• Show Date: 25/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tricia Grime Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Pointer Club

I would like to thank the Southern Pointer Club for inviting me to Judge their show, I had some lovely dogs to go over, movement, as always, was difficult to assess in a small hall, but that said it was great to have mats across the whole floor and I am sure the dogs and handlers appreciated it too. Thanks also to my stewards and to all the exhibitors for a super entry.

MPD (3 0)

1. Wilcox, Pipeaway Dreams Afyre, nice young dog, good front with well laid shoulders and depth for his age, correct bone and feet, good body with ribs extending well back, moved best to take this class with lovely tail action. BPD

2. Wheldon & Earl, Ponsonby Blowin in the Wind Imp NZ, another promising puppy, nice head and expression, flowing lines and correct angulation, not the depth of chest as the winner and needs to mature and tighten up on the move.

3. Booth, Lundgarth Finch

PD (2 1)

1. Ponsonby Blowin in the Wind

JD (2 0)

1. Preece & Gilding, Harvestslade Cullinan, very striking dog stacked up, good head and expression, flowing lines, good depth of brisket, good bone and feet, slight slope to pastern, moved well when he settled.

2. Wilcox, Pipeaway Lightening Strike on Merynjen, smaller and more compact dog, nice expression but would have preferred more length of muzzle, long neck and shoulders , good turn of stifles just a bit short in the ribcage which spoilt his outline, but was rather tense in his class which showed in his movement.

YD (5 0)

1. O’Neil, Tenshilling Biscuits JW, loved this young dogs head with his dark expressive eye, still very raw but has everything in the right place, good bone and sloping pastern, correct oval feet, moved well with lovey lashing tail.

2. Welch & Hazeltine, Pytchley Chasing Dream for Hookwood, another lovely young dog, nice head and expression, good body and depth, strong rear and good second thigh, moved well but tail carriage just spoilt the overall picture.

3. Bowen-Brooks, Tenshilling Blowing Smoke

GD (5 1)

1. Tenshilling Blowing Smoke, litter brother to my yearling winner and same lovely head and expression just not as mature or together as his brother and lacked the reach and drive of the others in the previous class.

2. Booth, Lundearth Teal, nice young dog, well off for bone, good feet and nice slope to pastern, unfortunately not very settled in the hall and didn’t move that well as a result.

3. MacManus, Luneville Divas Diamond

PG (3 0)

1. Wilcox, Wilchrimane Bold Move For Merynjen, what a happy young dog he was, like his head and expression, good bone and feet, good body although carrying a bit too much weight, moved the best to take this class with good tail action.

2. Saunders & Newton, Teisgol Double Trigger, a bigger more substantial dog, well off for bone, good body and depth, didn’t move that well in the go round but settled better when moved on his own.

3. Tenshilling Blowing Smoke

LD (2 0)

1. Stilgoe, Enzo Del Almojon Through Teisgol Imp ESP, lovely young dog, really liked him, good head and expression, long muscular neck and shoulders, good ribs and short strong loin, strong hindquarters and good second thigh which powered him along to take this class and RBD

2. Saunders & Newton, Teisgol Massalia,  nice dark eye but a bit heavy in flew spoilt his expression, heaver throughout in neck and body, well off for bone, good body and depth with strong rear but not as good on the move.

OD (4 0)

1. O’Neil, SH CH Tenshilling Home Alone JW, ShCM,  lovely dog, mature and just coming into his own, nice dark eye and expression, clean neck and  shoulders, good length of upper arm, good depth and short strong loin, shown in excellent hard condition with strong driving action, moved best in this class. BD

2. Hazeltine & Welch, Just Wilburt By Hookwood JW, ShCM, another very nice mature dog, nice head and expression, strong well-muscled body, good bone and feet, shown in excellent condition and very well handled just lost out on movement today.

3. Stilgoe, Teisgol I Am The One & Only JW, ShCM

VD (5 0) What an honour to judge these veterans, it was a lovely class and thank you so much for bringing them today.

1. Theobald, SH CH Tycarreg Strangely Familyr JW, ShCM very worthy champion, loved his head and kind expression, quality and presence throughout, just starting to show his age a little but moved so positively around the ring. BV

2. Drake, SH CH Clamerkin Crystal Mountain JW, ShCM another worthy champion and showing his age a little on the move, but still such quality and soundly put together with the darkest of eyes.

3. Welsh, SH CH / IR SH CH Moulou Minstrel At Hookwood JW, ShCM

MPB (1 0)

1. Hazeltine & Welch, Pipeaway Teasing Georgia At Hookwood, lovely feminine baby, lovely clean neck and well laid shoulder, good bone and feet, ribs extended well back, short loin and strong hindquarters, looked beautiful in profile just needs to tighten up on the move but I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her.

PB (2 0)

1. Welch & Madh, Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood,  very nice feminine bitch, lovely head and expression, clean neck that flowed into her shoulders, good depth and body, good bone, slight slope to pastern and tight feet, moved very well to take this class and BPIS

2. Wilkins, Wilchrimane Ice White For Lottieboo, very pretty young bitch with a lovely clean outline, loved her head and expression, she just needs to drop in brisket and tighten up on the move.

JB (3 1)

1. Guy, Carofel On Silent Wings, liked this bitch a lot from her lovely dark eye, clean neck, well laid shoulders, body and strong hindquarters with well-muscled second thigh, moved very when she settled, one to watch for the future.

2. Roberts, Byphar Bombay Sapphire, flashy looking bitch, pretty head and kind expression, long neck into well laid shoulders, good body and strong hindquarters, needs to mature and tighten up, she didn’t move that well in this class but as she settled she moved better in her other classes.

YB (6 1)

1. Crawte, Sharnphilly Heidi Klum At Leascliffe, lovely head and expression on this bitch, clean neck, good shoulders, body and hindquarters, just needs to mature and tighten up on the move, that said she moved very well for her age.

2. MacManus, Luneville Solitaire, this young bitch gave her handler a hard time, pretty feminine head and expression, clean lines, good body, correct bone and slight slope to pastern, good feet, not as settled on the move as my winner.

3. Wilkins, Wilchrimane Cherry Flip With Lottieboo

MB (4 2)

1. Drake, Fleurfield Moonflower With Clamerkin, just out of puppy and at that raw stage, feminine expression, good bone and feet, needs to drop in brisket and tighten up but moved very well, with good tail action to take the class.

2. Byphar Bombay Sapphire

NB (4 1)

1. Luneville Solitaire

2. Stilgoe & Fox, Alcazar Bewildered Of Dappleline, another raw young bitch, still needs to drop in brisket, not as angulated as some and a bit tense, but in balance, lovely head and expression and moved with a good tail action.

3. Byphar Bombay Sapphire

GB (5 1)

1. Sharnphilly Heidi Klum At Leascliffe

2. Fox, Teisgol The Way I Am Of Dappleline, nice head and expression, good length of muzzle, nice clean lines, still needs to drop in brisket, good bone and condition.

3. Isherwood, Symitry Kiss From A Rose

PG (5 0)

1. Nelis, Freebreeze Easy Virtue, just loved this bitch, she has the most beautiful head and expression, she is feminine yet strong and powerful shown in excellent hard well-muscled condition, clean balanced outline, straight front and good expanse of second thigh, good bone and feet, she moved so true up and down the mat, very hard decision in the line-up, RBB and RBIS.

2. Drake, Clamerkin Bohemian Queen, another lovely bitch, good head and expression, nice clean lines, good bone and feet, well bodied she was a little unsettled by a bang in the hall, but moved well to take second place in this quality class.

3. O’Neil, Fyldefair Sky Full Of Stars Over Tenshilling

LB (4 0)

1. Vaughn, Teisgol I Am What I Am At Phlynnies, good head and expression, clean neck into a mature body with good bone and feet, presented a lovely balance picture in profile, moved best in this class.

2. Stilgoe, Alcazar Amazing Grace Via Teisgol, feminine bitch with lovely bone and body, slight slope to pastern and good feet, needs to mature and tighten up but just didn’t show herself off today.

3. Baker & Baker-Roullier, Desfrisa Flirtini JW ShCM

OB (2 0)

1. Wheldon & Earl, Caithpoint Here & Now, this bitch oozed quality, beautiful feminine head with lovely fine leathers, lovely long muscular neck and shoulders, elegant and aristocratic in profile with long sloping shoulders and well turned stifles, good oval bone with back sinews visible, shown in excellent condition, moved around the ring with such smooth, ground covering movement, finished off with her bee sting tail lashing from side to side. BB and BIS

2. Mac Manus, Crookrise Diva By Luneville, beautiful head and eye, very clean outline good body and depth, straight front and rear, good bone and feet, looked lovely set up but needs to relax and settle on the move.

VB (5 1)

1. MacManus,  Luneville Strawberry Moon, lovely feminine bitch, good head and expression, nothing exaggerated, correct short coupled body, well laid shoulders, long slightly sloping pasterns, presented in excellent condition, moved well.

2. O’Neil, Tenshilling Viva Las Vegas JW, another lovely mature bitch, dark expressive eye, flowing lines with good depth of brisket, ribs carried well back, short coupled, carrying a bit too much condition and not as positive on the move as my winner.

3. Stangroom, Lappakia Dune Song

BRACE (8 2)

1. Lejhy, Welsh & Madh’s

2. Saunders & Newton’s

3. Stangrooms

SBB Progeny Class

1. Stilgoe, Teisgol Caloochi IR Vet Ch