• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Drinkwater Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Lancashire Heeler Club

Critique for the judging of Lancashire Heelers at The Lancashire Heeler Club Open Show on Sunday 6th May 2018. Thank you for inviting me to judge the Club Open Show it was a lovely day with some very nice dogs.

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog(1) 1st Simpsons Simonsville Zippy 14 month of nice shape and size. Good eyes and dentition, good coat, ears could be firmer. Moved erratic.

Graduate Dog (1) Withdrawn

Post Graduate Dog(2) 1 abs 1st Jaques&Jaques-Harris Foxthyme Mr Tobias 2 year old dog of good quality. Good head and expression, correct eye shape and colour. Correct dentition, harsh coat and well carried tail. One to watch for the future.

Limit Dog (2) 1 abs 1st Dawes Welshmoor Bobby Sox 2 year old nice size dog. Pleasing outline and shape, good head and expression, dark eye, correct dentition moved OK.

Open Dog (5) 1 abs 1st Simpsons Ch Coppercoat’s Cruiser among Simonsville JW (Imp Fin) 3 year old dog of good outline, pleasing head and expression, well carried ears, good shaped eye and colour. Correct dentition. Moved well. R.B.D. 2nd Jones L. Ch. Madin Crowd Gabrel Heavier than 1. Good quality dog of nice shape good head and expression, dentition good. Moved OK 3rd Fairest Henson Fairest Lad

Veteran Dog (4) 1 abs 1st Bancroft Ch Doddsline Duffy Shcm 13 year old not showing his age. Good head eyes dark of good shape. Full dentition, strong neck going into level topline which was held well on the move. Good bone and substance. Handled well. B.D and B.I.S. 2nd Gordons Ch Troutop Rolo 10 year old quality liver dog not showing his age good head and expression, well carried ears, good eyeshape, strong topline. Moved well. 3rd Jones L Foxthyme Maori

Puppy Bitch(3) 1st Creasy Leyeside Miss Molly An 8 month old bitch of good quality. Good head and expression, full dentition, dark eye, angles OK Moved well. BP and BPIS 2nd Thwaite&Hayes Ribblespride Ladytron 10 month old shown in lovely condition. Slightly taller than 1 but of good quality, pleasing outline, good head, full dentition could change places with 1 at any time.

Junior Bitch(1) abs

Grad Bitch(1) 1st Simpsons Simonsville Zara 14 month old bitch unfortunately on the day lacked in confidence. Pleasing outline, nice type would like to see her again on another day.

Post Grad Bitch (3) 1 abs 1st Urwin Lady Dora Delight 3 year old bitch of good type, Good head, well carried ears nice expression, dark eye, scissor bite. Good angles moved well 2nd Holehouse Taigwyonion Megacascade Sparkle 2 year old bitch of good quality on the day ears not her fortune. Dark eye. Level topline moved OK.

Limit Bitch(2) 1st Davies Black Rose in Ronleydon A happy bitch with pleasing expression, good head, well carried ears, correct shape and colour of eye. Scissor bite. Topline held well. Moved with ease. Well handled. RBB. 2nd Jones M Welshmoor Bobbysgirl Another quality bitch which could change places with 1 at any time. Good expression, correct shaped eyes and colour. Good topline well held. Moved well.

Open Bitch(3) 1 abs 1st Gordon Ch Foxthyme Eleanor with Troutop 5 year old bitch of excellent quality. shown in good hard condition. Well carried ears, correct eye of shape and colour. Correct dentition. Excellent bone and feet. Moved round the ring with drive. BB and RBIS 2nd Urwin Hoscar Border Breaker Another quality bitch pleasing expression well carried ears, good shape of eye and colour. Good angles moved well.

Veteran Bitch(5) 1 abs 1st Jones M Ch Doodsline Daffodil at Welshmoor 10 year old bitch in lovely condition A compact bitch with a pleasing head and expression, well carried ears. Nice dark eye good topline well held. Moved well. 2nd Gordon Troutop Lottie 13 year old not showing her age. Nice head With good expression, well carried ears, Good topline. Moved well. 3rd Bancroft Ch Hotpot Kiddie Cate by Cheinban

Judge Tony Drinkwater (Galerita)