• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Camberley & District Canine Society

Utility breeds. 

Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation to judge and the exhibitors for the terrific entry, I really enjoyed judging your dogs. Thank you also to my lovely steward Simon Bulpit who kept things running smoothly for me.

Bulldogs. I was the replacement judge for Carolyn Mabey. A small but quality entry.

Y (3,1abs)

1. Philipps’ Rokoluck Mr Cracker. Pleasing unexaggerated youngster, with a well-developed head, dark eyes, good width of underjaw and fine wrinkle. Very good width of chest, good topline and large rib cage. Super coat and condition. Moved very well around the ring. RBOB

2. Waghorn’s Maxibulz The Muse Of Love. Another pleasing dog, well-shaped head, slight stronger perhaps than the winner, broad jaw and dark eyes. Very good front and rib cage. Well-developed hindquarters, lovely fine coat. Moved out well.

PG (1)

1. Burnby & Hopcraft’s Odinschild Warrior Queen At Burncraft. Mature R/W unexaggerated lady with a well-balanced outline. Very feminine head, dark eyes, fine wrinkle and good width of underjaw. Strong neck, broad chest, well ribbed and short loin all giving a pleasing body shape. Fine coat and well-conditioned. Moved out very positively. Pleased to award her BOB and group 4.

Boston Terrier

J (4)

1. Mason’s Aprika Beverley Hills. Typy youngster of pleasing size and shape, stood out for me in this class. Very pretty square head with good ear set and dark expressive eyes. Very good forequarters with good depth of brisket, well held topline and firm quarters. Shown in super coat and body condition, Moved very well, sound and true both ways. RBOB

2. Gill’s Shawmut I Am Lady Liberty at Simberfour. Just 6 months but already showing lots of promise. Appealed for her balanced outline, pleasing feminine square head, dark expressive eyes, and ears set on well but need to settle still a little. Good forequarters, well bodied for her age, with good hindquarters. Moved out confidently and shown in super coat and body condition. BPIB and puppy group 4.

3. Sandells’ Bostonkaibos Daisy Sunshine over Shawmut (Imp Due).

PG (5,1abs)

1. Mason’s Aprika Beverley Hills. See notes above, won this class on her head properties, overall size and shape.

2. Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Shooting Star. Similar size to winner with attractive well-proportioned square head, dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Good forequarters and neck, good layback of shoulders and firm topline and well-muscled hindquarters. Just losing out on rear movement being a little close behind. Shown in lovely coat and body condition.

3. Hamlin’s Rosparquier Small Talk for Devotoblaze

O (5)

1. Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Sassy Lassie ShCM. Aptly named bitch of a pleasing size with a well-balanced outline. Feminine square shaped head with dark expressive eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Very good forequarters, with enough forechest, well boned straight legs. Good depth of brisket, well laid shoulders, firm topline and very good hindquarters. Shown in super coat and bloom and moved well to take BOB.

Tibetan Terrier

J (7,1abs)

1. Plummer and Bingham’s Gandaki Bust A Move. Movement won the day for this youngster in this class. Masculine head piece, good muzzle to skull ratio and a pleasing expression. Well-proportioned body, nice angulation to front and rear giving good reach and drive on the move. Coat developing well and presented very nicely. I would just prefer him a shade smaller all round.

2. Hadlow’s Quidditch A Touch Of Sass. Squarely built and decidedly feminine in outlook. Very pretty head, with good skull, would like a touch more length and strength of muzzle. Good forequarters, neck, shoulders and topline all giving a square shape. Pleasing coat. Moved with good reach and drive. Just needs time to develop further.

3. Chessell’s Araki Magic Snowflake for Stylaxian

PG (7,2abs)

1. Cherry’s Lynces Made In Heaven. Stood put for me in this class. Ideal size with her well balanced and square shape. Feminine head of correct proportions, excellent pigment and correct mouth. Very good forequarters, good topline which she retained at all times, well-muscled hindquarters and tail set on correctly. Well coated. Good reach and drive on the move, just a little more maturing to do.

2. Chessell’s Araki Lotta Yaya at Stlyaxian. Won this place on movement with good driving action. Slightly finer built than winner but all in proportion and well balanced. Good muzzle to skull ratio, pleasing expression and excellent pigment. Good forequarters, shoulders and topline. Coat nicely prepared but not the texture of the winner.

3. Andrews’ Lasang Jumping Jack Flash.

O (7,2abs)

1. Cherry’s Ch Lynces Diamonds And Pearls JW ShCM. Scored highly on her sound and free movement with good reach and drive. Ideal size with her well balanced and unexaggerated square shape. Very feminine head with good skull to muzzle ratio, pleasing eyes and expression. Nice angulation front and rear, firm topline retained at all times. Well coated. At 7yrs old she out moved the younger dogs, so very sound and true. Pleased to award her BOB.

2. Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian. Attractive and quality exhibit with a lovely outline and square shape, just not quite holding her topline on move as well as the winner. Well-balanced head with expressive eyes giving a pleasing expression. Nicely angulated front and rear, well laid shoulders and tail set on well. Shown in lovely coat and condition. RBOB

3. Andrews’ Oops I Did It Again. Promising puppy, with a lovely head piece, good muzzle to skull ratio and a pleasing expression. Well-proportioned body, nice angulation to front and rear giving good reach and drive on the move. Coat developing and presented very nicely. Pleased to award her BPIB.

Tibetan Spaniel

J (2,1abs)

1. Lilley’s Knattings Riverdance To Kensing JW (Imp Swe). Handsome young gold boy with a super head of correct proportions, good dome to his skull and depth and width to chin giving a typical expression. Well placed ears with good fringing. Level topline and excellent construction fore and aft which shows in his confident and positive movement. Pleased to award him BOB and group 3.

PG (2)

1. Stannard’s Wellbarn Here Comes Fun At Ulmarra. Nicely constructed and balanced red boy, heavier made than previous class winner. Won this class on his head properties, good dome, dark eyes and pleasing lift to his ears giving a typical expression. Good front, shoulders and topline, well-made hindquarters and high set on tail. Moved well with purposeful brisk action. RBOB

2. Sheppard & Andrews’ Chenrezi Movie Star. Smaller very feminine bitch of a good overall make and shape. Moderate angulation fore and aft, correct front, shoulders and good tail set and carriage. Coat and fringing developing. Not moving as well as first today and could be moved a slightly faster pace to advantage.

O (1)

1. Sheppard’s Velrok Zephyr. Pleasing dog, with nice head with slight dome, dark oval eyes, good depth of chin, medium ears with good lift all aiding his expression. Good in front, well placed shoulders, level topline and tail set on well and carried nicely. Lovely coat texture. Moved out with brisk action.

French Bulldog

J (3,1abs)

1. Hau’s Celticbird Stop N Stare. This dark brindle bitch shone out for me, just a youngster but already showing much promise and full of breed type. Lovely feminine square head, dark eyes, good ear shape and set. Pleasing compact body shape, good front and shoulders with a gentle roached topline. Shown in beautiful coat and bloom, she moved well coming and going. Nothing exaggerated at all. Pleased to award her BOB, BPIB and puppy group 2.

2. Hoza’s Lairdstorm Tobermory Son. Strong masculine head, good open nostrils, dark eyes, well placed ears. Could carry a touch less weight over neck and shoulders to advantage. Short coupled boy who moved ok just toeing in slightly at rear. Shown in lovely coat and bloom.

PG (4,2abs)

1. Hau’s Celticbird Stop N Stare- see Junior notes.

2. Hoza’s Lairdstorm Hebredian Queen. Pied bitch of good size and shape, feminine square head with pleasing expression and ears set well. Good front with straight well boned legs, neck arched. Just needing to drop a little in body and not quite as compact as winner. Moved freely. RBOB

Japanese Shiba Inu

PG (1)

1. Butler’s Sondagi Beniichi. Eye catching male with a well-balanced outline. Pleasing head and expression, neat ears, obliquely set dark eyes and well developed cheeks. Good neck with slight arch, level topline, well developed quarters, and tail set on and carried well. Super coat of correct texture. Moved around the ring with a light brisk movement. Pleased to award him BOB and group 2.

O (3,2abs)

1. Butler’s Sondagi Akikazehime. Sister to previous class winner, and very much like him but a feminine version. Pleasing head and expression, well developed cheeks, neat ears and dark obliquely set eyes. Nice neck and shoulders, strong loin and well set tail. Moved out well with a brisk movement, just preferred the length of leg of her brother which gave him a slightly more balanced appearance. RBOB

AVNSC Utility

P (6,2abs) some promising pups in this class,

1. Whitehead’s Gladsheim Helios. Kooikerhondje. Super quality pup who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Attractive balanced head with dark eyes and good ear set and feathering. Well-constructed front and rear with moderate angulations. Nice neck and well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs and level topline. Shown in good coat and condition. He moved around the ring with an effortless ground covering action. Pleased to award him Best AVNSC puppy, and Puppy group 1.

2. Manners’ Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti. Schipperke. Lovely quality pup with a compact body shape and balanced outline. Attractive head, dark eyes and pigment. Short strong neck, good shoulders, legs well under his body, firm topline and good length of loin. Well coated for age and in super condition. Moved around the ring with sound brisk action.

3. Turner’s Mayumi Too Hot Too Handle. Jap Spitz

Y (1)

1. Turner’s Glamglow’s All That Glitters at Mayumi. Jap Spitz. Attractive youngster of correct size and proportions. Feminine head with dark expressive eyes, small ears set on high, good stop and super pigment. Good shoulders, firm level topline, ribbed well back, short broad loin and tail set on high which is carried over the back. Moved briskly around the ring and shown in a good quality coat.

PG (2)

1. Turner’s Anlemar Noble Tadashi of Mayumi. Jap Spitz. Pleasing young male of good breed type. Attractive masculine head with dark eyes of good shape, good bite and dense pigmentation. Shoulder a touch upright, firm topline and tail set on high. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved out well with a brisk action.

2. Lundin’s Cavanian Silver Starshine. Min Poodle. Silver young bitch with a very pretty and elegant head with the darkest of eyes and good chiselling. Well laid back shoulders, firm topline and good front and rear angulations. Well-presented harsh coat. Free movement with sufficient drive from behind, she was just tending to drop her tail on the move today.

L (3)

1. Bull & Warren’s Zaralee Hussell and Bussell with Starferry (Imp Ire). Shar Pei. Impressive typy bitch showing a well-balanced outline. Beautiful head with good pigment and padding. Pleasing shoulders, topline and angulation. Shown in first class coat and condition. Moved well both ways and with purpose. RBOB.

2. Trendle’s Lusam Cheeky Boy. German Spitz (Klein). Attractive boy shown in a well-presented full coat, top on size but very well balanced and put together. Pleasing head and expression. Very good body, level topline, well set and carried tail. Moved correctly in both directions.

3. Turner’s Anlemar Bold As Brass of Mayumis. Jap Spitz.

O (6,2abs) Very strong class.

1. Hart’s Anjesics Kingsmaker of Khazedel JW. Very attractive male who caught my eye on entering the ring, with a pleasing overall shape giving a balanced outline. I last judged him as a puppy and he has matured into a really nice example of the breed. Good head, dark oval eyes, good mouth. Well arched neck, good shoulders and front. Firm in body, strong loin, sound and muscular rear with a good tail carriage. Coat presented in first class order. He scores highly on his free and jaunty movement. I was very pleased to award him Best AVNSC and Group 1. Delighted to hear he later caught the eye of the BIS judge by taking RBIS.

2. Nield’s Acasia Special Edition JW. Eye-catching Min Schnauzer with a compact and well-balanced outline. Super head and expression with neat ears and dark eyes. Well placed shoulders, firm topline and good rear angulation. Shown in super condition topped off with a harsh jacket. Moved with drive.

3. Bull & Warren’s Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM.

Utility puppy group 3 came from the Import register, Cunningham’s Yulyeong Warrior Princess. Korean Jindo. Attractive and well-schooled youngster with blunt triangle shaped feminine head, with dark almond shaped eyes and triangular ears. Straight front, well sprung ribs, firm level topline and high set tail. Shown in super coat and body condition and moved out with purpose and a brisk energetic action.

 Vanessa Cox (Judge)