• Show Date: 28/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tori Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mid Herts Gundog Club

Mid Herts Gundog Club

28 October 2018

Welsh Springer Spaniels

My sincere thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well run and pleasant show. Whilst not necessarily a numerically high entry there was quality throughout, and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions.

Puppy – 0 No entries

Junior – 0 No entries

Post Graduate – 3

1st Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom JW Having previously judged this young man as a puppy, at 19 months, he is maturing well. Such a great character, his tail never stopped wagging, and once settled he presented a balanced picture both standing and on the move. Masculine, balanced head with a cheeky expression in his eye. Good length of neck and clean well laid back shoulders. Deep well sprung ribs of good length, strong body, and correct topline, tail set and carriage. He used his correctly angulated hindquarters and well let down hocks to drive him positively and soundly around the ring with excellent foot placement.

2nd Caldwell’s Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan Bitch of 2 years, she has bone, substance and body yet retains femininity. Pretty head and kind expression. Good neck. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Firm, cat like feet. Big, deep ribs. Good topline. Nicely rounded and developed quarters. She moved well in profile however preferred the more positive rear action of 1.

3rd Bennett’s Helgen Romeo the Lover

Open – 6 (2) – super quality class! I was thoroughly spoilt for choice and was splitting hairs between them all.

1st Cocking, Barnaby & Tully’s Sh Ch Bushwacker Gregory’s Girl at Highclare This is a stunning bitch. Admittedly, she is stronger than I usually prefer but she pulled out all the stops to win this strong class over one of my favourite bitches. She presents a balanced outline, was presented in hard condition and was handled to advantage. She has a nice head with a kind alert expression. She excels in forehand construction with her long neck, well laid back shoulders, and good return and length to her upperarm. Strong and muscular body. Excellent ribs and depth. Firm, correct topline. Well set and carried tail. Well muscled, wide and fully developed hindquarters with a moderate turn of stifle and well let down hocks. It all came together on the move where she propelled herself soundly and effectively around the ring with plenty of push and drive. BOB.

2nd Sutherland’s Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony This bitch is a favourite of mine and on first appraisal I thought her my winner, however sadly she just didn’t have her head in the game on the day and had to give way to 1 who didn’t put a foot wrong. Of a different type to 1, she too presents a balanced picture with her excellent angulation front and rear. She has the most beautiful balanced head with lovely eyes and a kind and biddable expression. Long muscular neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders. She stands on well boned straight legs and the neatest of feet. Good body, big deep ribs, strong loin, good top line. Well developed and muscled quarters. She moved well and was sympathetically handled. RBOB.

3rd Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

Judge Tori Ellis (Shannara)