round dark soulful eyes. Short strong legs, good length of body giving a typical outline. Good rear angulation and tail set. Moved out well and nicely presented with good coat and furnishings. Close up for a group place. BOB

AVNSC Terrier

PG (3,1abs)

1. Phipps’s Chatmos Chatterbox at Tufterslodge JRT. Just 6 months and whilst giving a lot away in terms of maturity of body, so calm and composed and moved out so well. Attractive feminine head, good ears, muzzle and bite. Lovely shoulders, good body with forechest coming along, firm topline and nicely angulated quarters. Coat coming along well too. Moved out so soundly, shows lots of promise. Res AVNSC.

2. Price’s Pantycelyn he’s A Leader Among Silkdance IMP (NAF) JRT. More mature boy, but found it hard to concentrate today. Masculine head with strong jaw. Good reach of neck, straight front and well-muscled hindquarters. Good harsh jacket. Needs to settle on move but is sound both ways.

O (1)

1. Phipps’ Fair and Brave Great Glen at Tufterslodge IMP ITA (NAF, TAF) JRT. Another 6 month baby with lots to like. Attractive feminine head qualities, good ears, dark eyes and nose and good mouth. Forechest coming along, straight legs, well laid shoulders, firm level topline and good hind angulations. Moved so well, sound as a bell both ways and very well-schooled so making the most of herself. Promising pup. Best AVNSC and Best AVNSC puppy group 2.

AV Terrier

 P (4,3abs)

1. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Staff Sergeant SBT. Attractive red and white boy, just 6 months and nice for size and type. Pleasing head with broad skull, strong muzzle, good bite and neat ears. Good front, straight legs. Body developing well, good shoulder placement and well angulated hindquarters, moved very well and shown in super coat and condition, promising pup.

V (4,2abs)

1. Lewis’ Komidion Nickelodeon Avec Dajaces ShCM Cesky. Best Veteran. Full of breed type and belies his years, shown in fit condition and beautiful silky coat. Pleasing head, and ear carriage, lovely shoulders, typical topline which was retained on the move. Best veteran.

2. Pullen’s Louka Gone Racin Bull Terrier. Lovely for size and type, egg shaped head with small dark eyes. Strongly made body, strong legs, and good topline. Moved out with a powerful stride and shown in good coat and condition. Reserve best veteran.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)