• Show Date: 27/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Stourbridge & District Canine Society


December 27th 2018

I was honoured to be invited by the Society to judge all Groups and Best In Show. On the day, I was delighted with the quality of the dogs present at both Group level and the final BIS line up. This all made the decision for top honours exceedingly hard!

BIS was the Smooth Fox Terrier, Brookes & Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy JW

RBIS was the Shih Tzu, Gilkes’s Zeeva Reflections, Shih Tzu

Group Winners


1. Hunts, Carpaccio Clarice Cliff JW, Dachshund Miniature S/C. A truly beautiful girl. B/T B, with a feminine head and expression, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, well bodied and carried topline on the move. When standing she portrays a stunning silhouette.

2. Lewis’s , Trixhund Opium JW, ShCM, Dachshund L/C. Excels in head type, presented in fabulous condition. Long reach of neck, strong secure level back of good length, strong rear angulations. A very positive mover.

3. Hunts Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio, JW Dachshund S/C

4. Brown’s Laakso Cara, Norwegian Elkhound


1. Martin’s Normbar Time Trial For Sunhouse, German Wirehaired Pointer. Lovely type, balanced and of correct proportions, in excellent coat and condition. Correct topline & tailset, strong hindquarters, good for neck and shoulders. Steady accurate mover. Very promising.

2. Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow, Retriever, Flat Coat. Very feminine, elegant bitch. Presented a lovely balanced profile with correct angulation. Excellent on the move both coming and going.

3. Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae JW, Irish Setter

4. Britton’s Bowstones Polka, Retriever Labrador


1. Brookes & Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy JW Quality dog. Who cannot fail to capture attention. Ultra-smart with a well-balanced outline. Super headpiece, with keen expression and was really up on his toes! Neat ears and small dark eyes full of character. Super front, lovely flow of neck into his well laid shoulders. Strong, short level back with perfect tail. Presented in great condition. Moved true both ways. Handled to perfection. A well-deserved BIS today.

2. Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger, SBT Brindle. So impressive. Fabulous head and with well carried ears, dark eyes and correct set of teeth. Fabulous front. Great body and moved superbly. Presented and handled to perfection.

3. Rees’s Pantycelyn Main Man at Amical, JRT

4. Jones’s Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch, SCWT


1. White’s Jutlanders Are You Ready (Imp DEN), Great Dane. Dark expressive eyes complimented super. Her of correct proportions. Unexaggerated expressive wrinkling on forehead. Correct length of foreface and scissor bite, ears of good size and lovely crested neck which flowed into shoulders. Correct angulation front and rear angulations. Well filled deep chest. Held an excellent top line on the move. I liked her a lot.

2. Webb’s Shalissa’s Siriusly Stunin JW, Doberman Feminine head in balance with compact body. Skull flat with muzzle in proportion. Dark eyes and ears of correct size well set. Tight lips and good dentition. Slight arch to neck of good length. Good forechest. Sound purposeful mover.

3. Rees’s Ch Winter Melody Hot On The Top at Amical, JW Siberian Husky

4. Newton’s Stelamah Quiang at Shlarra JW, Newfoundland

Pastoral Group

1. Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcopper for Koromandel JW, Norwegian Buhund. Her wonderful outline, lovely size and balance cannot fail to attract attention. Outgoing personality. Moved with determination and drive; shown to perfection.

2. Sewell’s Alistair’s Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Sw), Bearded Collie. Impressive youngster! Lovely for size and shape. Great mover and presented beautifully. Should have a bright future.

3. Langford’s Caprian Challenger, Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

4. Hateley’s Mohnesee Sweet Dreams JW, Shetland Sheepdog

Utility Group

1. Gilkes’s Zeeva Reflections, Shih Tzu. This eye catching very feminine Gold/White bitch is so well balanced out line, lovely head, enduring expression from those dark eyes, well placed nose, correct wide slightly undershot jaw, good pigment, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, fair depth of brisket. Held a secure backline with a high tail set and carriage, balanced front and rear angulations. Moved soundly with reach and drive. Still relatively young and an assured show career ahead. RBIS.

2. Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love JW, ShCM, Tibetan Spaniel. Gold. Correct slightly domed skull, complimentary ear fringes, lovely blunt muzzle and cushioning, ample chin, dark oval eyes, strong neck and well laid shoulders. Slight bow to forelegs, deep chest, secure topline, high well set and plumed tail, moderate stifle used to advantage with easy brisk effortless movement.

3. Paradise’s Shardlow Rainbows End, Lhasa Apso

4. Seffer’s Boule & Onuba Sir Kaiser Catrelma, (Imp Esp), French Bulldog

Toy Group

1. Brown’s Hawksflight Black Russian, Miniature Pinscher. A new one to me! Black and Tan of which markings were sharply defined. Very smart when standing. Balanced head, strong dentition, good for shoulder placement and neck. Compact body, super topline. High set tail. Impressive mover giving a good demonstration of the hackney style.

2. Rooney’s Yorone Goung For Gold, Chihuahua L/C. Super puppy. Balanced head with keenly expressive eyes. Sturdily built being of correct bone for size, developing in body but understandably at this stage of development. Clean strong topline. Confident mover striding out well for one so young.

3. Paradise’s Shardlow Nicker Boka Glory ShCM, Japanese Chin

4. Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse in Poppywood JW, Papillon