• Show Date: 25/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Ayling-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society

Golden Retrievers

Many thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge and for their great welcome and hospitality, at this well run open show. Thankyou also to the exhibitors for their wonderful, quality entry I was truly spoilt for choice.

 P. ( 5) 1.Merricks’ Stormerick Constance. What a super eleven month old puppy bitch. She caught my eye the moment she walked into the ring with her overall balance. She has the most prettiest of heads with dark eye and lovely pigment. Superb front and rear angulation, level topline and tailset, neat cat like feet. Moved with confidence around the ring BP & later on went PG2 2.Hewitson’s Seruilia Splash Of Class. A well made nine month old puppy bitch that presented a balanced outline. Beautiful head with lovely pigment. Good front angulation and bend of stifle, well set tail and tight feet. 3.Chapmans’ Kidston Weaver

SpY (7) Two super young bitches headed this class, both which could change places on another day, I really was splitting hairs between them. 1. Smyths’s Kadaka Kissagram. Well made, gold bitch with a balanced outline. Lovely head with kind expression, excellent reach of neck into correctly laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm, level topline, straight when viewed from front & rear. Muscular rear quarters with good bend of stifle which allowed her to move out well. I liked her a lot. BOS 2. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha. Another superb young bitch who is truly at one with her handler. Similar comments to one apply, she just lacked coat today. Two bitches with a very bright future ahead of them. 3. Bawden’s Goldsand Rock and Roll For Darthill

G (5) 1. Smyths’s Kadaka Kissagram 2. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha 3. Hockings’ Kaspurgold Rizzini

PG (7) 1 Giltsoff’s Endellion Spinnaker . Eyecatching young dog, full of quality and beautifully presented in excellent coat and condition. He has the most appealing of heads with a dark eye and good pigment; reachy neck, good forechest & spring of rib, excellent shoulder placement, super level topline & strong well angulated quarters, presented a lovely balanced profile. Kept his shape on the move & covered the ground effortlessly with reach & drive. He really did tick all the boxes for me. Pleased to award him BOB and to hear he was shortlisted in the group. 2. Ellis’ Shearstone Diva In Deceit At GoldLeigh Very pretty five year old bitch who has a beautiful outline & good overall balance. Good neck into clean laid back shoulders with matching return of upper arm & good forechest. Well sprung ribs of good length, level topline with tailset on and carried well. 3. Hockings’ Kaspurgold Rizzini

OD( 4) 1.Nicholls’ Largymore You’re My World JW. Another dog full of quality. Three year old, all male, golden boy with the gentlest of expressions, presented in excellent coat and condition, this dog has excellent front & rear angulation, spring of rib & depth of chest. His neck flows into the strongest of toplines which is held beautifully on the move. At one with his handler. RBOB 2.Mace’s Harry The Magician At Telanjan. Handsome six year old ,dark gold dog, who has the most beautiful head with the softest of expressions, kind eye & well defined stop. He stands foursquare on good bone & feet, short coupled with good bend of stifle. He moved very well around the ring 3. Johnsons’ Devonivy Diamond Cut By Niallgold

OB (9) Super class of quality bitches, some tough decisions had to be made. 1. Smyth’s Kadaka Karnival Queen. Another beautiful bitch from this kennel. Well put together 19 month old mid gold bitch. Very feminine quality type, well shaped and moulded head with dark eyes and soft expression enhanced with strong pigment. Lovely flow of neck into an excellent topline which was held on the move. Well angulated front and rear with excellent bend of stifle. 2. Clunie’s Warrentor Maplemoon. Dark gold bitch that I liked a lot, her tail never stopped wagging. Lovely head with dark eye and pigment with the softest of expressions, nice flow of neck into a level topline good front angulation & well sprung ribs. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Moved well. 3. Merricks’ Stormerick Abby Crunch.