• Show Date: 27/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Valerie Mann Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Selby Canine Society

Judges report of Selby Canine Society Open Show 27th October 2018

Border Terrier

P (4,2)

1 Pickering Picer Martha Logan. 6mth grizzle bitch with a well-shaped head having short foreface with strength of muzzle & correct bite, correct width of skull with well set & carried ears. Well angulated all through with a firm level topline stacked & on the move. Carrot tail is well set on & carried well on the move. Loose, thick pelt, correct harsh jacket with undercoat. Easily spanned. Stands four square with tight round, well-padded feet. Narrow all through. A very sound, free mover which took her to BP & PG1 & BPIS.

2 Lorraine Otterpaws Take It Easy with Raleniro. Almost 9mth bitch with a lovely well balanced head well set on neck. Good reach of neck leads to well-placed shoulders. Her ribs reach well back & she has a deep loin. Carrot tail carried well. Good angulation all through. Her ribs reach well back with a deep loin. Thick loose pelt & easily spanned. Narrow all through, she moved well.

J (4,2)

1 Price Oxcroft Jessie. 17mth bitch with a good head having short strong muzzle, correct bite & well set ears. Thick loose pelt. Well placed shoulders, narrow all through & easily spanned. Moved well.

2 O. Take It Easy with Raleniro

PG (4,1)

1 Pickering Picer Beth Chatto. 18mth bitch another good head, correct bite. Head is well set on neck. Well angulated all through. Good harsh coat & thick loose pelt. Narrow all through & easily spanned. Moved well.

2 Lorraine Raleniro New Rose. 4yr old blue & tan bitch shown in full coat. Good head with correct bite. Good angulation fore & aft. Firm topline & well set tail. Thick loose pelt & easily spanned. Moved well.

3 Davies Oxcroft Damson Of Glenorchy.

O (5,4)

1 Lorraine & Thomas Raleniro Second Time Around. Lovely 4 yr old grizzle dog with a masculine otter head. Correct bite & strength of muzzle. Good reach of neck into close bladed shoulders. Well angulated all through. Firm level topline, ribs reach well back with deep loin. Carrot tail well carried on the move. Stands on well padded tight feet. Very good harsh coat texture with undercoat, thick loose pelt & spanned easily. Narrow all through. A very sound mover showing reach & drive. BOB & G1

Jack Russell


1 Smith Locheil Talk Of The Town. 16mth dog with a masculine well shaped head having flat skull & showing a stop. Strong neck leads to firm level topline. Well sprung ribcage & good depth of chest, spannable. Well angulated with width of second thigh. Short rear pasterns, tight well arched toes. Although carrying more weight than I would like he moved out well & was sound up & down with a free side gait. BOB & GP3



1 Baker Just Top Russell to Pacolito NAF TAF (Imp BLR) Just 6mth dog with a very good wedge shaped head showing a shallow stop & strong jaws. Neck is set well into sloping shoulder blades & he shows good angulation all through. Good length of ribcage strong deep loin, easily spanned. Firm level topline with well set & carried tail. Although he is very much a baby his movement was sound & free flowing. BOB & BP GP4 & PG 2.

AVNSC Terrier

PG (2,1)

1 Roe & Stewart Eskwire It’s a Lot Like Love (Scottish T). 18mth bitch with a very attractive feminine head having well set ears & a strong jaw. Strong moderate neck well fitted into well laid shoulders. Chest sufficiently wide & of good depth. Good depth of rib which reach well back. Short deep loin. Well muscled rear quarters. Straight limbs, stands four square with a firm level topline. Tail is well set on & carried well on the move. Very good mover who pushed hard for the top spot in the group. BAVNSC & G2.


1 Leverton Carkbark Good Luck Charm ShCM (SCW) 4yr old dog with a masculine head & well defined stop, well set ears. Neck of moderate length & slightly arched. Well angulated all through, well placed shoulder blades. Good spring of rib, short deep loin. Moved OK.

Labrador P

1 MacMillan Ebeshb Niamhs Light 11mth chocolate bitch with a good head having breath to the skull & well set ears. Correct bite. Head is well set on neck leading to well-placed shoulders. She stands on straight well boned legs with tight feet. She has a good width of second thigh & short rear pasterns. Moved OK BP.

J (2)

1 Charlton Foxrush Oops A Daisy. Very nice yellow bitch 13 mth old with a lovely feminine head with strength of jaw & correct width of skull, nothing heavy or overdone here. She stands on well boned straight legs & tight feet. Well balanced all through deep chest with correct spring of ribs which reach well back. Short coupled with a strong deep loin. Level topline & correctly set Otter tail. Correct coat. Moved so soundly up & down with a lovely free stride when viewed from the side. BOB

2 E Niamhs Light

PG (3,1)

1 Charlton Foxrush Old Time Dancing 13 mth black bitch with a pretty feminine head. Neck fits neatly into shoulders Level topline & well set & carried Otter tail. Stands on good legs & feet. Good width of chest well ribbed, short loin. Moved well a very nice bitch I just preferred the head of the Junior winner for BOB.

2 MacMillan Afinmore Andrasta At Ebeshb 2yr old chocolate bitch. Good head well set on neck which fits well into shoulders. Good width to chest. Ribs deep & well sprung. Moved OK.


J (2)

1 Snaith Skilaki Move On Up To Bifonda. This 13mth dog is very well balanced all through, his head is masculine without any hint of heaviness. Lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest his ribs reach well back. His topline is level with correctly set tail. Well angulated all through with good width of second thigh. Short rear pasterns. Moved freely round the ring showing reach & drive, sound up & down. BOB.

2 Radford Schonhund Show Dolly. 17mth bitch with clean cut feminine head. Good reach of neck well laid shoulders. Firm level topline with well set tail. Another good mover I just preferred the overall balance of the dog.

PG (3)

1 S. Move On Up To Bifonda

2 S Show Dolly

3 Dunn Bryanntar Pink Princess.

(Judge Val Mann )