• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Tibetan Spaniel Club

South Western Tibetan Spaniel Club

Breed Club Open Show (Bitches)

Sunday August 5th 2018

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this superbly organised show. To the exhibitors for a fabulous bitch entry of 65, (73) and for their sportsmanship demonstrated throughout.

I agreed with my co judge, Debbie Parkes, on the Dog, Lemon’s Ch Souska I Need Your Love for BIS and Breeze & Styles’s Hilsar Is He T’So, for RBIS. My BPB, Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady Of The Lake was BPIS on referee Pauline Lock’s decision. Special Vintage & BVIS Short’s Ch Samalyn Swansong at Malia JW. Best Special Beginners, Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po.

Special Vintage Bitch (10 & Over) 4,2

1. Short’s Ch Samalyn Swansong at Malia JW. Beautifully balanced throughout in respect of size, bone and substance. Appealing head of correct proportions. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. Moved OK. Super show girl. BVIS

2. Hilsar Kri-Ba-Nor JW. Lots to admire. In super condition. Gorgeous head and expression. Ideal length of leg; well set tail. Lovely Spring of rib and substance. A touch longer cast than 1. Close call.

Veteran Bitch 12,4

A fabulous class!

1. Ch Malia Melissa of Stardance JW ShCM. The 9 year old belies her age. Super showgirl so cannot fail to attract attention. Skull being small and gently domed between correctly set ears. Expressive eyes, blunt finish of foreface, moderate neck and secure level back. Proved a most impressive shape when standing.

2. Breeze & Styles’s, Hilsar Duar Vespa JW. Totally unexaggerated and oozing breed type. I admired her overall balance. Captivating eyes in a well proportioned head. Super body and tail setting. Moved very well, having such a positive rear drive. Once again splitting hairs between 1 & 2.

3. Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Keeper of the Dreams JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Conibere’s Chenrezi My Girl. Rather well built for age. Head of correct size and of fair width and length. Excellent topline and tail setting. Good spring of rib. Moved in a stylish fashion; front to settle.

Puppy Bitch 8

1. Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady of The Lake. This attractive sable girl is well balanced throughout and of a lovely size. Lovely expression and finish. Enough coat and not overdone. Correct lay of shoulders. Ok for neck. Well made hindquarters. High set tail carried correctly. Super mover. BPB & BPIS.

2. Needham’s Gianni Its Darling at Parloueve. Another very impressive youngster. Gorgeous expression. Impressive overall substance. Lovely neck and forehand. Has the right amount of coat and of a super texture. Beautifully presented. Close call.

3. Velrok Shiffalia

Junior Bitch 7,1

1. Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady of The Lake

2. Morton’s Linsdown Camelia. Super showgirl and lots to like in respect of expression in a correct small head of good proportions; well set ears. A touch narrower throughout than 1. Super front and correct hare shaped feet. Moved well.

3. Wallis Baga’s Velrok Elvenstar

Yearling Bitch 4,2

1. Steven’s Rhubik Dress To Impress. Skull of correct size, medium muzzle and gorgeous dark sparkling eyes. Perhaps a touch longer in body. Well set tail. Impressive rear assembly proved strong rear drive.

2. Borrett’s Tulibell Kash Mere with Tibama. Another with a lovely sized head but preferred expression of 1. Well bodied; secure level back, high set tail. Moved a touch narrow going away. Exemplary showgirl and beautifully presented.

Novice Bitch 7,2

1. Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady of The Lake

2. Wallis-Baga’s Velrok Shiffalia. A lot to like here. Well proportioned body. Moderately short neck. Enough coat. Beautiful eyes, ears well set and correct finish of foreface. Sound on the move and particularly strong behind.

3. Lyanstone Betsan for Turcel

Post Graduate Bitch 13,5

1. Needham’s Parloueve At Last. This B/T has a gorgeous head with neat fitting lips and of correct proportions. Super for neck set on, lay of shoulders and strong level back. Clean front, good ribbing. Silky textured coat. Perhaps a tad short on leg. Outstanding mover.

2. Breeze and Styles’s Hilsar U Cant Ignore A Nora. Extremely well constructed and impressive to examine. I particularly admired her expression. Moved extremely soundly. Although a very different to 1, both bitches have a lot to offer in respect of breed type.

3. Quest’s Chenrezi You’re Beautiful

Limit Bitch 8,4

1. Hourihane’s Bajenta Parti Parvati at Amcross. Relatively small in size with a neat well-balanced appearance and beautifully constructed throughout. This sound totally honest bitch cannot fail to capture attention. Fabulous head featuring a clean blunt muzzle of correct length with slight cushioning. Intelligent eyes, ideal length of neck, secure level back. High set tail and curl giving some height. Ideal amount of daylight under a sturdy body and coat silky texture beautifully presented. I had no hesitation in awarding her BB and later BOS in Show.

2. Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love JW. A real showgirl and certainly does it with style! Well bodied and of ideal proportions. Well ribbed. Secure level back, great tail setting. Just the right amount of coat. Correct length of leg maintaining that correct balance. Super feet. Moved extremely well.

3. Quest’s Chenrezi Solitaire JW Sh CM

Open Bitch 9,2

1. Short’s Malia Yuan Zhi JW. Super girl. Beautiful to examine – my notes say ‘a complete package’. Sound and honest and gives her handler 100%. Presented in fabulous condition with ideal amount of coat and furnishings. Moved with a proud, purposeful gait. RBB.

2. Allman’s Andor Tilly Mint for Shantess. Correct small skull, dark oval eyes. Well set ears. Moderate length of neck, secure level back and high set tail. Ideal amount of coat of correct texture. Super feet and clean front. Strong rear assembly having strong well let down hocks. Moved soundly.

3. Dalrymple-Hay’s Rhubisk Sophia For Parkplace

Special Beginners (Bitch)

1. Steven’s Rhubik Dressed To Impress

2. Steven’s Starlance Honky Tonky Angel. Very smart on the move and a real showgirl. Excellent forehand reach. Just preferred the overall balance of 1. Ideal length of neck and shoulders well laid. Happy showgirl.

Best Brace 3,1

1. Short’s Brace

Tony Allcock