• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Barking Canine Club

Barking Canine Club

Open Show Saturday 29th September 2018

An excellent, well organised show at a wonderful venue!

Dachshund S/H

Limit 1

1. Seago & Gibbard’s Amlida Asintended. B/T feminine bitch, OK for neck. Good chest and clean front assembly, excellent topline which was maintained on the move. Appealing head of adequate length. RBOB

Open 1

1. Seago & Gibbard’s Amlida Aston, Attractive balanced head, good dentition, lovely neck, super length of rib, secure backline. Strong legs. Strong accurate rear drive and good reach of forehand. In lovely condition. BOB G3

Dachshund Min S/H

Junior 4

1. Kitchen’s Swingletrees Roses are Red at Tarkdash. Very attractive red, beautifully balanced with ideal length of leg. At 15 months she is an accomplished showgirl. Moved very well. BOB

2. Bullis’s Amaffrey Goodgolly Ms Molly. Lovely 8 month old B/T. Super for size, shape and body. Secure topline. Neat front and sturdy hindquarters. Impressive on the move. RBOB & PBIB, PG2

3. Amaffrey Betcha By Gollow Wow

Open 3,1

1. Dimon’s Indyvic Enchanted Onyx. B/T. A particularly strong mover. OK for head. Excellent rear angulations and body length, just a tad lacking in chest. Super coat.

2. Stephen’s Bedu Star and Stripes. Not the finish in head as 1 and a touch light in body. Excellent topline. Good for chest and hindquarters. Sturdy mover.

Dachshund L/H

Limit 1

1. Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin. Although he is a very large boy, everything is in the right place. Appealing head and finish. Good front. Topline falls away a touch at the croup. Good depth of body and enough leg to balance. A really happy character!

Open 1

1. Dimon’s Dimerlin Isolde. 10 years old and has not lost any of that beautiful expression. Presented in excellent condition. Sound, honest mover maintaining a proud head carriage and secure level topline. BOB & G4

Dachshund Min L/H

Junior 2

1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Constantly. 7 months and a very sweet puppy. OK for overall length, appealing head and eye. Neat forequarters and strong rear angulations demonstrated impressive movement. RBOB & BPIB & PG3

2. McCarthy’s Nagshall Love To Be. Sibling to 1 and a touch more of him. Good length of body. Balanced throughout, supporting ideal length of leg. Super for chest and body. Although I just preferred the bitch today I have a feeling that when finished, this will be the one to watch.

Limit 3

1. Mccarthy’s Nagshall Christobel. 22 months old. Lots to like here. Beautifully constructed which was demonstrated in that superb movement. Lovely head qualities being of ideal proportions and ultra-feminine. Great chest. Beautiful condition.

2. Chappell’s Glededdee’s Miz Devil Diva Another ticking many of the breed points. Liked the size of this 2 year old. She supports a balanced shape, firm in topline and well-muscled quarters. Fair ground clearance.

3. Chappell’s Glededdee’s Sugar Plum Dream

Open 4,1

1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac JW This quality dog impressed me greatly. Appealing well balanced head, super eyes, deep pigment, very pleasing to go over, lovely coat and condition, moved on a sound stride holding his secure level topline. BOB.

2. Chappell’s Glededdee’s Mr Teddie Bear. Maintained his appealing outline held on the move, balanced head, dark eye and super pigment, OK for neck, good length of ribbing.Touch more body weight would enhance. Moved OK

3. Chappell’s Glededdee’s Miss Cool Chick

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Junior 2

1. Marshall’s Soufriere One Vision. Correct size and balance. Expressive head from intelligent eyes, well set leathers, Longish neck. Sturdy body; well-muscled loins. Steady mover. BOB & BPIB

2. Culyer-Dawson’s Soufriere We Will rock You. Strongly built but rather tall on the leg. Super head and eyes, super brows, Strong neck, clean, well laid shoulders, correct tail. Strode out well.

Open 1

1. Marshall’s Silvamoon Saffron At Soufriere. Well balanced head, well set ears, soft dark eyes, Longish strong neck, secure level top line. Tail held correctly on the move. Fair depth of chest, good loins and wide croup. A tad close going away. RBOB

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Junior 1

1. Wood & Vind-Ramvad’s Beaujons Velvet. 13 month old feminine bitch and all is nicely put together. Balanced head, well-proportioned body, ample reach of neck. Excellent harsh textured coat. Moved OK RBOB

Limit 3,2

1. Culyer-Dawson’s Culdaws Legend Of Gold. We constructed so moved freely and effortlessly. Topline a touch untidy at times. Liked the expression given from balanced head and well set ears. Harsh natural Coat.

Open 1

1. Osbourne’s Braego Gladys Aylward ShCM. Mature feminine bitch, perhaps a touch over trimmed. Correct size & shape, balanced in head and strong jaw, well held top line, correct rib & firm loin, correctly angulated hindquarters. Effortless mover. Well handled. BOB


Junior 2,1

1. Bridge, Ireland & Picolo’s Kaymark Kiss Me Now. 11 month old dog Br/W. Nicely balanced and unexaggerated. Good for head ratios. Super neck, great lay of shoulders. Balanced front and rear angulations. Well-muscled hindquarters. Steady honest mover. BOB & BPIB, G2 & PG4

Limit 2

1. Tresh & Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Minnie Da Minx. Feminine with expressive eyes in a head of good length and finish. Super neck, well laid shoulders, correct topline. Tail OK. Moved well. RBOB

2. Lockyear & Price’s Ronchanelli Welcome News. Well balanced, attractive head qualities, not the depth of chest as 1. Well angulated hindquarters. Feet OK. On the stand produced a lovely balance. Moved OK.

Open 3,1

1. Jansons & Wilson’s Hamiltohill Sidney Pye To Nixophel. Liked the size of this attractive bitch. Lovely depth of chest, topline and tail setting. Beautiful skin and coat. Strode out well with powerful rear drive.

2. Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Biffo The Bear. Much larger in overall in respect of size. Head proportions OK. Extremely well muscled throughout. Super Coat. A touch untidy coming and going.

German Spitz

Junior 2

1. Saich’s Lindcoly The One An Only. This Parti has a most pleasing head, correct bite and dentition, ears well used, excellent front assembly neat feet, excellent bone and rib, attractive coloured jacket of correct texture, moved out well. BOB

2. Saich’s Lindcoly Love Affair. Pretty head which was well balanced. Well off for body, good tail and adequate neck. A real character and definitely had a mind of her own. Through her exuberant fashion her front movement was untidy. Lovely textured coat. BPIB

Limit 1

1. Saich’s Lindcoly Wishing On A Dream 10 month old attractive puppy, pleasing head and expression, correct bite, ears well used, flat topline, well set tail, neat feet, excellent coat of correct texture, she moved out with purpose if a little out of control at times! Lovely character.

Open 1

1. Saich’s Hocombewood Hot Toddy For Lindcoly Well balanced mature brown/s, in splendid coat and condition. Lovely head & expression with small neat, well placed ears. Good shoulders, OK neck. Well-made throughout, great tailset. Happy & enthusiastic on the move RBOB


Puppy D/B 3

1. Holland’s Sarasuma Beauty Marc, Maltese. Such a sweatheart. Well off for pigment, appealing eyes. Overall shape is well balanced. Came into her own on the move making the best use of her well-constructed front and rear assemblies. Best AVNC & Best AVNSC Puppy

2. Bush’s Bundu Timeless, Lowchen. Square in outline with sufficient bone. Appealing head, lovely eyes. Moved untidily in front. Rear drive was strong.

3. Brown’s Affentude Chatham Robin

Junior 1

1. Brown’s Affentude Chatham Robin. Affenpinscher, I really loved the expression of this appealing character. He really came together on the move in this class, whereas previously he was uncoordinated. At 7 months old however, he is still very young and was giving a lot away in maturity. Loin a touch longer than ideal, has a deep chest and good spring of rib and typical expression. Quality coat.

Limit 1

1. Bush’s Bundu Timeless Reserve. Lowchen, Attractive head with lovely eyes. Liked her size and shape, well set tail. Well-muscled rear angulations. Front untidy. Strong rear drive. AVNSC

Open 1

1. Holland’s Unique White Star Of Eternity at Sarasuma (Imp Deu), 3 year old Maltese, Masculine head with dark correctly shaped eyes, enough pigmentation, fair length of neck. Level back, good tail set. Coat could be silkier in texture. Moved very well.

AV Toy

Puppy 4,1

1. Saffer’s Ragemma Upsy Daisy, Pug. Really appealing head with attractive work, super for body and shape. Ultimate showgirl, she stood four square at all times demonstrating her balanced bone and proportions. High tail tight tail. She moved typically with accuracy and determination. Super coat. Delighted to award her Best Any Varity Toy, G2, PG1. Later in the day I received a text informing me that she had won BPIS. Well done!

2. Holland’s Sarasuma Beauty Marc, Maltese

3. Care & Mutum Thunderail Tally Ho, Pug

Junior 2

1. Tidmarsh’s Cintarshe Red Garnet For Creliatown, Papillon. 16 months, fine and dainty. I liked her size and shape. Silky coat; lovely furnishings to ears which were used to her advantage. Light footed mover.

2. Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucai’s Show Boy, 12 month old Chinese Crested. Well put together in respect of body and substance. Muzzle a touch overdone. Lovely ears, well placed. Clean well textured skin. Rather heavy footfall on the move.

Limit 6,1

1. Diprose’s Lilcrose Tallie Ho Talent, Papillon. Looked an attractive picture being well balanced in respect of size and bone. Super for neck and shoulders. Straight front legs. Well bodied. OK for expression. Excellent mover.

2. Dawson’s Luphenex Little Lady Katie, CKCS. Pretty Tri. Loved her eyes and finish of foreface. Excellent body proportions. Moved well.

3. Johnson’s Lykath Mystic Wizard Vanjepeson, Chihuahua L/C

Open 3

1. Holland’s Unique White Star Of Eternity at Sarasuma (Imp Deu), Maltese 9 year old and in fabulous condition. Attractive head, especially those lovely eyes having lost none of their youthful sparkle. Presented in clean condition. Excellent purposeful mover.

2. Tidmarsh’s Harriach Sweet Basil for Creliatown, Papillon

3. Quadlings Prefix Alfred Noble With Malenkhai (Imp Swe), Chinese/C

Veteran 7,2

1. Holland’s Ch/Ir Lafford Trade Marc, Maltese. My Old friend Larry! I have judged him on a number of occasions. He always impresses me for his enthusiasm in the show ring. Moves so well. Presented in super condition.

2. Bush’s Bundu Callipygian, Lowchen. Nice girl. Pretty feminine head. Well-proportioned throughout and in really good order. Strong rear angulations. Level back line. Front OK.

3. Tidmarsh’s Creliatown Royal Mosaic

Toy Group

1. S/C Chihuahua

2. Pug

3. Maltese

4. Russian Toy

Toy Puppy Group

1. Pug

2. Maltese

3. Chinese Crested

4. Papillon