• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Valerie Mann Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Riding Gundog Club

Judges report of North Riding Gundog Open show Sunday 26th August 2018

Flat Coat Ret.

P (1)

1 Chandler Bitcon Midnight Lace. Attractive bitch with a feminine well moulded head. Good reach of neck flows into well laid shoulders. Well angulated all through with width to second thigh. Ribs reach well back with a short loin & level topline. Sound up & down she moved well for a 6mth puppy. Well handled. Very promising. BP & BPIS

G (1)

1 Walker & Roberts Jade Vom Wildforestersee of Gloi JE Imp Deu. 23mth bitch with a good head showing length of foreface & strong jaws. Reachy neck, well angulated all through. Deep chest, ribs reach well back. Moved out confidently, sound up & down & displayed a good side gait.

O (2,1)

1 Walker & Roberts Mistledawn Spring Breeze by Gloi JW. 3yr old bitch with attractive head, good length of foreface & moderately broad in skull. Lovely reach of neck leads to well placed shoulders. Balanced angulation all through showing moderate turn of stifle & a good width of second thigh. Deep chest, stands on well bone legs with tight round feet. Moved out well showing a lively disposition & maintaining a firm level topline. BOB

Golden Ret. Bitches

P (4,1)

1 Kipps Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft. 11mth bitch with a well balanced feminine head, well set on neck. Muzzle shows strength & depth with good pigmentation. Well laid shoulder blades with balanced return of upper arm. Good depth of chest, strong topline with correct tailset. Well angulated rear quarters showing very good muscletone. Moved well. BP

2 KirkmanTsarmont Lakeside Star. 8mth bitch with an attractive feminine head. She stands on well boned legs with tight feet, has depth of chest & good spring of rib. She has a level topline held on the move. Moved OK

3 Kirkman Tsarmont Star Quality.

J (6,1)

1 Anderson Linchael Livia. 16mth feminine bitch with a well balanced head & well set ears, good pigmentation. Lovely reach of neck which flows into a strong level topline with well set tail. Well angulated fore & aft. Well sprung ribs which reach well back, short deep loin. Presents a balanced outline stacked & strode out well showing reach & drive in profile.

2 Robbins & Rowark Quakerhall Lady Bountiful by Brekswood. 13mth bitch. Another very nice young bitch. She too had a good head showing strength in her muzzle with a sufficiently broad skull without coarseness. She has good bone & tight feet. Good firm level topline & a short deep loin. Moved well. Today I preferred the cleaner neck of the winner.

3 W Orient Express to Wheatcroft.

Y (6,2)

1 Kipps Q. Lady Bountiful by Brekswood.

2 Fegan & Hutchinson Alibren Angelica. 15mth bitch who was res in the previous class. Here she showed to advantage. Another with good angulation all through, good reach of neck, depth of chest. Level topline & correct tailset. Moved much better here showing a good side gait.

3 Walker & Roberts Gloi Unchained Melody JW.

PG (3,1)

1 Gibson Gillbryan Fairydust at Gemmarique. 5yr old bitch with a feminine head having depth & strength to muzzle. Good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm. Well angulated rear quarters. Stands on well boned legs with tight feet. Well sprung ribs reach well back. Moved out well.

2 Kirkman Jonsen Starstruck at Tsarmont JW. 3yr old bitch who has a feminine head. Good depth of chest her ribs reach well back, short deep loin. Moved OK.

O (7,2)

1 Taylor Stormford Honeysuckle ShCM. 5yr old bitch with a lovely balanced well chiselled head with a kind expression. Lovely reach of neck which flows onto well placed shoulders. She is well angulated all through placing her forelegs under her body with tight fitting elbows. Firm level topline & correct tailset. Good forechest & depth of chest, well sprung ribs which reach well back & deep short loin. Presented in lovely coat & condition. She was the best mover on the day showing drive from her well muscled rear quarters & plenty of reach in front. BB & BOB with the agreement of my co-judge.

2 Robbins & Rowark Largymore Lilygloves of Brekswood. 5yr old another lovely bitch with a super topline held on the move. She stands on well boned legs & tight feet. Presented in good condition. Moved well

3 Crookes & Jenkinson Stanroph Still The Same JW (Imp Esp)

Val Mann (Judge)