• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracy baoyles Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Eastbourne & District Canine Society


Portuguese Podengo

PG 3: (1) 1 Sampson's Morialta Ferreira. 18 mth old wire, maturing well. Good overall size and proportions. wedge shaped head properties with good ear set, dark eye, straight neck, rib cage developing well, nicely angled quarters. Moved out with a typical light-footed gait, correct tail carriage. 2. Brundle Brundledean Encantadora 7-month-old good wedge-shaped head with correct ear set, body shape developing nicely, correct angles, BP

O 3 (1) 1 Sampson's Odisseia De Viamonte at Morialta. An overall pleasing shape. Pleasing head and appealing typical expression, excellent ear placement. Correct height to body measurement, Straight front good movement. Good tail set. BoB. 2. Hounslow Ridgeway Ruby Tuesday 9 years old correct head proportions, good depth of rib, moved well, tail set slightly on the low side

Rhodesian Ridgeback

PG 3: (2) 1 Larkin Rubicon Red Do the Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp) R/wheaten, very well-balanced proportions on strong quarters. A feminine head with clean lines showing strength through cheek bone & muzzle. Good ear carriage with appealing round eye. A deep well sprung rib cage, giving depth in brisket with a smooth underline into tuck up. Adequate bone with good width of first & second thigh, well let down hocks well knuckled tight feet. Moved out true & steady, BoB Hound group 1

O 1 Larkin Swiftmsaka Royaal Indiana A mature head shorter in neck, deep chest reaching well back, well bodied, not quite settled today.

Bracco Italiano

J 1: 1 Sladden Feel the Pride Eva Elettra at Canemamans at 8 months is very raw, very feminine head would like to see a little more muzzle, good bone, correct angles, moved out very well with good drive. Bp BoB

PG 1: 1 Sladden Tybechgyn Believe you can at Canemamans typical head, a little short in neck, well boned, good depth of chest with good spring of rib, wide loins, would prefer a shorter hock. Moved with plenty of drive.

O 2: (1) 1 Sladden Tybechgyn Believe you Can at Canemamans

English Setter

J 3: 1 Harris & Bridgwater Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela substantial 11-month orange youngster loved his beautiful head and sweet expression. Good length of neck, Compact body with super bone and short backed with a good spring of rib. Outgoing on the move with a good tail action. 2 Brook Felsett Angel of the Morning clean head of correct proportions, decent length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good length of body and well sprung ribs, moved out well would prefer shorter hocks. 3 Poynter & Lewis Quensha Cowboys & Angels.

PG 2: 1 Loakes Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM Lovely head & expression. Long muscular neck, Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, super firm topline, wide loins, Well angulated rear. Moved well and in good coat. Could not be denied BoB Delighted to see her Gundog group 1 and then BIS. 2 Croft Merleycopse Dolly Daydream at Thistlesett heavier in head than one, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, good rear angulation, needs to firm up at the front.

O 4: (2) 1 Derring Sky Lark of Rosetimber pretty head of correct proportions, moderate length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs good angles all round, moved well just a little short of furnishing today res BoB. 2 Brook Felsett Angel of the Morning.

German Shorthaired Pointer

J 1: Warrington Zacova Amaretto 7-month-old puppy very good bone developing nicely throughout, good depth of chest and ribbed well backed, moved steaderly Bp

O 2: (1) 1 Coghlan Sh Ch Soellis Smug Doug JW ShCM A very nice well-balanced dog, clean head, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, level topline, moved & showed well, in hard condition BoB.

English Springer Spaniel

J 3: (1) 1 Hydon Clentonian Pandermonium Quality 15mth bitch, with good conformation, pretty head with expressive eye, good reach of neck, straight well boned front & tidy feet, well laid shoulders, good ribbing with firm top line, good width to thighs, moved well both coming and going BoB. 2 Dunsdon Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring 6-month puppy showing many good qualities, good angulation and moved well Bp & Gundog Puppy G3.

PG 3: 1 Hydon Clentonian Pandermonium. 2 Williams & Toublic Cobhay Dazzling Azalea well balanced feminine head, good shoulders with good topline and well sprung ribs, moved well. 3 Savell & Allen Plaiglen all that Jazz with Allenie.

O 4: (2) 1 Dunsdon Seaspring Becalmed good head and expression, moderate length of neck, well developed chest with a strong loin, moderate angulation, moved freely. Res BoB 2 Williams &Toublic Cobhay Dahlia nice head and eye, correct shoulder placement, with a good firm topline, preferred the rear movement of one.

Japanese Shiba Inu

PG 1 absent O 1 absent

 Judge Tracy Boyles