• Show Date: 24/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Exeter & County Canine Society

Terrier Critique

Exeter and County Canine Society

Saturday 24th March 2018

My thanks to the committee and secretary for the invitation to judge at your show. This is such a well run and welcoming show and my thanks to the exhibitors for entering especially with being a late replacement judge. I apologise for only placing to Reserve in the classes my steward and I went by the catalogue that only listed placing to 4th. My thanks also to the group judge Vanessa Wegmann-Williams.

Class 93 - Dandie Dinmont Terrier Open (4 entries 2 absent)

1st and BOB - Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud.

15 month old Pepper dog, shown in good coat with depth and quality. Pleasing head with large round eye and dark nose. Perfect bite set in strong jaw. Moved really well with a rise over the loin and driving from behind. Look forward to seeing how he matures.

2nd and RBOB - Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerim.

2 year old mustard dog, not quite in the same jacket as 1. Lovely head piece with dark eye and nose. Kind expression and moved well.

Class 94 - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier - Open (2 entries 1 absent)

1st and BOB - Frontline Simply Beautiful

6 year old bitch with a lovely feminine expression. Moves well with drive from the rear and reach in front. Shown in nice coat and presented well.

Class 95 - Bedlington Terrier - Post Graduate (5 entries 3 absent)

Two lovely bitches who are litter sisters and I am sure they will change places on more than one occasion 

1st and BOB G4 - Jobanker Virtuous Veronica

Liver coloured bitch, narrow through out and well balanced. Correct head shape and good bite. Moved well covering the ground with a light spring to her step. Shown in good coat with good texture which just gave her the edge over her sister.

2nd and RBOB - Jobanker Chit Chat

Similar comments apply to this blue bitch. She is a nice size and has a beautiful expression.

Class 96 - Bedlington Terrier - Open (3 entries 3 absent)

Class 97 - Border Terrier - Puppy (1 entry)

1st and BPIB PG3 - Heading for Home at Moleschamber

7 month old grizzle and tan dog puppy. Still very much a baby but with a lot of promise. Shown in good coat of harsh texture with plenty of pelt. Good bite, head still developing. Narrow in body but hope he has done all his growing. Moved well once settled but still a little loose as expected at this age. Sure he has a bright future.

Class 98 - Border Terrier - Post Graduate (4 entries)

1st and BOB G2 - Tufterslodge Tea N Cake

One I have judged before and I still find him as appealing today as I did then.Lovely Blue and Tan not quite 2 years old. Varminty expression with strong jaw housing large teeth. In good coat just coming in after a recent strip. Easily spanned and of a nice size. Moved with drive around the ring holding his topline.

2nd and RBOB - Earthtaw Jessica Rabbit

Grizzle and tan bitch just over a year old. Beautiful head with small ears and good bite. Moved well but can carry her tail a bit high when excited but this doesn't detract from her outline and drive in rear action. Not quite the coat of 1 but more easily spanned that the open dog winner which gave her the edge for RBOB. Was also awarded RBOB in Group

3rd - Earthtaw Jasper Carrot at Moleschamber

Res - Tufterslodge Tea for Two

Class 99 - Border Terrier - Open (4 entries)

1st Moleschamber Finlaggan

Grizzle and tan dog. Shown in good coat with thick pelt. Preferred his head over 2. Good bite. He is for me top end size wise but is very balanced and can be spanned. Moved really well in the class but lost his sparkle in the challenge for BOB

2nd Tarkaswell Dr Zhivago at Moleschamber ShCM

Lovely dog to go over, grizzle and tan shown in good jacket with pelt. Nice head with large teeth. Narrow with good lay of rib, I preferred his size to 1. Moved with economy.

3rd Borderella Snap Dragon RL1

Res Earthtaw Indiana Jones

Class 100 - Cesky Terrier - Open (6 entries)

WOW what a great class. I thought the top two made a great pair with the dog looking like a dog and the bitch a bitch!

1st and BOB - Ridley Xanto for Dajaces ShCM

Grey dog, well muscled which showed in his movement around the ring. Masculine head piece with large teeth set in a true scissor bite. Shown in good coat which gave him the edge over the bitch.

2nd and RBOB - Shasgav Sound of Silence

17 month old grey bitch. She completely powered around the ring, my notes say 'what a pocket rocket' Pretty feminine head with sweet expression.

3rd Janski Philosopher Dajaces

Res Komidion Nickelodeon Avec Dajaces ShCM

Class 101 - Parson Russell Terrier - Open (1 entry 1 absent)

Class 102 - Jack Russell Terrier - Open (5entries)

A hard class to judge with a wide variety in breed type.

1st and BOB BPIB PG2 - Fair and Brave Great Glen at Tufterslodge (imp It)

An easy winner here and a good example of the breed. Still only 10 months old but shows like a true professional. She has a sweet head with good ear carriage, bite and eye placement. Moves true and with drive. Coat just coming in but the texture was harsh. Size correct to the breed standard.

2nd and RBOB - Pantycelyn He's a Leader among Silkdance

White and tan dog just turned 12 months. Well over size for the breed standard and could move better behind. He does have a nice head and good tail set. Shown in really good coat which gave him the edge over 3rd who is a really nice puppy and just needs a little more time.

3rd Chatmoss Chatterbox at Tufterslodge

Res Jarot Call My Bluff at Tufterslodge

Class 105 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Post Graduate (3 entires 2 absent)

1st and BPIB PG4 - Fergustaff Tudor Queen

Just 7 months old and still very much a baby but really enjoying her day. Lovely head shape and I found her white and tan markings very appealing. She has a good clean bite with large teeth. She moved well once she had settled. I really liked her, a lovely puppy.

Class 106 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Open (3 entries)

1st and BOB - Fergustaff Jack Frost

2 year old red male who moved really well, powering around the ring. Well muscled without being overdone in anyway. Masculine head with a strong jaw housing large teeth. 

2nd and RBOB - Rowenda Brown Bomber

Young brindle dog who was full of spirit which did make assessing his movement tricky. He has a broad head, large teeth and strong expression. For me personally although very well muscled, was slightly overdone which detracted from his overall balance and appearance.

3rd Fergustaff Valkerine Queen

Class 107 - Manchester Terrier - Open (2 entries 2 absent)

Class 108 - West Highland White Terrier - Open (5 entries 4 absent)

1st and BOB G1 - Brorastar All My Loving

This was my star of the day and I am pleased the group judge agreed. Although he stood alone this 15 month dog is just stunning. Shown in good crystal white coat of harsh texture. Beautiful chrysanthemum head with dark eyes and nose. Well balanced and moved with drive. Thank you for bringing him!

Class 109 - Bull Terrier - Open (7 entries 2 absent)

1st and BOB G3 - Diton Dixeland with Puissance ShCM

16 month white with black markings dog. I have judged this boy before when he was a puppy and it's lovely to see how he has matured into a adult with teenage tendencies! He moves with a true tracking motion with drive. Well balanced and toned. He has a good head shape with small almond eyes and correct scissor bite. 

2nd and RBOB - Louka Masked Maiden

White and tan bitch only 14 months old. Good head shape with correct mouth. Couldn't match 1st on movement, was being rather excitable on the day. 

3rd and BPIB - Blazinbullys Sweet Surprise

Brindle bitch puppy of just 7 months. At this stage of her development, her head is developing, as is her muscle tone. She moves really well with true tracking action. Will be interested to see her develop.

Res Neverland The Devil to Play

Class 111 - Welsh Terrier - Open (2 entries)

Very little to split these two, I am sure they would change places on another day.

1st and BOB - Somerwel Head Full of Dreams

18 month bitch, shown in good coat of dense harsh texture. She has a lovely head and expression with large teeth set in stone jaw. Moved really well with drive.

2nd and RBOB - Saredon Desert Bloom at Somerwel ShCM

Mother of 1st. I actually preferred her size but not quite in the same jacket as 1. Moved well. Beautiful head and expression.

Tracey Anscombe

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