• Show Date: 01/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birtley & District Canine Society

Birtley and District Canine Society

Open Show

Sunday 1st April

Thank you to the committee and Secretary for the invitation to judge at your show, the hospitality was second to none. Thanks to the NBTC for sponsoring the class, my steward Dave and all the exhibitors for bringing your dogs under me.

Border Terrier Puppy Dog (1entry)

1st BPIB and PG3 - Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

11 month old grizzle and tan shown in new coat just coming in with plenty of pelt. Moves well with a true tracking motion driving from the rear which is well toned but his top line does drop off at the croup. Broad head but would prefer a smaller ear to frame his expression. Correct bite with large teeth.

Border Terrier Junior Dog (2entries)

1st Otterpaws Mountain High

Gorgeous otter head on this young red dog, small ear dropping to cheek, varminty expression, dark eye and good mouth. In a fuller coat than 2 with plenty of topcoat and pelt. Moved Ok once settled holding his top line and has a well set carrot tail.

2nd Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

Border Terrier Post Graduate Dog (3entries)

1st Tojamatt Rhythm ‘N’ Blues at Raedwulf

Grizzle and tan shown in good coat of correct consistency. Was the best moving dog on the class with drive from the rear and reach in front. Lovely otter head housing large teeth with scissor bite. Stands on tight cat like feet. I liked him a lot

2nd Otterpaws Muninn

A close decision between these two I just preferred the size of 1 over this red boy. He has a super head but a little heavy in ear. He was sporting a good jacket and presented well. Moved out with purpose.

3rd Tyneaster Dark Agent

Border Terrier Open Dog (6entries 1abs)

1st BOB G2 Ch Stineval Napoleon

Quality grizzle and tan moved around the ring like he owned it and didn’t disappoint on the table. Shown in new tight coat that shown off his outline well. I liked his size, was so easily spanned. Nice head with small ear and had really good tight feet. Thank you for bringing him

2nd Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf

Grizzle and tan moved with economy from well muscled rear quarters. Nice head with good bite. Well balanced shown in good double jacket. 

3rd Ralenio Second Time Around ShCM

Res Tyneaster Undercover Agent for Vandamere 

Border Terrier Puppy Bitch 2entries 1abs)

1st Esyntona Codeword Vandamere 

Just 7 months old blue and tan bitch. Still very much a baby with everything developing. She had a pretty head with correct bite and dark eye. In good harsh coat. She couldn’t match the puppy dog for maturity in movement for BPIB but had a lot to like about and I will watch her progress with interest.

Border Terrier Junior Bitch (3entries)

Very little to tell between the first two both nice bitches and I am sure they will change places on more than one occasion 

1st Stineval Kordia JW

Grizzle and tan recently stripped but with evidence of coat coming through. Liked her size and more easily spanned than 2. Moved well using her carrot tail to advantage. Ok in head with good teeth and bite. 

2nd Picer Beth Chatto

Grizzle and tan who again recently been stripped with not quite so much regrowth as 1. She has a lovely head piece with a true otter expression, dark eyes and large teeth. Moved well around the ring.

3rd Carrickfarm Macey

Border Terrier Post Graduate Bitch (5entries 1abs)

1st Foxcraig Magic Diamond

Red bitch in good double coat with depth which gave her the edge over 2. Just spannable and I wouldn’t want any more of her but she holds her shape well on the move maintaining her top line and drives from behind. Pleasing head and expression.

2nd Raleniro New Rose

Blue and tan with nice lay of rib and easy spanned. Moved well once settled but was a little distracted. Pretty head with large teeth and dark eye. Not quite in the coat of 1.

3rd Esytona Whisper

Res Carrickfarm Mara

Border Terrier Open Bitch (5entries 1abs)

1st BOS Otterpaws Firebird ShCM

This grizzle and tan had the best coat and pelt of the day but couldn’t match the dog for overall quality and showmanship. She has a pretty head with small ears, dark eye and correct bite. Moved the best in the class holding her top line.

2nd Stineval Mauzia

Blue and tan who was not in the jacket of 1. Nicely made youngster who moved with drive around the ring holding her top line and using her short carrot tail. Pleasing on head. Easy span with good rib and loin. 

3rd Raleniro Lady Esquire ShCM

Res Wings of Speed at Otterpaws 

Tracey Anscombe