• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Irish Terrier Association

Irish Terrier Association Breed Club Open Show

17th August 2018

I was delighted to be invited to judge this lovely show and to receive a magnificent entry. I would like to thank everyone for making it such a memorable day.

Special Beginners 1

1. Hill & Barnes-Hill’s Jaffa Cake. Nicely balanced, correct body length, strong short loin, ears to settle; strong rear angulations, well set tail. Just a touch untidy when coming back to me. Super coat texture for age. RBP.

Minor Puppy Dog 1

1. Hill & Barnes-Hill’s Jaffa Cake

Puppy Dog 3,1

1. Cooke’s Montelle Look Of Gold. 10 month old. Impressive on the stand demonstrating a lovely balance. Has substance but without being overdone, Super coat texture and colour. Excellent length of head and finish, super ears. Moved well when settled. One to watch. BPD & BPIS

2. Hill & Barnes-Hill’s Jaffa Cake

Junior Dog 3,1

1. Thomas’s Lead The Way to Montelle. Another that excelled in jacket texture; it was a true broken coat. Great length of neck; strong well set jaws. Stood attentive, demonstrating a lovely balanced outline. At 15 month old he is maturing nicely into a most promising dog. Correctly angulated hindquarters gave great propulsion aiding impressive movement. RBD.

2. Clark’s Nosdionysles Saumcer. 16 month old. Would just prefer more length of head and finish. Super eyes. OK for neck length. Good depth of chest. Secure level back. Coat a touch soft. Moved steadily.

Post Gaduate 1

1. Simons’s Saredon Red Berry. Lots to like here in this 19 month old male of balanced proportions. Lovely coat texture being thick and wiry. Would just prefer a touch more refinement to head and small ears. Fabulous lay of shoulder and well set neck of ideal length. Daring eyes! Moved keenly with strong rear drive.

Limit Dog 1

1. Atkin’s Gengis Khan. 4 year old, liked his head and expression, OK for neck. Excellent coat texture. Would prefer better tail. Moved steadily.

Open Dog 1

1. Bamsey’s Ch Holbam Celtic Warrior Presented in fine fettle, I admired his shape and size beautifully illustrating the required racy appearance. Great for head ratios, eyes, and expression. Super neck. Secure level backline, well set tail and carried well. Strong rear assembly. Loved his colour. Became a touch unsettled in the challenge but regained himself. Moved freely and accurate. BD & BIS.

Veteran Dog 2

1. Bannister’s Ch Montelle Vision In Red JW, ShCM. Standing he looked a balanced picture. Sufficient bone and substance but not overdone. Correct head containing beautiful eyes and small well set ears, held well. Sturdy front straight legs and neat feet. Body moderately long, strong hindquarters, tail on top. Excellent harsh wiry red coat. Just a touch soft in topline today. Moved well. BVD.

2. Redman’s Applerock Lord Stefan. Slightly taller on the leg than 1. OK for depth of chest. Secure level backline. Balanced head, expressive eyes, ears a little untidy. Super textured coat. Steady mover. RBVD.

Special Beginners 3

1. Montcoffer Truly Love. I liked his head qualities, eyes and excellent ears, fair length of neck, well set. Excellent coat texture and colour. Moved well and sympathetically handled.

2. Peachey’sWyndam Lady Clancy. Not quite the balanced head of 1. Well-constructed body, level back, well set tail. Strongly assembled hindquarters with well let down hocks. Moved out really well.

3. McIver’s Pinleygreen Golden Rocket

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Rhodes’s Magairlin Silver Dawn at Ghyllslap. Really well behaved young lady. Would just prefer a touch more refinement in head. Appealing eyes. Super for coat and colour. Strong hindquarters. Forequarters well under, good lay of shoulder. Came together very nicely on the move. RBPB

Puppy Bitch 3

1. Gummow’s Pinleygreen Irish Queen. This mature puppy produces such a lovely shape. Well balanced in body and leg ratios. Feminine throughout. Gorgeous coat and colour. Ideal length of foreface, keen dark eyes. Just a touch heavier in ears. Balanced angulations produced super movement. BPB & Reserve BPIS.

2. McIver’s Pinleygreen Golden Rocket. 11 month old and has an attractive head with lovely eyes. Well laid neck of correct length, excellent for rib length; strong short loins. Impressive sound mover. Not quite as forward as 1.

3. Clark’s Bonosue Little Red Rose

Junior 2

1. Anderson’s Kerrykeel Naoise 16 months. Lovely for size and shape. Head well balanced with character eyes that could tell a story! Neat high set ears used well. Excellent neck, Good length of rib; excellent tail. Topline with the slightest rise of the loin as required. Touch straighter in stifle. Moved well and very well presented. RBB

2. Blair’s Montcoffer Truly Love

Novice Bitch 4

1. Karau’s Balirolyat Moll’s A Diva. Beautifully proportioned 2 year old. Good for neck, shoulders, topline and tail set. Attractive lengthy head with excellent strong finish. Eyes with lovely expression, well placed ears. I felt she could have given so much more today but I admired her attributes to give her the class on maturity over the puppy but a close call.

2. Gummow’s Pinleygreen Irish Queen

3. Blair’s Montcoffer Truly Love

Post Graduate Bitch 5

1. Cooke’s Royal Lady at Montelle. Presented in quite short coat. Great for size and balance. Impressive expression; good use of ears. Excellent dentition. Moved OK

2. Lee’s Sujoncla Goyathlay. Quite an elegant bitch and nicely put together. Balanced head, ears a touch untidy. Steady mover. Excellent coat texture and finish. Close up on 1.

3. Karua’s Balirolyat Moll’s Diva

Limit Bitch 3

1. Bannister’s Holbam Celtic Nuala. Racy bitch presented in excellent condition. Great coat. Feminine head, gorgeous eyes, scissor bite, OK ears, lengthy neck. Clean front, sturdy straight legs and strong round shaped toes. Body moderately long. Tail well set and carried correctly. Sound mover.

2. Lee’s Sujoncla Goyathlay

3. Karua’s Balirolyat Moll’s Diva

Open 2

1. Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM. This super headed, well balanced bitch was presented in fine form. Harsh textured coat. Lovely her head qualities and particularly those keen daring eyes. Correct ears well positioned. Super for neck, shoulders and topline. Economic forehand and strong rear drive from muscled angulations with well let down hocks resulted in effortless movement. BB.

2. Ruffles’s Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar JW ShCM. A bitch I gave honours to as a puppy. Super head and expression. She clearly had just finished nursing a litter so her coat was as appropriate. Produces a super outline. When she moves she really comes into her own.

Veteran 4,1

1. Jones’s Montelle Sweet Dream. This 7 ½ year old was presented in super condition. Best of head qualities. Correct ears and appealing eyes. Well-made and in splendid coat she moved really well in all directions. BVB

2. Karau’s Kerrykeel Riona. Another presented in excellent condition. Good length of head, not the strength of underjaw as 1. Lengthy neck, secure topline. Strong rear angulations. Harsh textured coat, well presented. Moved very well. RBVB.

3. O’Keefe’s Montelle She’s A Lady

Stakes – Best Movement 11

1. Jones’s Montelle Sweet Dream

2. Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM

3. Bamsey’s Ch Holbam Pearly Star ShCM

Tony Allcock MBE